Which speakers have better sound and bass Creative Kratos S5 or Bose Companion 3 and 5

Jun 25, 2018
I want to know which has a better sound and bass a modern Creative Kratos S5 or Speakers from 2006 the Bose Companion 3 and 5 as I am looking to buy new speakers for gaming watching movies and listening to music I can get the creative kratos s5 until 30th November for £90 original price £130 or buy used Bose comapnion 3 for around £100-150 or companion 5 for around £150-200 used not new.


Aug 18, 2006
honestly I would go with companion 5 as long as they are in nice shape. bose has been around speaker business for long time creative just since computer age. with the bose you get dynamic highs and mids as well as deep bass. since not just gaming the over all experience will definitely be worth it. just remember you need a good sound card or onboard system as well. you don't put regular gas in a Ferrari. afterwards tailor the sound to your ear.