Solved! HELP! Connecting old JVC Speakers to audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett)

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Jun 11, 2020
I have these old JVC Speakers with wires protruding from the back. Nothing pluggable. I need to find a way to connect these copper wires into a left and right speaker ports for the audio interface focusrite scarlett 3rd gen.
And EACH left and right speaker have 2 pairs of blue and red wires coming out from the back of each, meaning there is two sets of two pairs of blue and red wires equaling 4 pairs.

I am not sure how to connect copper wires to pluggable ports to put into the Focusrite Scarlett.
How do I turn these cords to something pluggable?
Is their a video tutorial?
What cables do I need to purchase to do so?

These are the speakers:

These are the wires from the left speaker (the same as on the right):

And I know these wires are able to plug into the scarlet but the speakers only have wires from the back nothing to plug into.
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