Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 surround problem.


Oct 29, 2014
Hi, I decided to dust off my old speaker set again and connect it to my pc. I have the Asus Xonar DX audio card, which after my understanding does support 5.1 and 7.1 surround speaker setups.
My issue is that I can't get the back surround pair of the speakers to work in 7.1 mode. Everything works fine in 5.1 mode because that's one pair less.

In the Xonar DX Audio Center I have the settings as follows:

Audio Channels: 8 Channels (I've tried all the other settings aswell. Nothing works.)
Sample Rate: PCM 44.1 KHz (I've tried all the other settings aswell. Nothing works.)
Analog Out: 7.1 Speakers (5.1 works, but as I said that's for one pair less, so obviously no sound in the rear surround pair.)
SPDIF Out: Not checked because I'm not connected through the SPDIF input. I use that for my Astro headset though.)

When I click the Speaker Test button and test the speakers, I get sound in all of them apart from the ones labeled "Lb" and "Rb".

Now the thing I find strange is that the speaker cables (picture of them below) have 4 cables going into the subwoofer which is the: Front, Center/Subwoofer, Rear and Side, however the other end only has three, which is Front, Center/Subwoofer, and Rear. The Side cable is missing on that side. So I connect the three that are there in their right holes on the audio card (I have also tried to move the black cable which is the rear cable to the 4th input on the audio card, but that doesn't work either). I have connected the subwoofer cables into its correct color on the subwoofer so all should be fine there.

And to end it off, the speakers are also connected into their correct inputs. I've double, tripple and quadruple checked that.

This is the back panel of the subwoofer for the inspire t7700 speaker set:

This is the cable that came with the speakers.

If you got to chapter 5.3 in this manual you can see that the audio card wants 4 cables for 7.1 surround.

These 4 cables are not there for me. Or on one of the sides they are but not on the other.

EDIT: I see now that the black cable is actually a 4-pole cable so I guess the 4th one is not needed. However it still doesn't work... If I move the black cable to the 4th input on my audio card, the rear surround speakers work, but not the side surround speakers.

Can anyone help me with this? Would be awesome!