Creative Inspire P580 5.1 only working as 2.1 on Windows 10 64bit with a z170 Motherboard


Sep 27, 2017
So I'm desperate to get this working as I love music, and video games being played on these speakers. They used to work as a 5.1 but they are only working as a 2.1 (2 speakers and my sub-woofer). The strange thing is that when I use the Realtek HD Audio Manger (as provided by my z170 Asus Aura motherboard) they make sound when tested but listening to Spotify, using teamspeak, discord, and video games sound only comes out in 2.1. Even though I have set it for 5.1, and I have the wires correctly placed in the motherboard outputs. I've looked online and tried some of the solutions, like; changing the what the output in the manger does by double clicking it; changing the wires placement in the outputs; I haven't tried updating the drivers but from what I understand that is hit or miss. I also know that this is apparently a know problem. Furthermore I have no sound card just what's on the motherboard which is rated for 7.1 surround sound. If someone could please help that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and feel free to ask any questions as I hope I described the problem the best I could
Spotify is stereo only so normal

Can be counteracted by using the speaker fill option in either realtek or windows audio device properties.