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    Question Only TV HDMI port is broken? What now?

    Hello, My Telefunken T32N906 have only 1 HDMI port and I broke it. Here are all my other ports: Which Converter would be the best in such case? HDMI2VGA?
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    Question Desktop VGA D-sub video out and new LG monitor

    Hello, I run an IBM System X Server as my Desktop computer with a VGA D-sub video output. I have run CRT monitors and more recently, 18-inch LCD 4:3 and widescreen monitors. All received the VGA cable and operated at the proper aspect ratio and high-resolution. Now I have an LG 27-inch...
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    new VGA , black screen

    hi i was fixing a system with nvidia 9300, i had to use another VGA , nvidia 8600 (9300 was broken) i know both of them are rly old. here is the problem, cant get picture after bios Boots, i am sure that 8600 is fine, i am sure the system is fine and just have a almost broken GPU ( with...
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    Solved! How do I fix this display issue?

    I bought a new HDMI to VGA adapter for my laptop (Lenovo Flex 15, model 20309.) When I connected it to my Dell (E228WFP) monitor, it cut out the bottom and was blurry. I fixed it by duplicating my laptop screen. How do I fix it so that I don't have to use my laptop screen?
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    Can't run VGA when I plugged it into my Windows 10 laptop

    Good day sir. I wanted to ask for assisstance on how can I project images through plugging VGA into my Asus X441n laptop. I have tried installing and updating drivers. But it still didn't work. I ask the technician here and he said that I should update my Windows, because my windows 10 has...
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    userbenchmark test fail on processor and vga

    I have a new laptop : HP Laptop 14s-cf0xxx, using userbenchmark test, it fail on two item: 1) Processor I5 8250U performance only 45%, normally 70-80% 2) Graphic animation doesn not show up, hence graphic reporting missing you Agus
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    Solved! My Asus X441N Laptop cannot project.

    When I connect my Asus X441N laptop to the Acer projector through either vga or hdmi, it doesn't project any features from my laptop. But when my friend connect her ASUS X441N laptop to the same projector, it automatically projects to the projector what has been there on her laptop. I am...
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    Solved! How to connect PS4 Pro to normal monitor with VGA.

    watch this video you will now how to connect ps4 pro to monitor with vga. without any adapter.. all you need is you pc or laptop.. * Mode edit, changed link. Posts that promote driving traffic/ads to sites are not allowed...
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    Solved! Can I connect a PC with VGA output to a TV with RBG Phono inputs?

    I've got an old Toshiba 19" TV which I occasionally use for playing PS1/PS2 games as the quality isn't amazing. It's also got a VGA input on it, but can only handle a signal of up to 50Hz, and even my old Win XP pc is 60Hz minimum. This Toshiba TV also has component RGB-RL component phono...
  10. K

    LG monitor showing No signal or no input.

    Hai guys. Please help on LG display - no signal or no input screen. If I connect with Normal VGA cable it is working. But while connecting with HDMI cable and DVI cable its showing no signal. Please let me know the solution
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    VGA to HDMI output

    I recently purchased a projector with VGA port,how I can use it with HDMI cables.
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    Solved! firestick to projector

    i tried plugging my firestick into my dell 2400mp projector with a hdmi to vga adapter and it keeps on saying searching for signal. i tried lowering the resolution but it still doesn’t work
  13. panel111

    Connecting my PC to a SCART TV

    So I want to have a SCART TV as a display for my PC (has HDMI, DVI and VGA ports). Tho online I've seen only SCART ported devices connected to HDMI TV. I didn't find anything that goes HDMI, VGA or DVI cable to SCART TV. I'm looking forward to Buying a converting device or DIY solutions, budget...
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    Solved! VGA to HDMI Converter not working (Panasonic LB78V to Lenovo Y40-70)

    Hello. So a friend of mine bought a projector (Panasonic LB78V) for us to use to project stuff for our church services. This brand of projector is pretty old-school and does not come with a HDMI port (does have VGA). Our laptop of use, Lenovo Y40-70, however, does have HDMI port but not VGA. SO...
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    My Laptop is using a generic Video driver, it said HD 6700M working fine in Device Manager.

    I have tried different Drivers until Windows was happy, but the system will not use it. It shows in Device working fine in Manager. It also shoe a VGA Driver. I can uninstall the VGA but it keeps coming back. I have a AMD Radon HD 6700M In a HP Pavilion dv7
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    Solved! My firestick doesn't fit my TV the vga on TV not the same

    What is thread?
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    Output only video but not sound on HDMI

    I have a laptop with a HDMI port and a monitor with a VGA input. I would like to buy a HDMI to VGA cable so I can use my monitor with my laptop but I've seen cables which also have a 3.5mm jack to output the sound as well. I just want my sound to my on my laptop as normal, or to use my...
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    VGA LCD to HP Pav 360 HDMI Port through Adapter

    I have connected old Samsung LCD Monitor with VGA port to HP Pavilion PC with HDMI port using a HDMI-VGA adapter. Everything working. But intermittently screen blanks out. Any solution? Should I abandon the idea of connecting old display and by a new monitor with HDMI interface?
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    How do I correct a “stretched”/widescreen image from a projector when using an HDMI to VGA adapter with my laptop (Windows

    When attempting to use a HDMI to VGA adapter with a Windows 10 laptop & a projector, the image keeps appearing “stretched”/widescreen. It looks terrible & unprofessional. What I need is a 4:3 aspect ratio. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix this problem (adjusting resolution, aspect...
  20. M

    Vga Port Overheating

    Hello guys i have a really weird problem, i was clean my laptop yesterday then when i Press the power button marked area (near Vga Port) getting very Hot in 5 sec and The cooling block is not touching this area please help (sorry for my English) :( Update: VGA Port damaged
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    VGA to HDMI converter no signal after 5 minutes

    I have connected My STC FTA Set top box to my AOC monitor via VGA to HDMI converter it's works good for five minutes after it start display no signal. I have test with another monitor with same converter and STB problem is still same. Test my set top box to LCD TV via direct HDMI cable working...
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    Multiple VGA in and one OUT

    Hello boys and girls I have at home 13 PC's ( for different reasons ) . All 13 are VGA out and i have only one monitor to be able to connect to each pc at time. My question is : It is a device only for VGA with 5 or 10 IN and only 1 OUT ? in order to connect the monitor ? The VGA device need...
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    How to Connect an External Display to Your MacBook Pro

    An external display connection allows you to mirror and present the content in your MacBook Pro on a large screen. You can enjoy your family vacation photos or easily present important instructions and plans to your employees. A variety of external displays can be connected to your MacBook Pro...
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    How to connect a CPU to Sony Bravia TV using VGA to HDMI cable without adapter?

    I have a CPU which has an VGA port and a Sony Bravia LED TV which has HDMI ports. I don't have any other display output. I have a cable which is VGA to HDMI without adapter. When I connect all equipment and turn on both of them and input source to HDMI. The LED shows no signal and then CPU runs...
  25. Z

    Connecting two TVs to my desktop without a monitor

    I have a desktop computer with a TV acting as my monitor through a VGA chord. My TVs have HDMI ports, but my desktop does not. Is there a way to connect two TVs to my computer using only the HDMI ports on the TVs? Or do I have to get an adapter for my computer?
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    Vga to rca sub conversion

    Have powered computer subwoofer with vga input. Is it possible to hook this sub to coaxial from home theatre receiver?
  27. C

    Solved! Can i run gta 5 in my lenovo i5 7th gen,shared 2gb vga(intel HD 620) ,4gb ram and 1TB hard

    Can i run the game?
  28. F

    How. To make VGA to av

    To cut and joine the wires
  29. C

    how to get vga with sound

    i have try ten times and i can't get my sound working on vga on my tv with the computer in connected what do i need to do?
  30. E

    how do i connect my lcd monitor's vga port to an rca port on a decoder or dvd player

    how do i connect my lcd monitor's vga port to an rca port on a decoder or dvd player
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    Monitor turns off when VGA adaptor plugged in

    My Lenovo ThinkPad only has a VGA output but the projector I'm using needs HDMI, so I bought a converter. Every time I plug in the VGA converter my monitor turns off. I don't see anything on the projector either. Please help!
  32. R

    VGA Output doesn't work ?.

    Hello dear reader. i'm facing an unusual issue with my old (Notebook) Please take some time and read if you think you could help, highly appreciated. So i own a notebook which i mostly use when traveling, Bought it 3/4 years ago if i remember correctly and it was made in 2011 it's quite old...
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    Roku 3 to optoma projector “no signal”

    Hi. I’ve connected a Roku 3 to an optoma projector with a hdmi to VGA cord and I don’t get anything but a “no signal” I also tried with a usb cord and nothing. Both cords came with the projector. Helppppp!
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    Two laptops one monitor

    I have a laptop connected to a monitor via VGA. How can I connect a second laptop to the same monitor?
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    Solved! Laptop to Sony TV, VGA to HDMI converter, getting no signal on TV, Laptop doesnt see TV

    I have a dell laptop that was connected to a sony bravia TV by VGA cable and worked fine. I upgraded the TV to a sony bravia xbr43x800e that only has HDMI. Ive bought 2 different vga to hdmi converters and tried both and I get no signal to the TV. I tried the HDMI cable on something else and it...
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    How to connect Philips HTS3540 to PC

    I am trying to connect my old Philips home theater (HTS3540) to my PC but I have no idea what cable to use or if one even exists. The home theater has only 3 RCA outputs (red, white, yellow) and a SCART port. My PC has all the required AUX connectors built into the motherboard. Please let me...
  37. Y

    change resolution from micro hdmi to vga

    i have new tab, lenovo miix 320, and it only has a micro hdmi for projection yet my projector only have vga port. i already bought the adapter, but everytime i connect it, the projector automatically change the resolution to 1920 which looked way smaller than it should (the normal resolution for...
  38. H

    Graphic card missing from device manager

    I have a XMG505 laptop, since 2015, and it was working fine until 2 weeks ago where my NVIDIA Geforce 980 M gone missing from device manager and games are not working but the laptop still working, when I go to device manager and try Action>Add Legacy Hardware, and install one of those default...
  39. S

    Hello the problem is

    Connected from laptop vga to projector.When i plug in vga to the laptop the sound is decreses but when plug out the sound is normal coming my speakers on the ceiling i take sound from their amplifier.please help to solve this problem
  40. P

    Laptop video through Projector and Sound through Home Theater System(HTS)

    I am using HDMI to VGA converter to connect laptop (HDMI) and Projector (VGA port). I get video display through Projector (Epson Home Cinema 1040). I want to play sound through HTS. If I connect 3.5 mm jack of Laptop with RCA (Red and White) to projector, there is no sound. Probably it is due to...
  41. Lutfij

    How To Fix External VGA Port Issues In IBM Thinkpad

    IBM Thinkpad’s have been the cream of the crop when it came to laptops meant for the business world. Some collectors look for them due to their aesthetic appeal while some also look towards their robust built form and construction. In spite of being a durable unit, it over time any laptop will...
  42. K

    Solved! HDMI to VGA adapter powers off PC

    I want to hook up a second monitor to my Toshiba Laptop. The monitor I have is VGA, so I bought an HDMI to VGA adapter from J5 Create. When I plug it into the HDMI port my laptop powers down. No LED lights on the laptop. I tried it on a second computer (the same Toshiba model) and it did the...
  43. C

    Recently just brought a hdmi to vga adapter but monitor never response

    So i just brought an adapter called (hdmi to vga) for my monitor it only supports (vga) and my pc only supports (hdmi and dvi) so i tried connecting them together i onky notice a blank screen on my monitor the pc looks fine but my monitor has no response or what so ever.. please help
  44. C

    i have a unitech DVR , how do i connect its VGA port to laptop for monitoring uses

    i have a Unitech Dvr but my Tv diaplay is not working for time being i want to connect with laptop through VGA. is it possible?
  45. J

    Do I need a VGA adapter to hook my zosi security cameras up to my tcl smart tv

    Do I need a VGA adapter to hook up it to my tcl smart tv
  46. S

    can i connect vga to vga tv to laptop

    im wanting to know if i can hook vga from my tv to my vga port on my laptop and get netflix on my tv
  47. P

    Hi.i have no laptop and it's has only vga when i connect it with my tv it's shows the Windows loading and in few secon

    Hi.i have hp laptop and it's has only vga when i connect it with my tv it's shows the Windows loading and in few seconds it say not supported..Please help me
  48. I

    Dual Monitor Set-up using an HDMI and VGA cable

    I have an Acer Aspire E 15.6-inch HD (1366x768) Laptop PC running Win10, AMD A9-9410 2.9GHz Processor, 8GB DDR4 SDRAM, 240GB SSD, AMD Radeon that has an HDMI, VGA, and USB 3.0 ports, and two ASUS VP239H-P 23" 16:9 IPS Monitors that have HDMI and VGA ports. I have already tried using an USB-HDMI...
  49. N

    Solved! ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 2GB shows as Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

    Hi people. I am not sure how this happened, but i was unistalling some stuff from my lap, turned off for the night, next morning i see that my graphic card is vanished, and replaced by VGA Graphics Adapter, it has a yellow triangle on device manager list. No unistall done was related to ATI, or...
  50. D

    Random Monitor Blank screen through laptop (VGA)

    My monitor went blank but still has a signal, I tried switching the VGA cable but it still connects to a blank screen. I thought I needed a new monitor, but the new monitor does the same thing. I use a monitor because I have problems with my laptop screen going white sometimes, now I can't even...
  51. C

    Can I use my laptop as a monitor?

    My cpu dosent support VGA... Is it possible?
  52. S

    Vga on lg smart

    Hey , i have lg smart tv and i tried to connect my desk computer with cable vga to hdmi but tbe tv dont recognize the connection,i dont know what to do. Thanks Shai
  53. B

    help VGA with no pc

    TV to projector is HDMI to vga gives no signal received error same cables PC to projector works fine.
  54. R

    hi is it better to use VGA to VGA rather than VGA to HDMI

    Help! Please! Is it simpler and better to connect VGA to VGA rather than buy an adaptor when hooking up an HP elitebook 840 G4 laptop without an HDMI port to a sony bravia TV that has both options? your advice will be much appreciated. Rob
  55. H

    Looking to setup 2 screens for an extended display to my laptop

    I have an HP(Model: 15-BS015DX) Laptop that only has one HDMI output. (No VGA or DVI).I have two Dell Monitors. Each Monitor has VGA and DVI outputs only (NO HDMI). How can I connect these two monitors to the laptop and have an extended display with optimum resolution? Should I use DVI or VGA...
  56. J

    projector/dvd connection problem

    I have a DVD player (newer) that uses HDMI, and an older (working) projector that uses VGA. I purchased a HDMI/VGA cable/converter. In other words, the HDMI cord plugs into the DVD, and then has a converter that you plug the VGA cord into which links to projector. However, the projector says it...
  57. A

    I have a DVI-D output on my graphics card from PC, I want to display on a VGA monitor, I have a cable adapt or, what type of s

    Is there a signal converted anyone can recommend?
  58. A

    No sound on my PS3

    Okay, so I play on my PS3 on a monitor that has VGA. I have a problem that I can´t hear any sound. Could such things like this work?
  59. M

    Can I use a Inspiron 13 screen on a Inspiron 7720 to finish factory reset

    I have a Inspiron 7720 that has broken screen. I was using a vga until I decided to do a factory reset. Now can't see anything because no drivers. Can I temporarily connect a 13" touch screen to my 7720. Need to finish reset etc
  60. J

    is safe if disable my onboard on laptop ?

    question is safe if i disable vga onboard via bios ? because accidentally found to choose vga onborad/discrite/ dual vga. because game always detect vga onboard, btw my laptop vga card is vga onboard Radeon R7 dan discrite R8 m435mx.