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    cant connect monitor to laptop hdmi port is being used and I don't have a vga port

    I am trying to connect a monitor to my laptop but I only have one HDMI port which is currently being used. My monitor has a VGA cord (i think. it has 15 pins and its blue) but my laptop has no VGA port.
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    Old desktop hookup to new monitor. VGA to HDMI - what is needed?

    I have an old desktop HP Pavilion Slimline computer and am trying to hook up a Samsung monitor/tv to it. I purchased an Auvio USB to HDMI adapter, but it only brings up the screensaver and none of the computer elements. The old monitor was hooked up VGA to VGA. Do I need a VGA to HDMI cable...
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    VGA to HDMI doesn't work?

    Three projector/screen system setup; VGA Cables feed into a "2 Port Video Duplicator" (I do not see a brand name on this, but I do have a picture.) Old system worked fine: ~ Windows 7 computer with VGA Connector ~ VGA Cable from computer feeds into the "2 Port Video Duplicator" New...
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    I have Blu Ray DVD hooked up to convert HDMI from Blu Ray into VGA for older projector, but it doesn't work.

    We've tried new cables and new converters and still no picture or sound.
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    The HDMI has gone of the input list

    Hi My HDMI has gone of the channel input list. When I press the AV button on the control Everything else is there Scart 1, Scart 2, AV, VGA etc...
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    VGA to RGB back to VGA

    Hi, I have a NEC NP300 projector with a VGA input. On the other end of the cable is a RGB connector. Now, I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with a VGA output. How can I connect the Laptop to the RGB so that the laptop and projector see each other? Do I need a convertor box? Thank you for your...
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    my laptop dosent open

    i conect my laptop (toshiba) with vga to the tv then my laptop dosent just stay open but screen is grey and dosent open pls help me
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    Broken Laptop Screen Suddenly Stopped Output To Monitors Via VGA and HDMI

    I Broke the screen on my Acer E5-551 Laptop Except for a 1.5 inch sliver on the right, so i continued to use it on my tv via HDMI, one day i turned ther laptop on and it wouldnt work via HDMI, whilst trying to find a solution for the HDMI problem i started using a VGA, to use VGA i had to press...
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    please help me with my labtop

    ok so ive been using an HDMI and a VGA cable on my Toshiba windows 8.1 laptop and for the past couple of months it starts up but it wont use the monitor and i cant see the screen because my brother smashed it so we took it off and so i used the monitors to see but now they dont work please help
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    vga adapter to pc

    i have a older tower it do not have a hdmi port so i got a vga adapter to connet to my lg 4k tv and its not working
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    How to connect my laptop (VGA port) to TV (HDMI port) to use as a monitor?

    I have a VGA to HDMI adapter but when I connect it to my computer, the TV displays "no signal" though the computer is acknowledging the connection to the TV. Any advice?
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    Confused with Philips or Panasonic

    Philips 32PFL5039/V7 240Hz HD ready Vs Panasonic TH 32C460DX 100Hz Full HD Please help me quickly.
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    i want to connect my dell latitude 5450 to monitor via vga

    Hi. I have big problem with connecting my laptop to other monitor using VGA. When i connect it nothing happens. i think it dosent recognize it. Please help me about this if you have any suggestions :)
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    connecting pc hdmi-vga from pc and then vga-scart at tv

    hi - have read 50 plus threads BUT have not found a solution. The connections to tv are good for sound from tv - Filmontv - progs etc and continuity of svga connectors completed ok - 100% and no shorts. PC screen to TV screen worked for 2 years on windows xp until this week when new HP windows...