Trouble connecting dvd player to monitor without hdmi port

Wan akasha

Dec 5, 2016
I have a dvd player and monitor. My room don't have a tv, that's why I want to connect dvd player into monitor to watch video in my room. I don't have a pc. My dvd player have vga and rca only and my monitor have vga and dvi. Both of it don't have a hdmi port. I had tried connecting my dvd player to monitor with vga to vga cable but it didn't work. It turned on but didn't show anything. I have read that i need s video cable but my dvd player and monitor don't have s video port. So i want to ask, can I connect vga from my dvd player to vga to hdmi converter and then connect back the end of the converter which is hdmi, to hdmi to vga converter and plug it into my monitor? Will it show any picture? I hope you guys can help me. I really really want to watch dvd in my room. If this don't work, please state what i should do. I hope you guys answer ASAP . Peace.
Makes and model numbers would be helpful.
You may be confusing component video (3 RCA jacks) with VGA. They are not the same thing.
You can however get an adapter that will convert component or composite video to VGA. It has to be an active device not just a cable.
You will also need audio cables and speakers (in the monitor or self powered ones).