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  1. M

    How to input VGA for live streaming

    how to live stream from polycom (i dont know how to capture vga output to input to my laptop and start streaming. please help me)
  2. A

    If my projector doesn’t have a vga input what can I️ use? It only has Rga

    Trying to connect my projector that only uses RGA cable to my laptop that has VGA
  3. U

    Extended monitors VGA and HDMI ports

    In short, I am trying to run extended monitors with my laptop and a TV monitor. When I run HDMI to HDMI things work fine. But the TV monitor I want to use only has a VGA port, my laptop only has HDMI. So, my question is what cable/converter would i need for those ports to run extended display...
  4. Megan_batman

    Solved! Vga to aux?

    I have my old game cube and was wanting to hook it up to my computer monitor to play it. I know I can get a dvi to rca adaptor, but my monitor does not have speakers built in. My monitor has both vga and dvi. So for audio I was wondering if it was possible to use a vga to aux for fix this...
  5. A

    Solved! Connection for VGA Monitor

    Hi, I got this old sony lcd monitor sdm-hs73 and I want to use in kitchen for watching netflix or youtube etc. It does not have any speakers. I am looking for a TV wireless box to connect to the monitor but most of the equipment does not have VGA support or audio output. Does anyone know any...
  6. C

    Hi i have a projetor es520 optomo is it possivble to conect my v6 virgin box to project as there is only s video or vga or the

    Help setinv my v6box to an optomo es520 projector as i cant get no picture thrughout the projector
  7. J

    Solved! HDMI LG Wide Monitor - VGA Laptop

    Hi, will this work to connect 2560 x 1080 LG wide screen monitor to Lenovo VGA laptop? Plugable USB 3.0 Dual-Head Graphics and Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (HDMI up to 2560x1440 and DVI / VGA 1920x1200. Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP)
  8. G

    Audiio cuts out when HDMI cable is used for a projector.

    My Lenovo laptop (with Windows 10) is hooked to a projector that only has VGA input. The Lenovo only had HDMI output. I use a HDMI to VGA adapter, which works fine for the video, but the audio cuts out as soon as I plug the HDMI end into the laptop. Why is that, and how can I fix it?
  9. A

    alienware 17 psu problem (help please)

    i just bought an alienware 17 2015 model and i have noticed that gpu (r9 m290x) has very bad performance and very poor results in userbenchmark! after i checked everything and changed drivers too many times without any improvement i figured out that in bios settings ac adapter says 180w and my...
  10. C

    vga to vga

    Hi! I just got the 3rd laptop ordered in 3 weeks. I have had to send each of them back. This is a dell latitude D630...the screen on the monitor is too dark to see yet the laptop itself works just fine. I have an older dell latitude D620 with a working monitor however, I forgot the admin...
  11. M

    VGA to HDMI Converter

    Hi, I have an old Samsung TV which accepts both VGA and also HDMI. I have an android tv box with an HDMI port. I want to use the VGA port on the tv instead of the HDMI because of another issue. I bought a VGA to HDMI converter Now i noticed that this...
  12. M

    Connection Issues with my Laptop-VGA to HDMI-LG Smart TV

    Hey Need some help with screen sharing to my smart tv. My laptop screen is broken, so a wireless connection is not an option. My laptop has only a vga output and my smart tv has only hdmi input. So i bought a vga-hdmi converter, but now i see that my LG TV only accept HDMI-DVI. Im not sure what...
  13. B

    My hdmi ports stopped working i got a vga to hdmi with audio . But tv is displaying no signal and turning off

    Help with vga Hdmi port stopped working I got vga to convert pc port But I get a message no video and the tv shuts down Any advice to resolve this
  14. R

    I have connected a cable with 3.5 jack and external speakers with a stereo straight connector. I connected the projector to my

    Will a usb to vga adapter let me use external speakers connected to epson sb-so2. I can get sound from projector but nothing from speakers. I have tried a 3.5 jack to composite and a stereo connector to 3.5 jack on speakers. Only getting sound from projector. This is a new laptop with no vga...
  15. D

    Samsung r530 with broken screen

    I have a samsung r530 which has both HDMI and VGA my screen is cracked so cant see anything on the laptop I have tried connecting it to my tv and booting up pressing FN +F4 but to no avail what else can I try to force image onto external monitor
  16. B

    My SMART TV, Samsung, won't connect to my VGA Computer?

    I have Optiplex GX620 Computer. It only has VGA. It does not have Htmi cable. So I Bought an Adapter. I plug my VGA Cord from Computer to Adapter, adapter to TV. I -hear- my computer picks it up. However... TV doesn't show anything. TV has Source button.. but I cant force it to go to any sort...
  17. N

    Sunray device connection

    I’ve just been sent a sunray device to use as I’m now working from home. The monitor I have doesn’t have a VGA port just a D-SUB port. What do I need to get to connect the two devices as the instructions and google have been no help! Thank you!
  18. R

    Can I connect one monitor through HDMI and other through VGA

    Can I connect one monitor through vga and other through hdmi
  19. J

    How can I connect my external hard drive to my Mitsubishi projector (only has S video, RCA jack - video, and VGA) inputs?

    How can I connect my external hard drive to my Mitsubishi projector (only has S video, RCA jack - video, and VGA) inputs? Thank you
  20. M

    Connecting Galaxy Tab 2 to Monitor or TV

    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to connect my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to my desktop monitor. I bought a multiport adapter that hosts: 1 USB 1 Micro USB 2.0 1 VGA 1 HDMI Audio In Audio Out - Here's the actual adapter: - I...
  21. E

    VGA projector ( Epson EB X02) connecged to S8 via EZ cast - NO SOUND

    vga projector audio conversion : I have an old school classroom projector ( Epson EB X02) whicih I have connected up via VGA to a convertor which then goes via USB into my new Samsung S8... I thought the hard bit would be to get the image from new phone to old projector but I managed it and...
  22. R

    Connecting Laptop (HDMI) to TV (VGA)

    Hi, I have an HP Pavilion Notebook and I'd like to connect it to my (older) TV screen, but nothing I try seems to work. I've bought an HDMI to VGA cable, and I've tried selecting f4 ('project') whilst it's plugged in and the TV is on the correct input, but it keeps reading 'No Signal'. I was...
  23. A

    Why does a laptop lags more after a refresh/factory reset?

    So this problem has been going around for 5 months, and I have not found the fix yet. So on March 22nd I factory resetted or refresh my laptop hoping I can get more fps on CS:GO. After I've done that, I started updating everything on my laptop, downloaded CS:GO and setting things up like before...
  24. F

    HDMI to VGA Converter

    Hi. I would like to ask how to fix HDMI port of my laptop. I have used it many times in different projector in our school, but yesterday it didn't work I thought my converter was broken so I tried to my co-teacher's laptop it worked. So I don't know if the port is broken or there's something...
  25. G

    How to connect the laptop without VGA?

    how am i going to connect my laptop without the VGA? i thought every laptop should have? now how am i going to connect to projector some other way?
  26. J

    Laptop graphics become broken and not responding

    Hello, I am having problems with my gigabyte laptop. When I turned it on 3 days ago, it didn't turn on, but rather gave short beep with long delay. Out of 5 LED indicator on bottom right, only the top most was turned on. When the short beep happened, the 3rd LED from the top was on, but then...
  27. A

    HDMI to VGA Not Working?

    So I have an HP Omen 15 (2016) with specs: - Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59GHz - RAM: 8 GB - GPU: GeForce GTX 960M And I was able to connect my HDMI male to my laptop to a VGA female (adaptor) into a VGA male to a VGA male into my old external Dell monitor. However...
  28. G

    Solved! USB-C to VGA adapters

    Hello community, When using a USB-C to VGA adapter on a laptop with discrete graphics, does the USB-C to VGA utilize the Discrete graphics or does it use hardware contained in the adapter itself? I'm interested in maybe switching to my laptop full time for gaming and using a computer monitor...
  29. I

    Acer aspire s3 Display or VGA

    Hi, I have Problem with my laptop acer aspire s3. I'm not sure, is it a LCD cable or VGA problem. I turn on my computer.... after a while the display comes to different colours. I tried with hdmi, but not working....... Any idea is that a lcd cable or VGA or the Cooler System it's not OK...
  30. S

    sound through hdmi video through vga

    i dont want video through my tv because the video goes out so i have hdmi hooked up to it but i have vga hooked to another screen that does not have sound (at all) it's an old monitor flat screen. i want to show only video from vga and sound from hdmi but when i show only vga monitor in screen...
  31. D

    graphic card problem

    installed window 10, installed VGA driver for my laptop which worked fine previously now as i update Microsoft basic display driver laptop freezes and need to force restart by power button. same driver worked previously but not now. plss help, any solution....
  32. H

    I tried to get extend my display to a VGA monitor,

    and inadventently made that my sole monitor when both are plugged in. Unfortunately i changed I setting so now whenever plug in the HDMI to VGA connector to my external monitor, the computer monitor goes black, and the external monitor has the "out of range" message. 'How do i "give the view"...
  33. Q

    VGA go RGB back VGA

    Hi, I have a NEC NP300 projector with a VGA input. On the other end of the cable is a RGB connector. Now, I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with a VGA output. How can I connect the Laptop to the RGB so that the laptop and projector see each other? Do I need a convertor box? Thank you for your...
  34. T

    How to connect laptop to a tv with a vga to dvi cable

    I have a Mitsubishi WS-48313 that has a dvi-i dual link port and trying to connect it with my laptop that has a VGA port. I bought a VGA to DVI cable and plugged it all up, but my laptop screen doesn't show up on my tv and my laptop doesn't recognize i've connected to the tv.
  35. M

    VGA vs HDMI for budget bedroom theatre

    In my summer bedroom theatre project I am going to be using a mini projector mounted to my ceiling to watch movies. I already have bought a 50ft vga cable, that when connected to my GPU Is run thru a VGA -> DVI adapter. Should I get a more expensive hdmi cable instead? is it really that worth...
  36. S

    How do I connect my laptop that only has a VGA port to my projector?

    How do I connect my laptop that only has VGA port and a projector that has a VGA or HDMI? I bought a cable that's VGA to HDMI
  37. K

    Change VGA for MSI GX70

    4 years ago i bought MSI GX70: AMD A10-5750M AMD R9 M290X Now R9 M290X is death. i wonder can i buy other VGA to put it to my laptop. note: even i take out R9 M290X, my lap still works, just slow when i try to use some program like fifa or Auto Cad. Mod Edit for Language
  38. D

    VGA cord alternative

    I'm trying to hook up my computer tower to my TV. My TV is a flat screen and has HDMI RCA VGA USB ports and all that. But however I have no VGA cord to connect my tower with I have HDMI cables and everything else but my tower only has the VGA and some round looking plugs and USB and some...
  39. K

    Chromecast HDMI to VGA not working

    I am trying to connect my chromecast 2 to my VGA supported LG monitor, with a Male HDMI to female VGA port. (Also using female hdmi to female hdmi connector to connect male chromecast to male hdmi of the hdmi-to-vga converter).. Now the problem is, I can see chromecast running but no video on...
  40. L

    Laptop wont connect to tv using hdmi or vga

    I have a hp envy m8 and the screen is broken. You cant see anything on it but light and some colors. Usually i use a hdmi cord and connect it to my tv to use the cpu but something messed it up. When i turn it on you cant see anything until it goes to the login screen. But its not going to the...
  41. A

    VGA connection to HD monitor issue

    I have a Samsung monitor that only has a VGA port. The issue with that is that the monitor, though it supports 1080x1920, looks like trash. Is there anything I can do to switch from VGA? Buying an HDMI or DVI adapter wouldnt change anything since its still starting VGA right?
  42. T

    Solved! I have a Samsung digital monitor 24inch and Sony hometheatre will I receive both video and audio if I us a VGA to HDMI cable

    Connection problem with monitor and hometheatre thinking of using a HDMI VGA cable will i receive both video and audio
  43. A

    How do i connect Set Top Box To my Dell Monitor to watch TV ?

    *****I have a Dish TV Normal STB (Not HD, it does not have HDMI Port at the back) STB's back Pic : *****I have a Dell LCD Monitor which also does not have a HDMI Port *****I have a TV Tuner (Intex TV Tuner Box IT-160)...
  44. S

    chromecast to a laptopr

    Is it possible to use Google Chromecast to cast from my mobile/tablet to my laptop and then project the casted image through a VGA projector.
  45. M

    i have the smae problem with my PC with one VGA output and i used a USB to VGA but the second monitor did not worked. my pc mo

    i have the smae problem with my PC with one VGA output and i used a USB to VGA but the second monitor did not worked. my pc model is HP ProDesk 400 G2 SFF
  46. H

    3 Way VGA Splitting From Laptop

    Is it possible for a laptop to use 2 monitors, Using a VGA splitter and still have the laptop screen usable. E.G : Screen 1: YouTube, Screen 2: Social Media, Screen 3: Video Game.
  47. S

    laptop with multiple monitors

    hey I have a new laptop and i would like to run 2 or maybe 3 monitors on it at the same time. my laptop has one hdmi port and 3 USB slots and one of them is USB 3.0. but the monitors all have VGA and DVI connections. there are so many ways to make a connection. i thought of an active hdmi to...
  48. R

    VGA Input and Output

    I use one laptop, projector and a monitor and also two vga connectors. the link between my laptop and projector is extended display and the vga is connect in the input while the vga for the monitor is at the output. i wanted to use the output vga for clone display while the input vga is for the...
  49. C

    No sound through monitor

    I connected an eMachines monitor cable box using HDMI-VGA lead. There a 3.5mm audio jack on the monitor. Tried aux speakers, even my bass amp, but still no sound. Any tips?
  50. X

    connect tv with laptop

    how to connect toshiba dynabook L20 laptop (only VGA supported) with Panasonic TH-23LX60 tv (only HDMI supported). I hv tried with HDMI to VGA converter. I connected the converter with tv and one end of vga with tv and the other end with laptop. but unfortunately the tv is not showing display...
  51. K

    HDMI to VGA

    I have a single cable, one end is HDMI and the other end is vga. My laptop has a HDMI output and my projector has a VGA input, can anyone tell me why it's not working? I tried it on 2 different laptops both dell and one is a new laptop.
  52. A

    Dell laptop dual monitor with laptop monitor off, closed.

    Would like to attached dual monitors to my Dell Latitude 5570 and EXTEND. 5570 has one HDMI and one VGA. Monitors have one VGA and one Display port. Processor is Intel Core i7-6600U Processor Base, AMD Radeon R7 M360, 2GB Discrete...
  53. W

    VGA plug isn't on my HP laptop

    my new HP latop has no VGA outlet and its really buging me. Is there any reason why?
  54. K

    How do I switch between my Windows 10, Toshiba laptop and my HP VGA external monitor.

    I have both set up thru Windows key + "P" and have used the EXTEND. But nothing shows me how to switch between my laptop monitor and my external monitor.
  55. N

    mine is the hp envy laptop with windows 8 and a projector of benq with vga. I connected it using a hdmi to vga convertor . I G

    mine is the hp envy laptop with windows 8 and a projector of benq with vga. I connected it using a hdmi to vga convertor . I G
  56. C

    Can I turn my laptop into a screen for my Xbox One using an HDMI to VGA cable?

    I want to use my laptop as a "monitor" for my HDMI consoles, but since HDMI ports are only HDMI out on computers I was wondering if I could use an HDMI to VGA cable.
  57. Y

    Hdmi quality issue (worse then vga)

    I have a full HD TV which have 1 VGA port and 2 HDMI ports . When I connect my PC with VGA it only displays 1366x768p and 1080p with HDMI But HDMI 1080p looks worse compared to VGA 768p(very pixelated) . Can i improove my HDMI quality and my TV is 32inch
  58. M

    Can i use laptop's monitor with VGA cabe

    I have laptop monitor and i want to use it with VGA cable for my desktop computer how can i do that?