Why do computer speakers such as logitech and creative do not have HDMI support?


Sep 5, 2017
Why do computer speakers such as logitech and creative 5.1 / 7.1 do not offer HDMI cable support for their input? Why do we need a separate sound processor when the graphics card can handle the same audio along with video. I want to know the reason.

although there's an option in sound cards for SPDIF / digital in and out. But i'm talking about HDMI. Why doesn't speaker ports have and HDMI in to process audio from the GPU and reflect equally on all surround channels of each satellite speaker.



Sep 17, 2015
Not sure, but I would guess (a) audio via HDMI is not universally available or reliable on older systems, (b) an HDMI cable is significantly more unwieldy/cumbersome than analog or optical audio cables, (c) it may be more expensive to produce hardware to process HDMI audio and include the physical connection, (d) given the fact that the vast majority of users will have audio output from the built-in motherboard sound processor, it is not a worthwhile feature to add to the speaker system.

Most motherboards will have some type of sound output, either analog or analog+digital (optical), so I’m not sure what you mean by an “additional” sound card.


Jun 27, 2017
hdmi is digital, your speaker system prefers analog.

i know this is a nonsense arguement, after all, everything a computer does will be digitalised. but from a sound point of view, analog is the purest form of sound, so why fk it up with digitalising, then un-digitalising (even if the source was digital in the first place). your speaker set is analog for a reason ... to plug into hifi/other sound sources that will output analog (pure form sound/no degradation due to digitalisation).

The reason then = to show you, subconciously, this speaker system will accpet and output analog. since digitalisation is not as accurate as analog (you google this proof yourself im not posting a sht ton of web links), the move to include hdmi in a speaker set would be akin to saying 'this speaker system wont produce the most accurate sound' ... and noones gonna buy something that screams 'im no good'.
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