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  1. J

    Solved! Can't format an SD Card

    I'm using an Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL. I want to delete an Android data files leftover because i already uninstall the apps. I tried to remove it by using the default File Manager first but failed, then i tried to use ES File Explorer and it failed too. Then for the suppose to be my last resort...
  2. R

    Solved! Samsung Storage issue

    Hi there! Please help me I have here a problem regarding storage issue particularly the Sd card issue on Samsung galaxy prime It always say's unsupported SD card and then ask it to format it and then when I formatted it, it says command failed partition disk, Combined with changing numbers from...
  3. S

    Solved! Formatted SD card

    I formatted my SD card on Moto G5 as internal. My phone was acting up so I needed to reset it to factory settings, now my SD card is unsupported by my device and when I try to formate it as external it won't work either. What to do? Do need to get a new SD card if I want it to be used as...
  4. M

    Formatting-External drive not found... on xbox one/pc or mac

    I just got a Samsung M3 portable 1TB drive... I hooked it up to my xbox one and it gave me the option to format for media or games and apps.... I picked games and apps it formatted but when I go to storage its not there, when I go to back up and transfer it says external drive not found. So I...
  5. A

    Why does a laptop lags more after a refresh/factory reset?

    So this problem has been going around for 5 months, and I have not found the fix yet. So on March 22nd I factory resetted or refresh my laptop hoping I can get more fps on CS:GO. After I've done that, I started updating everything on my laptop, downloaded CS:GO and setting things up like before...
  6. F

    Need help with .srt subtitle file format?

    I have downloaded a srt file and edited it so only the foreign parts will show. I played the movie with the original srt file, it played everything fine. After editing I tried watching movie to see if subtitles would work. It showed 73 00:05:32,000 --> 00:05:33,100 Honey, I'm home. 86 then...
  7. L

    can i run my asus x401a laptop without battery?

    Hi, I have an Asus X401a laptop that sometimes gets stuck at 82% charged. I am visually impaired so I cannot see the lights for if it is charging or not. I have listened to the charger's transformer and all sounds normal. Also, when I check in the notification tray it says plugged in, charging...
  8. K

    My Laptop Keeps Restarting and I Cant Boot from CD/USB to format it. Please Help.

    I Got MSI Ge62 2QD Laptop I Attempt to Reset it's System since i only left 1gb space at my System Memory (128gb SSD) But during the reset process it error at 34%, i spam retry and it just wont continue, So I Decided to Restart it but my laptop won't boot anymore it just keep restarting. I...
  9. A

    Very Low Gaming Performance after Clean Installing The Windows.

    Hello. My friend bought a new laptop. It's asus n550jk. It has 6th generation intel core i7 processor. 16 GB RAM Gtx 850m graphics card It has also baterry issue. Baterry is always %0 and it doesnt charge. It was same before our clean windows installs too. It's default os was windows 8.1...
  10. W

    i've a problem with my blog HTML

    i have a blog [link removed] i want to change the black menu bar (under my logo) but in the HTML i founded </ul> <ul> and <li> </li>. im trying to change it, after i changed it my blog messed up. i don't know what is that. Please help me
  11. S

    my laptop switches off of while booting

    When I turn on the laptop it starts to boot, but within 6-7 sec again it switches off. What can I do? Someone said I should try to format the OS, but how will that happen when it doesn't switch on?
  12. P

    My laptop freezes suddently without a reason

    Hi everyone I need some help to begin with my laptop is new its a Dell Inspiron5545 Specs: CPU:AMD A8-7100 or 7300(i dont remember) RAM:8GB GPU:AMD Radeon R6 OS:Ubuntu (used to be) As I said my laptop had Ubuntu, but I changed it to Windows 7 as I like this OS most. Soon after I realized that...
  13. B

    No tengo wifi

    Hola, pues resulta que mi portatil es lenovo thinkpad edge E220s y la formatee para ponerle el idioma español pero con esto ya no me deja usar el wifi pues solo me puedo conectar con cable ¿que puedo hacer?
  14. DWW256

    Need help fixing page appearance in Microsoft Word 2010

    So whenever I open Word 2010 it looks like this: You'll find the rest of the question in there.
  15. E

    Laptop won't boot from genuine windows vista

    My laptop charger died a while back and I didn't have chance to reinstall a broken windows. I believe it's formatted but when I attempt to load from CD I just get a black screen. In the bios I have disabled the HDD which then bring up the screen telling me that the disc inside isn't a bootable...
  16. L

    Problems with video files and editing softwares

    I have a bunch of recorded files that are either in a .mp4 or a .ts file that I've been recording to use for the past few months. All of them were recorded with Avermedia's Live Gamer HD. For the .mp4 files, I can view them back perfectly in sync in Media Player Classic, Quicktime, and Windows...
  17. D

    Acer Aspire ONE 722 formatting problem

    I have tried to format my Acer Aspire One 722 laptop. Windows 7 Ultimate was installed perfectly, but problems started when I tried to reboot the computer. The computer starts with the Acer eRecovery Management (V8.3.2). When Windows was unable to start up I tried the option RESTORE OPERATING...
  18. M

    Xd formatting problem

    my camera and computer say my xd card now need formating even though it has worked fine for 2 years, i dont want to format it as i will lose all my photos stored on it, any ideas?
  19. N

    Formatting problem

    What is the problem if the acer laptop cannot be reformat?It was infected by a virus before that's why I decided to reformat it.The disk was already formatted but when the laptop starts to reprogram it after formatting, it automatically shuts off.This is the first time I encountered this kind of...
  20. 6

    Formatting problem acer laptop

    I am trying to format my laptop, its got vista at the moment and i am wanting to put format and put xp on, Now when i put the xp disk in and boot it the disc loads ect "press enter to continue" and then i get an error saying there is no hard drive installed :S But the laptop works fine i am just...