Why does a laptop lags more after a refresh/factory reset?


Jul 12, 2017
So this problem has been going around for 5 months, and I have not found the fix yet. So on March 22nd I factory resetted or refresh my laptop hoping I can get more fps on CS:GO. After I've done that, I started updating everything on my laptop, downloaded CS:GO and setting things up like before. For the first time I played it, I've got a MASSIVE amount of stutters. I got down from 80 fps to 10 fps for a sec, than goes back again. Also, I'm having issues with keyboard delays. Randomly, I try to press 2 or 3 keys at a time, it suddenly presses randomly itself and I
have to wait.

However, after months having this problem this issue gets better and better somehow. From lagging for just playing 1 minutes, now my laptop lags after 90 minutes. For now, after gaming for 90 minutes, the laptop stutters and has issues with keyboard delays. Somehow, if i restart my computer, the lag is gone and I can play for around 90 minutes more.

Really need a fix. I felt like I'm the only one who is having this kind of issues. What part of my laptop is having an issue?

i7 4600U @2.1 GHz up to 3.3 GHz
Intel HD Graphics Family


Jan 19, 2014
First, did you factory reset or did you do a reinstall through Windows? That's a big difference.

If you factory reset, then it's extremely unusual that your experience is worse than before.
If you reinstalled, then you need to install all drivers. Windows is usually OK doing that, like a basic network and graphics adapter but I don't think they've ever given you chipset drivers.

Basically make sure you've installed the chipset drivers. Preferably if you didn't do a factory reset, do a factory reset. Otherwise make your way to the manufacturers website, look up your model and get clickin'.

P.S. Intel HD Graphics what? There's several, like 2000, 4000 etc. I don't think you can expect many FPS from that anyway, are you sure that's your actual GPU? It's really odd for a manufacturer to stick an i7 CPU in a computer not meant for gaming or anything visual. Maybe you havn't installed your graphics drivers at all? There's also the possibility the GPU simply just died on you and then you can scrap that laptop.


Jul 12, 2017

Yes, Intel HD Family. The system says it's Intel HD Family. I've updated everything, but every 90 minutes it will lag and I need to restart my laptop.

May 8, 2018

Same problem here, at the peak of my knowledge i've already downloaded the updates in my OS the same with my graphic drivers but still the lag worsen . Before i've reset it's still playable but now so much fps drop and worst it froze in the game even my fps is far more better than before.
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