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    how best to configure SKY Q, Roth Neo Soundbar, Smart TV (Samsung) and DVD Player (also Samsung)

    I cannot get the Sound Bar to be the main sound system automatically for TV, DVD whether coming through Sky Q or Smart TV stations. Any clues?
  2. X

    I want to hook up my soundbar to my PC and I want to make sure I am using the right cable

    Good morning. I currently have a Windows 10 PC and I have an older Logitech speaker system connected through a 3.5mm jack. I upgraded my soundbar and want to connect my older LG soundbar to my PC. The only input on my soundbar is for an optical cable which wasn't a problem when I bought it...
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    Impedance question for 2 speaker pairs / impedance matched wall control

    Looking to confirm a configuration for an existing wired setup that is 'buried' in the walls / behind BIBS insulation setup. I have two speaker pairs terminating in the same wall control box and then fed to an amplifier through a single L / R connection. With an impedance matched wall control is...
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    I need a driver for the Intel Serial IO I2C Host Controller that is compatible with Windows 7.

    So. I came here because i need help finding a driver for the Integrated Serial IO I2C Controller in my computer, i've been searching for hours but no luck. Programs like "Driver Booster" or "Driver Easy" also can't find it, there is an unsigned version of the driver but it doesn't work and...
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    DirecTV Genie --> TV Optical --> Marantz 7012 5.1 no rear speaker sound

    I am racking my brains here. My configuration is in the subject but I'll repeat. DirecTV Genie (latest, just installed) to TV via HDMI. Then I go TV to Marantz receiver (SR7012) with Optical for audio. I've got a powered sub, a center, 2 fronts, 2 surrounds and 2 back surrounds all connected...
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    Best configuration laptop

    I am looking for a laptop which needs to support softwares & working on Autocad, Lumion, Revit, Google Sketch up, photoshop, etc for studies in architecture studies
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    A language or a configuration file editor that begins 1= 2=

    Hi every one, I'm looking for a language or a configuration file editor that begins with 1= ...... 2=......... 3=......... 4=...... to Edit/save it as text and the result will be best if I could use SciTE or any FREE Script Editor to Edit/save it as text and the result file will be: 1= ...
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    Solved! Why does mcafee 2017 did not have real time settings to configure? how to enable it

    Why does mcafee 2017 did not have real time settings to configure? how to enable it There is no real time setting i can found..
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    Do not know out of two adapters which display the system is using

    I have a Samsung laptop model NP300 V5A. The Device Manager shows two display adapters namely Intel hd 3000 and NVidea GT 520 mx. I do not know which adapter the system is currently using. I would like to use NVIDEA GT 520 MX because it has 1 gb dedicated ram. Kindly help me to solve this problem.
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    Looking for laptop configuration for 3ds Max

    Hi can u tell me the laptop configuration for best quality rendering like 3ds Max, ravit
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    looking for a low budget pc for GTA v

    i want to run gta v in low setting, so which pc configuration? in lowest configuration...?
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    is safe if disable my onboard on laptop ?

    question is safe if i disable vga onboard via bios ? because accidentally found to choose vga onborad/discrite/ dual vga. because game always detect vga onboard, btw my laptop vga card is vga onboard Radeon R7 dan discrite R8 m435mx.
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    Can I run two graphic cards simultaneously?

    In my laptop, I have two graphic processor one is intel 5500 HD graphics and another is Nvidia Geforce 740m can I run these graphic cards simultaneously?
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    BIOS broken after update

    Hey guys, So I'm a bit messed up right now it seems. I'm sitting with a Lenovo Y520-15IKBN. Last night I received a message from the Lenovo Utility program that there was a BIOS update ready. Thinking it was to close the recent security holes, I decided to update. The installer gave a warning...
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    How to setup two more speakers?

    I'm watching everything from my PC. Is the PC can give me output to my soundbar and TV? PC + TV +soundbar-i need 2 more speakers, how to set up this configuration?
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    Connections a laptop to acoustics Genius SW-HF5.1

    Help me understand how to connect a laptop to the Genius SW-HF5.1 system, if this is possible so that the current configuration remains, I do not understand it at all. If you can visually. screen attached. Now the system is connected to the media player Dune Base and Genius 5.1 Sw-HF 5.1 5000 on...
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    Laptops of good configuration available in UK than in India

    I want to buy a windows laptop. Details are listed below 1. Budget: Less than 600 pounds. 2. Size: 15 inches or less 3. Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768 4. Portable laptop 5. Battery life: More than 8 hours  6. Don’t want to play any games on laptop 7. I will use Photoshop...
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    Lenovo Ideapad 320s - Which of These Two Configs?

    Basically been asked by family friend to recommend a very budget laptop for their 10 year old. Original budget was £250 but got them to consider going up to £329 but think that's the top limit. Requirements are Windows 10 machine, very casual gaming as they have X-Box so possibly Minecraft and...
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    Laptop broken screen - stuck on Windows 10 log-in screen and cannot use external monitor

    I have a Windows 10 Lenovo Ideapad 310-15ABR. The screen is not working – just showing striped lines. I want to connect it to an external monitor, but cannot as I am on the Windows 10 log-in screen (I know this because it quickly flicks onto the attached external monitor connected via VGA cable...
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    set windows 10 sound to 2 channel stereo without the Realtek software

    I cnt seem to locate the Realtek software to configure my sound to be 2 channel stereo.i jumped through hoops for the manufacturer HP and went to the Realtek site but no luck. Any ideas folks? Thanks in advance
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    Can I upgrade my Dell Precision M4700 CPU?

    I presently have i7-3840QM and would like to upgrade to a more powerful and faster processor if it is compatible. I already have 32Gb RAM. If it is possible, would I also need to upgrade any other components in order to handle the upgrade?
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    Outlook 365 mobile settings

    Hello Everyone! Our company is using outlook 365 as official email. While I am able to use office 365 in android apps like outlook, gmail which auto-configure the settings and I am able to login. At the same time I am unable to auto-configure outlook 365 in email client like mozilla...
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    Graphics change problem

    I have a hp laptop notebook with win 8.1 Bing,4gb ram,intel HD graphics pentium,2.16ghz quad core processor,i want to change my graphic driver into AMD or Nvidia,i mean I want to keep both... So can give me suggestions how to do it and which one will be best for my laptop...
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    Is i5 6300hq with gtx1060 3gb good for gaming ?

    Getting Asus laptop with the configuration How many years will it last till I need to upgrade?
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    need help with pioneer sc-lx 87 receiver set up settings

    hi i've got pioneer SC-LX 87 receiver and using only 2 floor standing speakers for stereo. at the receiver settings set up - speaker system, i don't see any configuration that match my 2 ch stereo speakers connection. there is only 9.1, 7.1, 5.1 different options but there is no 2.1 option or...
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    Harddrive, Bios, Sata

  27. C

    Alienware 17 R1 Service Tag displays a 2nd Gen XPS 17

    Greetings Everyone now this is clearly odd For me a first one I am about to buy a Alienware 17 R1 its in used i7 4790 and 860m 2GB ,here taxes are worse so it costs me around 680$ So I asked him to send me laptop base photos such as service tag etc now on the base of laptop factory...
  28. O

    Looking for low price laptop

    Looking for low price laptop of good configuration below 100$ but can change.
  29. Y

    Portable pc config

    I need portable moniter and also a build which i can carry in my bag and it shoud have r3 1200 And this is obvious a laptop would cost me a fortune but portable pc wont
  30. K

    Home audio help

    We moved into condo with in-ceiling speakers already installed. It's a 5 speaker configuration (one speaker of the same size in each corner and one larger sized speaker in ceiling directly above television). Does anyone know what this configuration is called? I have not been able to get audio...
  31. R

    Google birthday reminder alert

    Hello everyone, every time i recive google birthday reminder in my gmail box. So i didn´t ask for this. So at google config i unmark this options several times and still send me the alerts. So please, how can i take this off please. I´ll send here a print of the mailbox and drop a link below...
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    Can i3-3110M be replaced?

    I got a hp g1m96a laptop and was wondering if i could change my processor with a better one. If it is possible i would like to know which ones i should search to be compatible with it.
  33. C

    Restoring OC'd laptop cpu to default

    I bought an Asus fx53ve-ms74, refurbished from Ebay, that arrived with an overclocked i7 7700HQ. I'm currently lost at trying to find a way to restore the clock speed to default. 1. I tried BIOS and the "load optimized default" did absolutely nothing to help. 2. Figured completely cleaning the...
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    Old snow leopard up date needed

    I have old 10.6.8 snow leopard which I can't update from apple store for some reason. I need newer version to run skype. I am elderly person and desperately need help. I have screen shot of my comp configuration if needed. Thank you in advance.eva
  35. T

    Guys my new Dell inspiron 15 5577 is lagging in gta 5

    My laptop configuration is i5 7th Gen 8 GB ram 4gb gtx 1050 It lagging at some times... What should I do...
  36. Panays

    Bios update only available for windows 8 + 8.1

    Hi forum, I am using a Lenovo G510 laptop and I recently decided to upgrade from win 7 to win 10. But i would also like to update the bios because I was getting getting some freezes while gaming and many had the same problem but the bios update solved the issue. My issue is that in the Lenovo...
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    Why does a laptop lags more after a refresh/factory reset?

    So this problem has been going around for 5 months, and I have not found the fix yet. So on March 22nd I factory resetted or refresh my laptop hoping I can get more fps on CS:GO. After I've done that, I started updating everything on my laptop, downloaded CS:GO and setting things up like before...
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    Headset 5.1 changed to 7.1 after i restarted my PC

    So i restarted my pc because i had to play CSGO, before i did restart my pc my headset was in 5.1 and after i did restart it was 7.1.. And when i go on the headset configure it only gives me the option "7.1 surround sound" can you help me with get my 5.1 sound back?
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    UPGRADING vRAM from 384-512MB

    how do I increase my HP 635 AMD RADEON HD 6310 vRAM from 384 MB to 512MB
  40. M

    Vintage 4-pin microphone female to 1/4 mono

    How to configure a vintage 4-pin wiring schematic to 1/4 mono With a replacement microphone cord Am radio - workman MIL 10 Has 5 tiny wires plus ground/shield Red, Black, White, Blue, White Need help. Thank you. I've been watching YouTube videos to try and figure it out myself. Thanks.
  41. M

    Running several VMs for school - storage config input wanted - NVMe vs SATA3?

    So for school I'm learning Windows Server, and I will be expected to run several VMs (up to 7, according to a prof) at once. I plan on getting a custom laptop from Sager, and adding in storage to make it work the best. I'm just not sure how I want to go about it. My laptop from the last two...
  42. S

    Which Video Editing Software will be the Best for ACER ASPIRE 5745-6492 SERIES laptop?

    Hi there, Wishes for Tom's Guide Forum. I am a Graphic Designer & Want to do some Video Editing to become a professional in Multimedia Editing platforms. But I am so confused that with which Video Editor should I start without any up gradation to my current system configuration? Frankly...
  43. S

    Upgrade HP Pavilion 15 AU620TX Storage

    Hello There I want To Upgrade My Laptop's (HP Pavilion 15 AU620TX ) Storage to M.2 Is It Possible Also When I Play Games Over Charging (Adapter) The Games Run Smooth, As soon as I Disconnect The AC Adapter The Games Starts Lagging, What Can I Do ???? i5 7200u 8 GB DDR4 RAM Nvidia 940MX 1 TB...
  44. W

    Optimal configuration for a graphic designer laptop

    Hi everyone. I'm a freelance graphic designer and photographer. I'v been using since 2006 a Sony Vaio 15" i3 8gb ddr3 amd5000 as my main laptop for work. It shows its age now and need to replaced with something more optimized to 2017 softwares and work. I won't ask for a specific model cause I'm...
  45. I

    Solved! CPU too hot?

    I have the XPS 13 i5 7200U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD I decided too undervolt it so that is could be a little less hot. I was able to by -0.1V. I then got Prime95 and the core temp got up to 93C! I'm sure that that is way too much. Could any provide any answers/tips? Thank You.
  46. C

    Wierd laptop display issues. Works only on Linux. [Dell, Inspiron 15, N5010] [Radeon HD 5650/5470/4200/550v]

    SPECS: The laptop is a DELL, Inspiron 15, N5010. The graphic card is AMD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650/5470/4200/550v. I installed two OS, Manjaro KDE and Windows 7. THE PROBLEM: When I turn on the laptop nothing displays. Usually the boot menu is displayed giving me a choice between the OS...
  47. R

    PES 2017 still lags

    I just installed PES 2017. I have a Lenovo V310 laptop with two Graphic Cards: Intel HD 4000 and AMD Radeon R5 M330. Recently, I successfully changed the graphic card from Intel to AMD. What I've done: - I put the resolution to low, and the game's graphic quality to medium - I already set the...
  48. S

    Is this a good build for VR?

    I've been building a PC which will run VR games (using HTC Vive) almost all the time being worked. For now I've got the next configuration below: CPU: Core i7-7700K. Alternatives: Ryzen 1600X / 1700, Core i7-6700K. I don't know whether to buy separate cooler or only use that given in the BOX...
  49. W

    Need to upgrade my laptop processors.Need some information and suggestion about it.

    I got a Aspire ES1-523-10MT. The processors is AMD Qaurd core A4-7210.What kind of processors will be suitable to upgrade to? Thank you for your time for reading this.
  50. K

    Laptop Processor Upgrade

    I have an 4-year old ASUS laptop. The following are the details of the laptop: Model - k55VJ Processor - i7 3630QM 2.4 GHz Ram - 8GB Graphics - Nvidia GeForce GT 635M 2GB I want to upgrade my processor to the latest processor at least. Would that be possible? Thank you so much Godbless
  51. IPW

    CPU Upgrade HP 15

    Hi Folks, I recently got a second hand HP15-r031si. It is fitted with a a N2830 processor and 2GB Ram. Speccy tells me it has a HP 2213 Mobo but I cannot find specs for it anywhere. Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the processor? Thank you. Ian
  52. F

    Old nForce 610m with Windows 10 flickers greyscale on DirectX 8.1 games.

    I've got an old laptop (a Compaq Presario F750US) from like 2008, which is currently my only PC. I upgraded from 1 GB to 4 GB RAM, and a 240 GB SSD instead of the HDD, plus I did a fresh install of Windows 10; otherwise it's stock. DXDiag output is available here. Quick Specs: ■ CPU - 1.9 GHz...
  53. T

    BIOS Unlock for Toshiba Satellite Pro S500-11E

    Hi im searching for an BIOS Unlock for the Toshiba Satellite Pro S500-11. I don't mean how to enter the BIOS (like F2) I need someone how can help me how to unlock it. I need to see all the features also the on hidden by Toshiba
  54. C

    Hp bios mod??

    I am very much in the infancy stages of brainstorming a bios mod that would allow me to overclock my i7-4200mq to push a 4.0ghz mark. As this is just a brainstorm ,where would one theoretically start research to learn the teqhniques to accomplish such a radical and dangerous modification...
  55. Q

    is 90°C Temp Normal For Laptop When Gaming?

    i have an Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-780B temp of CPU and Mobo hits 90°C - 93°C is this normal when gaming? im playing Guildwars2 , nba 2k17 , Dota 2. heres a link for the image and full specs of the laptop. thx in advance guys http://
  56. P

    Asus X55VD doesn't boot up

    I have being having a serious issue with my laptop Asus X55VD for about 6 months. It simply does not boot up when you press the power button most of the time (The power and hard disk leds turn on, but after a second they go off) , even though sometimes it powers up and runs properly. It doesn't...
  57. R

    Installed Equalizer APO and now discord wont detect microphone input

    I literally just installed equalizer APO, due to my headset's mic being very soft, headset is the Logitech g633 via USB, and i created a config file for the mic and increased the amplification on the mic, and tested it on discord, but wont detect input, it recognizes that the mic is there, just...
  58. K

    Is Acer V5-571P laptop compatible with motherboard from Acer V5-571PG ?

    So I have a practically new Acer V5-571P touchscreen which I removed the motherboard from the case and replaced it with a V5-571PG (also touchscreen but with an i7 instead of an i3 and also with a GPU, a 660 I believe) motherboard. The laptop will power on for about 10 seconds and then suddenly...
  59. M

    Can't Increase my Dedicated Video Memory

    I firstly have 4gb ram with 128mb of dedicated memory, but then i increased it to 512. Now I upgraded my laptop to 8gb of ram but my dedicated memory still remains same, I tried increasing it but failed every time. Pls help me with this issue. I have an Intel HD 5500 RAM: previously 4gb now 8bg...
  60. D

    Solved! Proper configuration of tv, blueray & att U-verse

    I have att u verse wireless, a dynex blueray & an older modle samsung tv which has HDMI1 & 2 ports. How do i get the 3 of them to properly get a signal from the att u verse to the blueray into the tv? It keeps telling me its not configured properly. How do i fix this? What do i need to do?