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  1. Est2000Eli

    Solved! HELP! Connecting old JVC Speakers to audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett)

    I have these old JVC Speakers with wires protruding from the back. Nothing pluggable. I need to find a way to connect these copper wires into a left and right speaker ports for the audio interface focusrite scarlett 3rd gen. And EACH left and right speaker have 2 pairs of blue and red wires...
  2. M

    My focusrite scarlett 2i2 wont work

    when i plug the usb in My scarlert 2i2 will not turn on as in the lights wont come on and my computer wont recognize it. i've tried different ports and reinstalled the drivers but nothing happens. Ive also tried to connect it to a different computer but that dosent work either....this is the...
  3. F

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 able to be compatible with a USB to XLR through a phantom power supply

    I am doing some research for my studio/work place and have wanted to upgrade audio for a while. I use a Neewer audio condenser and it has slight issues with my cloud power so I looked around. I have SEVERAL USB ports on my computer and to switch to USB rather then switching the motherboard just...