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  1. K

    Home theater with VGA cables

    I recently purchased a home with an existing home theater with VGA connections. Do I need a converter to see anything through my cable or Apple TV, both of which have hdmi only connections? I understand I will need a cable to go between the old and new pieces, but wonder f I need a converter?
  2. K

    I just bought a house with an existing home theater with VGA cables and my new cable box and Apple TV are hdmi. What kind of c

    Existing home theater with VGA. New cable box and Apple TV are hdmi. What kind of converter should I select?
  3. R

    I can't go back to duplicate display because my laptop screen is destroyed and I only use VGA Monitor

    I can't go back to duplicate display because my laptop screen is destroyed and I only use VGA Monitor. I accidentally extended the display and since the laptop monitor is destroyed, I can't set it back to duplicate display or show VGA monitor only. I'm now looking at an extended display with...
  4. J

    Toshiba C855 to ASUS MX299Q

    Having issues with a Toshiba Satellite C855D-5100 running Win10-32Bit and an ASUS MX299Q. Toshiba only has a VGA port but theASUS monitor has DVI, HDMI and Displayport inputs. I tried a few cables VGA to DVI, VGA to DP, nothing seems to work. Is this laptop not capable of supporting this screen?
  5. M

    cctv with vga out put need to connect to rf signal

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie user, hope you can help. I have a dvr cctv recorder the output is vga and I need to connect to rf modulator that will only accept rca phono ie yellow for video, white and red for audio. This in turn connects to several TV's around my house so I can change channel on tv to...
  6. K

    Puzzling issue connecting TV to PC

    I want to mirror my PC monitor on my Samsung F series plasma TV. If I connect the PC VGA monitor output thru a VGA to HDMI converter and run HDMI cable to the TV, the PC mirrors perfectly on the TV. Ditto if I connect one leg of a passive Y-splitter cable between the PC VGA output and the TV...
  7. P

    This my laptop computer, it can be play GTA V?

    I have a laptop i7,8GB Ram, 4GB Nvidea VGA... This is my can be play GTA V?
  8. gantzypants

    Can I Connect my GameCube to my TV this way?

    Hi, I am trying to connect my GameCube to my modern tv. I can't find any av to hdmi adapters, so I was wondering if getting a av to vga adapter, then a vga to hdmi adapter would work. Would this be a good way of doing it, or is there a better method? Thanks!
  9. S

    Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 GPU Memory

    How to increase GPU Memory in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007? I have only 4 MB in Windows 98.
  10. N

    Broken Hp screen and no VGA port

    I have an HP model 11-d010nr and it does not have a VGA port for me to try to connect using the external monitor. I have an ASUS laptop that offers both opitions. Can I connect the HP using the HDMI to the ASUS? Or is the external monitor or TV my only choice. If so what are the steps I need to...
  11. M

    why i cant change my amd r5 primary vga to r7 vga

    i have HP notebook 15-ba026ax which has these spec : amd a10 9600p R5 graphic ddr4 4gb vga amd r7 m440 dual graphics amd r8 m445dx 2gb os win 10 64bit i install amd crimson driver version 15.11 which i have to downgrade so i can have dual graphic option, although the newest driver has amd...
  12. R

    DVI and VGA audio

    I want to use three monitors in my set up but cannot find any good monitors within my budget which have a display port they are always with DVI and VGA. What i want to know is if i connect all monitors via DVI, VGA and HDMI will i be able to get sound through my headset?
  13. C

    Projection on old TV won't work with my PC

    Hello , I got an old TV with only VGA Port. So i bought a hdmi=> VGA converter . I have an Asus Rogue with Intel HD Graphic 530 and Windows 10 and have no signal on the TV. My roomate have also an Asus Rogue , but with Intel HD Graphic 4000 and Windows 8 , and the TV project is working with his...
  14. H

    Hi have a older computer with a VGA input an brought a new HDTV to use as it's monitor. What converter adapter can i use to co

    Looking for a VGA converter adapter for my old Dell desktop computer to use for my HDTV ( hdmi input) as a monitor.
  15. C

    Solved! HDMI on DVD player to VGA on projector picture going in and out

    I have a setup where I have a DVD player connected to a projector using an HDMI to VGA adapter. The DVD player has the HDMI output and the projector only has VGA input. The picture keeps going out on and off in not so normal intervals. It is like the projector does not sense input for a short...
  16. G

    Will a DVI to VGA adapter work?

    So I have just finished building my new pc and I have an EVGA GTX 1060 in with a MSI Z170a-G45 motherboard. I am currently using an old TV I had as the display as my old computer monitor can only take a VGA connection. Someone suggested that a DVI to VGA adapter may be an option as the graphics...
  17. B

    Notebook Rc530 Samsung HDMI and vga output

    I believe that VGA output is connected to Intel graphics rather than Nvidia GeForce 540m Can someone tell me if same goes with HDMI port or HDMI port is connected to Geforce
  18. C

    vga to rca has sound but no picture

    I'm trying to connect my Nintendo 64 up to a computer monitor with a vga to rca, the sound comes out just fine but the picture doesn't work. is it because it also has an svideo slot?
  19. D

    Driver vga nvidia

    I am using laptop alienware17 with nvidia gtx 770M.I am dump with green screen when i set up driver nvdia gtx 770M.I dont know my vga is wrong or nvidia is wrong.I read on the interner,soneone say that nvidia is being wrong with latest driver.Please help me
  20. D

    Desktop won't connect to tv

    I recently got a dell inspirion desktop and am trying to connect it to my tv, which is a 17 inch by 10.5 inch (just counting the black screen) Insignia. I'm using an hdmi cable and I am on the hdmi input on the tv. I'm not sure if my tv is hd or not. My tv also has a port labeled "vga in" but...
  21. G

    How to convert composite visual to VGA

    Hello, My family has alot of old vhs tapes and we have several VCR's. How can i either convert the vhs tapes to digital or connect a vcr to a computer monitor with vga. Ive seen alot of converters on Amazon and tried a few, but none of the ones ive tried have given my very high quality...
  22. J

    vga to hdmi

    how do i connect my old laptop with vga plug to tv with hdmi to view on my tv.i have a cord with vga end and hdmi end but says no signal.
  23. W

    Trouble connecting dvd player to monitor without hdmi port

    I have a dvd player and monitor. My room don't have a tv, that's why I want to connect dvd player into monitor to watch video in my room. I don't have a pc. My dvd player have vga and rca only and my monitor have vga and dvi. Both of it don't have a hdmi port. I had tried connecting my dvd...
  24. K

    hdmi-vga display blackout

    HP Laptop with HDMI only. I needed to connect to VGA through a sound/system to show videos on screen. Bought HDMI to VGA converter cable. When I play the video, the projected image gradually blacks out from bottom to top. Then the image might return for a second or two and it will happen again.
  25. C

    I can only use dual-monitors when I enable Onchip VGA

    I could not figure out how to use dual monitors. I eventually found a post on here to do it with my integrated graphics. It works but only when my bios is set to Onchip VGA though My Specs are: PC Type: Desktop CPU: AMD FX 6300 3.5 GHz RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: GTX 950 2GB Overclocked Edition...
  26. R

    Hdmi converted to Vga working but HDMI to HDMI has no signal

    Hi everyone, I bought a new monitor(lg23mp68vq) and tried plugging into my machine via hdmi. It says no signal. But when I tried using a converter(hdmi to vga), the monitor worked via VGA. I also checked the hdmi cable by connecting it to our tv and it works. What seems to be the problem...
  27. K

    Does HDMI 1.x (19 pin) work with HDMI 2.0 (29 pin)?

    I'm getting a GTX 1070 and am working on getting a DVI-D to HDMI adapter, however the adapter is a 19 pin HDMI. Will the adapter still plug and work just fine on my new GTX 1070?
  28. T

    Why is VGA far superior to HDMI?!

    Hi there, I recently purchased a new TV on Black Friday, just as an impulse buy. It's a Blaupunkt 42" model, which is linked below: I believe it's a rebranded Sharp...
  29. Faizalhhh

    HP Pavilion vs MSI Prestige

    Hi, I want to buy a budget gaming laptop. I'll use the laptop for multimedia use and moderate gaming. I have come up with 2 models. Please help me to choose the best one. I am planing to use it for at-least 3-4 years. 01. HP Pavilion 15 (i7-6700, 16GB DDR4, Gtx960m 4GB, UHD IPS display, 2...
  30. I

    HP Monitor VGA to HDMI

    Hiya, I have a VGA 15 Pin Monitor and HP Spectre Laptop - I bought a cable on ebay - a cable VGA 15 to HDMI - but I cant get the laptop to read / acknowledge the Monitor - Help Please - Do I need something else ? an actual convertor or something Regards Irene
  31. Z

    Connecting laptop(hdmi) to TV(vga)

    I have an Asus N552VW-FY082T laptop. I have recently bought a hdmi to vga adapter so I can watch movies on my TV, or show ppt presentation on projector. It doens't want to recognise that there is monitor connected. Anyone have any idea can I make it work and how?
  32. K

    Laptop to TV with VGA & 3.5mm audio cable has picture with no sound

    Hello, I wanted to connect my laptop to my TV so I would be able to use it as a bigger monitor, along with watch movies from the laptop on the TV. I did my research and came to the conclusion that a VGA cable with a connected 3.5mm audio cable would be my best option. My TV has HDMI but my...
  33. S

    Desktop not connecting to tv through vga

    Desktop computer tower is not connecting to tv through the vga cable, hdmi port is messed up so I have to use vga
  34. V

    HDMI to VGA not working, any advice?

    Hey all, Recently I found an old monitor of mine from an old desktop. The monitor itself is an emachine LCD model with a VGA connection. I wanted to use it as a second screen for my laptop, an Alienware 17 with an HDMI in/out port. I bought a Moread adapter that has a VGA female and an HDMI...
  35. A

    Multiple Displays with One HDMI and one VGA output

    Hi All, I want to extend my desktop over two displays using a closed laptop (so not using the laptop display) The connections on the laptop are HDMI and VGA The inputs on the two monitors are DisplayPort and VGA Laptop is a Dell Latitiude E5470 if that also helps. Can anyone suggest a way to do...
  36. M

    hdmi to vga adapter that run to box with rca out to tv for video ..does not work

    I got a dell VGA to box rca out to tv for video it works I have to buy a backup computer hp with HDMI ONLY.......I bought a hdmi vga adapter but all happens the different color pop like rainbow.....on the tv any would be appericated THANKS....
  37. K

    How to connect a laptop with HDMI port to TV with only VGA port?

    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire E 15 laptop with a HDMI port which I would like to connect to my Toshiba TV which only has a VGA port (no HDMI), so that I can watch programmes downloaded on my laptop on the TV screen. Please can you advise the best and easiest way I can do this? Thank you in advance!
  38. K

    My Dell Inspiron 1525 monitor display problem

    My Dell Inspiron 1525 monitor is not working and as such have been using an external monitor connected through VGA cable. Of late the external monitor does not come up at once. Pressing Fn+F8 shows the external monitor for a nano second and goes blank. The external monitor finally comes up...
  39. L

    HDMI to VGA or HDMI to Component

    I'm using a Digital Video Insertion unit that only accepts VGA or component. The source I need to use outputs only in HDMI. There are adapters for both HDMI-VGA and HDMI-Component. I'm wondering which would be better to use or if there is no difference. I'm not sure if either of these would...
  40. A

    How to I connect HTC vive and monitor, at the same time

    I bought HTC vive. And it is connected with hdmi to my graphics card. I only have one hdmi in my graphicscard. And i also need to connect my monitor. I have two DVI, but none in my monitor. I have VGA in my monitor, but none in my graphicscard. I bought DVI to VGA adapter. but still doesn't...
  41. J

    Laptop HMDI to VGA projector

    I have got my new Windows 7 Dell Vostro 5470 laptop. It does not have a VGA port and I do a lot of presentations where I need to connect to projectors at my client's offices. So I purchased a HDMI to VGA adapter cable. But when I tried to connect to a projector, the projector indicate the...
  42. A

    Should I connect to an external Display Port/HDMI Monitor using a USB 3.0 or VGA adapter on my Laptop Side?

    I recently purchased 2 Dell U2415 monitors ( I have a Lenovo Y480 Ideapad ( running Windows 10 with 3 USB 3.0...
  43. J

    Watch cable on my projector (no hdmi)

    I have an older projector with vga, s-video and a video in. I have a Directv cable box and would like to watch football through the projector. I can use the projector with my laptop using hdmi to vga cable. Using same cable plugged into cable box, I can't get a signal. What am i missing...
  44. J

    I need to convert my Samsung monitor 9 pin male vga to the 15 pin cable (hdmi to 15 pin female. I'm having trouble finding co

    I need to convert my Samsung monitor 9 pin male vga to the 15 pin cable (hdmi to 15 pin female. I'm having trouble finding converters for 9 pin to 15 pin. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  45. C

    hp laptop with hdmi to projector with vga

    just bought an hp laptop with only hdmi port and must connect to projectors with only vga. I was able to make the connection and get pictures on the screens. I went to the home screen and right clicked to bring up the "graphic options" menu but it is not there. need help finding a way to...
  46. P

    converting westinghouse hd tv 4055 to smart tv

    Hi. What is the best way to convert my TV to a smart TV? I do not have an HDMI port or a USB port and i would like to buy either appletv or an amazon firestick. I have a VGA input though . Is there a way to use the 15pin VGA ? thx
  47. Ivoryz

    Monitor decoloring/color fading out issue????plz helppp??

    Pleeeeeease help, my monitor keeps decoloring from the first instant of switching the lap on, (See the pics) it comes and goes but really bothering, is it a vga issue or a monitor one, ? :bounce: additional info : the lap made is lenovo y5070 , graphics cards gtx 960...
  48. N

    How do I connect a TV with only HDMI to a computer with only VGA or DVI-I to stream Netflix?

    Can I connect a TV with only HDMI to a computer with only VGA or DVI-I to stream Netflix? If so, what cables or adapters do I need to get audio and video on the TV?
  49. S

    Monitor won't display after using VGA

    My HP 2000 laptop screen is cracked I recently got a HP monitor L1950 and connected with VGA and it worked fine now when I Turn in my Minitor says no input signal and goes into sleep mode. I tried the monitor with another laptop and it works fine, how can I get the monitor to work with my...
  50. R

    Tv To monitor

    Im trying to connect my monitor (no pc attached) to my TV via VGA cable. I connect the VGA cable to the computer and tv and my monitor input is set on VGA yet nothing appears
  51. S

    Can I use 2 monitors in PS when in my laptop has only 1 HDMI and 1 VGA

    I have Toshiba P50 laptop and now I am using HDMI to EIZO CS240 monitor. I would like to add one more monitor using VGA port. Is it possible. Using PS and LR. Regards Eko
  52. C

    How can I connect HP Envy Desktop750-217c with USB & HDMI only to a VGA 15 pin serial port monitor (HP vs17e)

    Desktop has Windows 10 and only USB & HDMI ports. The monitor has ONE HP 15 pin VGA serial port.
  53. P

    HDMI to VGA Converter

    I have 2 devices Device A and B and a LCD monitor M with VGA port. Device A : Laptop (HDMI output) Device B : Respberrypi 3 (HDMI output) Device S : Satellite dish TV Setup box(HDMI output). Device M: LCD Monitor VGA port (input). Device X : Some other LCD Monitor with HDMI port (input). What...
  54. D

    asus r5 230 detected as hd 6450 doesnt work because drivers

    I just bought a r5 230 because I have 2 monitors and 1 of then has only VGA port, my problem was that I have an R9 390 and it hasn't got analog signal (dvi to VGA) so I picked un the 230. When I updated the drivers to 16.3 the 230 stopped working and was detected as the hd 6450 I tried to flash...
  55. flyfunner5

    Using Laptop as 2nd Monitor?

    I have two laptops: Work laptop: no HDMI cable, but somehow has a VGA cable. Personal laptop: has VGA cable, much older laptop (about 4 years) Question: Is it possible to make the personal laptop in essence just a monitor, that I can connect to my work laptop. I want to use the bigger screen...
  56. J

    How can I use my laptop as a monitor for my desktop?

    How can I use my laptop as a monitor for my desktop? I have a desktop with no monitor with a VGA hookup in the back . I have a laptop that has a VGA hookup. Can I use the laptop as a monitor for my desktop? I see this questions asked but I do not see an answer. Is this not possible? Yes, I do...
  57. R

    HDMI on laptop; output to 3 HDMI TVs plus a VGA projector?

    We upgraded our laptop which does not have a VGA port. In our old setup, the laptop had a VGA output to the projector and then a usb converter plugged in to the laptop which connected via RCA to a DVD player with a coaxial out to the three tvs. Now that we are changing the laptop, but not the...
  58. C

    Can I connect laptop (vga no hdmi) to an older surround

    Can any of your lovely people help I have a crappy laptop that we run the TV from via vga. I have been gifted an old JVC TH-M303 surround sound/dvd system. I am normally quite good at figuring this stuff out but I cannot work out if its possible to connect them. My tv is a generic Goodmans if...
  59. K

    Dell Inspiron laptop to LG tv via signal anymore!

    My laptop is saying that one of the usb devices has malfunctioned and windows doesn't recognize it. the port location is shown in bold. reconnect or replace device.....Help me PLEASE.
  60. H

    how to connect a laptop with a vga to a projector vga

    i connect my laptop vga port to an epson vga port butb it not displaying so what shpould i do