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  1. M

    Solved! DVD Drive fault

    my dvd drive is not working on my Acer Inspire Laptop , just making a clicking noise when i try to use it
  2. F

    5+1 speaker only work FR & FL

    I have old creative inspire 5+1 speaker and im using windows 8.1. I made the playback device configure 5.1 and test every speaker working well including sub but playing music or something just work front right and left speakers maybe recorded stereo but how can i run the whole speakers
  3. R

    Acer Inspire 1430 Network Drivers

    A friend of mine brought over a Acer Inspire 1430 Laptop that he bought from soneone. Whoever owned it before him did a fresh Windows 7 install but didn't install any of the Drivers for the laptop itself. Therefore most things are not working. The Main thing I need to get working is the...
  4. Z

    How to use Creative inspire 5.1 5200 as a monitor for an audio interface

    Hi, I have a line 6 UX1audio interface. Is there a way to connect my creative inspire 5.1 5200 to it so that I can use it as a monitor for the audio interface?
  5. S

    Headsets vs Surround speakers (creative inspire t6160) for ps4

    hi so i dont know if i should buy the corsair void stereo or the creative inspire t6160 5.1 surround to game with. i dont do much online gaming, so dont need a mic that badly. also i dont mind turning up my...
  6. D

    Creative Inspire P580 5.1 only working as 2.1 on Windows 10 64bit with a z170 Motherboard

    So I'm desperate to get this working as I love music, and video games being played on these speakers. They used to work as a 5.1 but they are only working as a 2.1 (2 speakers and my sub-woofer). The strange thing is that when I use the Realtek HD Audio Manger (as provided by my z170 Asus Aura...
  7. B

    New HP 570-p014 PC to old Creatuve Inspire P580 6 spirit sound system

    Replaced old HP that was connected to the Creative spur system w/ 3 plugs (frt, rear, car/subwoofer). New HP has only single sound output jack, but claims to have 5.1 surround sound. How do I connect and retain sound quality. I have not started new PC yet to retain ability to return if not...
  8. Ransome

    Creative Inspire T7900 7.1 Subwoofer stopped working !

    My Creative Subwoofer just suddenly stopped working one day. When running Windows's or Realtek's sound test - it won't produce any sound from the Sub, but the rest of the speakers are working.
  9. M

    Sound Speakers Inspire T7900

    Connect Creative Inspire T7900 to TV Samsung with optical out. Can I use a digital sound decoder type 5.1 audio Gear ?
  10. B

    how do I take out my acer inspire switch 10e out of hibernation mode

    My Acer inspire switch 10E laptop has gone into hibernation has gone into hibernation mode. As it doesn't have a removable battery how do I take it out of hibernation mode?
  11. A

    Looking for an analog adapter

    Is there any adapter to connect Creative Inspire G380 speakers to an old NAD analog stereo receiver 7220PE?
  12. C

    Problems with my creative surround...

    Hello! I have problems when listening to music with my creative surround because are working just front satelites and subwoofer (center and back not working). I have instaled windows 10. For exemple> playng movies with kmplayer are satelites works but voices are very low and sound efects very...
  13. E

    Acer Inspire E1-572 loud noise when calling

    So I have a Acer Inspire E1-572 laptop and whenever I am in a call (Skype/Discord/Teamspeak) my friends keep telling me that I am having annoying static noise/loud fan noise coming from my mic. I am unsure how to fix this since I am using headphones where the mic is actually near my mouth. I...
  14. RobiePAX

    Looking for good 2.1 speakers for Gaming/Movies, any suggestions?

    Hi, three years ago I purchased these Creative Inspire T10 2.0 Speakers for my PC. And they were not bad at all. Good, clear and loud sound. Now I am looking for an upgrade. I am looking for 2.1 Speakers. I generally use PC for Gaming, Movies and YouTube. I live in Ireland. Budget is €50-€100...
  15. H

    Connecting 5 speakers and a Sub

    Hello.. I got Creative Inspire M5300 5.1 speakers and a Pioneer subwoofer (from my car). I was planning to create a home theater system using 5 creative speakers (6w RMS) (not woofer) and pioneer sub, by using an amplifier/receiver. Being a novice need expert opinions on: 1. Is it possible to...
  16. R

    Only 2 of my 6.1 speakers and a Sub woofer are working

    I have just started to use my creative inspire 6.1 6600 Speakers and no matter what I tried, nothing seems to work. Only two of the front speakers and a Sub woofer are working ! I'm using Realtek High Definition Audio driver and have configured it to 7.1 ( did the same thing in speaker...
  17. M

    Downgrading to Windows 7 from 10 on Acer Inspire V5-591G

    Help. I require to downgrade my laptop to Windows 7, but I get the Load CD\DVD Driver error. In the Bios, there is not much at all I can change, apart to Legacy Mode (which I have done). but still get the error. I think, after dredging through forums that the ACHI or USB Drivers may need to...
  18. K

    HELP With Creative Inspire T2900 2.1 Speakers

    Hi, I have a Creative Inspire T2900 2.1 Speakers that is now about 12 years old. It used to work perfectly until yesterday when there was a huge thunder, it stopped producing sound. The speaker has power because the device green light is on. The sound port on the motherboard is fine because when...
  19. M

    Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 surround problem.

    Hi, I decided to dust off my old speaker set again and connect it to my pc. I have the Asus Xonar DX audio card, which after my understanding does support 5.1 and 7.1 surround speaker setups. My issue is that I can't get the back surround pair of the speakers to work in 7.1 mode. Everything...
  20. T

    Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 Speakers - "Error! Failed to play test tone"

    I bought the Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 speakers today for my PC with a GIGABYTE GA-Z97X Gaming 3 Motherboard and running Windows 10. Ever since I first set the speakers up, they have been producing no sound and when I attempt to test them it displays "Error! Failed to play test tone" All...
  21. C

    Acer Inspire Wont Charge or Turn On

    Help, I have an Acer laptop that will not charge or turn on. I purchased a replacement battery and also a replacement charger. I changed the battery out when it first arrived but AMAZON sent me the battery first and then the charger a few days later. Now the new charger will not charge my new...
  22. S

    laptop construction basics

    Hi there - I am an innovating type of person. I am looking for advice on building a laptop to save money because I am tired of paying too much money. expensive things like bread, eyewear, Wacom's, restaurants, vacations, rent inspire me to innovate. if I had a laptop that I built myself I could...
  23. K

    Which pc speakers should I buy (budget +/-50€)

    Hi! I've tried to find good stereo speakers to go with my Creative Sound blaster Z soundcard. I've currently found three potential speakers: Creative Inspire T10 Creative Inspire T3300...
  24. B

    can't find a certain Acer laptop anywhere in stock!

    I can't seem to find the Acer inspire model number V5-552G-X852, despite hours of looking! I want to find it around it's advertised price of $600 and from a trusted source, but can't. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, does anyone know how well this would handle ArmA 3?
  25. Samlikesham

    CyanogenMod Update Help!

    Hey guys, so I have an HTC Inspire 4G and im running jelly bean. I want to update it to Kitkat. So I saw here: That its possible for the Desire HD. And I know these phones are...
  26. R

    sir, i was using acer inspire... my laptop power symbol was blinking....and also my monitor is not viewing the display...

    sir, i was using acer inspire... my laptop power symbol was blinking....and also my monitor is not viewing the display...i can't see anything... as usually i power on my laptop and go through administrator...but at this time i was open administrator or acer was nothing viewing the...
  27. E

    Optical out to Creative Inspire 5.1 (5200 Series Speakers)

    Hello All. I have a Panasonic TV but it has NO RCA outs JUST an optical out. Can I connect my Creative Inspire Speakers to it? So far all the DACs I have seen convert to RCA and only left and right. No center / subwoofer. The back of my Woofer only has 3 plugins Green / Yellow and Black .... I...
  28. R

    Is a used Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 sound system worth buying

    I recently bought a gaming rig a couple of months ago and the only thing missing is a good sound system. I found a used set of Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 Speaker system and while i know they're old but they've gotten some great reviews so i'm wondering if staying on the cutting edge in audio is...
  29. J

    help me find stolen phone please!

    my htc inspire dosent have sim card it is at&t I use it for a mini computer email surf web etc. my step daughter let me use it can anyone help/???
  30. F

    HELP!!! Inspire m4500 trouble

    Hi I've a creative inspire m4500 and it used to work perfectly until now. the rear right speaker used to make buzzing noise cause it dropped a lot but worked fine. after 2 months, i check the speakers (was away for a while) and it seems that all 3 are working except for the rear right. I...
  31. G

    Creative INSPIRE 5.1 5700

    Hello, i cant get my speakers to work the test says there all working fine but there no sound can any one help please
  32. B

    Find my lost htc inspire it may be turned off

    kindly reply
  33. A

    Find my lost htc inspire it may be turned off

    i find my htc inspire
  34. V

    Confused which 2.1 speakers to buy...?

    Hi guys i am looking for a 2.1 speaker system. So far i have shortlisted these HERCULES XPS 2.1 20, CREATIVE INSPIRE t3130, LOGITECH Z313. My requirement are that speakers should sound crisp and the bass should be tight not boomy(i really like bass). I had a F&D A520 which suddenly stopped so i...
  35. A


  36. AnnaB0824

    Find my lost htc inspire it may be turned off

    Lost my phone 5 hours again. It is a HTC Inspire from ATT I
  37. dasos

    New Popping sounds on Creative Inspire T6100 5.1 set

    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read this :) I've had the Creative Inspire T6100's for a year and 4 months, and in the past month they've started making an extremely loud popping sound. It seems pretty random, although it has periods where it will stop and there won't be any popping for...
  38. G

    Creative inspire t6100

    I have creative t6100 from past 15 months but now they are creating problem.My front right speaker's blue light not lighten up and speaker not running .I have already checked all connection.What's the problem.......
  39. B


  40. mubin

    Inspire 4400 broken sound

    Hi I have a six years old creative inspire 4400 speaker. It has no problem with speaker or volume controller (assuming). But sometimes its dose problem. After running for a while, sound keep breaking up and volume control LED blinking. Its like brightening and darkening. When the LED is bright...
  41. Dominion88345

    HTC Inspire 4G(AT&T) restarting at random

    So I recently just got an HTC Inspire from ebay because at&t wouldn't warranty my last phone that i had (sony ericson xperia play) mainly because brand new they are outrageously expensive through a store or through the site. Now I normally do not like ordering things like that from ebay because...
  42. A

    Find my lost htc inspire it may be turned off

    Lost HTC Inspire but it is turned off can it be located with GPS
  43. M

    Message from mousemonkey

    Hello mousemonkey - You have indicated that you have a pair of the speaker stands for Creative Inspire T3100 speakers. But the link you gave doesnt work. Please respond
  44. G

    High-Tech Motorcycles

    Motorcycles are one of the subjects that inspire designers. Between non-existent dashboards, futuristic styles and eco-friendly features, these concept motorcycles are worth a look. High-Tech Motorcycles : Read more
  45. VBili1

    Creative Inspire T3000 2.1 volume control

    Hi, I'm seeking a replacement Volume Control for my Creative Inspire T3000, I have already tried customer support at the Creative site and found that this model has "reached the end of it's service life".
  46. G

    Stylish Mice

    Made out of felt or adorned with gold, programmed to escape or merge with your hand, mice continue to inspire designers. Stylish Mice : Read more
  47. pckitty4427

    Good 2.1 speakers?

    Hi I'm looking for some good quality 2.1 speakers for my PC. Any suggestions? Is the Creative Inspire A320 pretty good?
  48. lookerup

    Android wifi

    my htc inspire is unable to get wifi but it said its connected
  49. T

    Megabyte counter for iPhone

    I'm looking for an app download for the iPhone & HTC Inspire for a megabyte counter, to help keep track of my usage?
  50. lookerup

    Rooting htc inspire

    i was wondering how do you root a htc android phone and what its benefit? all i know it "unlocks" the phone but i don't what it does heard you can do sorts of things like getting apps free of the market
  51. S

    Security choice

    What to use on HTC Inspire when connecting to WI-FI (WEP 128)?????? Thanks help!!!
  52. R

    How can i set up my 7.1 PC Speakers to my TV

    Does anyone know how I can set up my 7.1 Creative inspire P7800 to my TV? The subwoofer doesn't have a optical output and my TV has 1 Audio Output. (Red and White)
  53. A

    5+1 Speaker system - which one to pick?

    I'm thinking of a)Creative Inspire T6200 b)Edifier M3500 c)Jwin S-5300 I'm not familiar with the brands other than creative,but I thought I'd ask,for the last time I bought speakers was 8 years ago and have not been following the sector :p Thanks
  54. S

    Please help me select a speaker

    Hi I am looking for a low budget 5.1 speaker system. the use will comprise of(in order of preference):1)watching movies 2)playing games 3)listening to music. Please suggest one from among these creative systems: Inspire T6160, Inspire T6100, Inspire T6200, Inspire M5300, SBS A500, Inspire...
  55. E

    Acer inspire 5315 tried to reload os after win 7 failure-can't do anything now.

    win 7 failed, so tried to format and install win 2k. got to setting up windows and hung. Tried again and now screen comes up that basically says something is corrupted and system is stopping to protect it from damage. Can't boot from hdd or cd. Get to splash screen and then it says preparing for...
  56. arokia

    Main difference between a creative inspire t7900 and a gigaworks s750

    guys i've been using a creative inspire t7900 for about 3 years now...............well it sounded like i was in heaven for the first 3 months and then the sound quality slowly deteriorated. After 8 months the subwoofer started losing its tight and deep beets...................and after one and a...
  57. C

    Can you help me choosing this list of speakers?

    I'm looking for a new affordable speakers. Here's my list of options: 1. Altec Lansing BXR1121 2. Edifier M1335FM 3. Creative Inspire T3100 4. Logitech X-240 ~~ Thanks in advance :)
  58. G

    Creative Inspire T3100

    Okay, so I just bought the Creative Inspire T3100 sound system, comes with the subwoofer and two little speakers. Anyways, it was really easy to set-up, I followed the instructions perfectly. However, the left speaker (the one with no volume control, just a separate speaker by itself) is not...
  59. C

    Which is better Logitech X-530 or Creative Inspire T6100

    Hi. I decide to buy new surround system, but I don't know which is better Logitech X-530 or Creative Inspire T6100. Is the T6100 subwoofer has a fuller bass and clear sound or X-530. Thanks a lot! :)