Should I connect to an external Display Port/HDMI Monitor using a USB 3.0 or VGA adapter on my Laptop Side?


Oct 13, 2016
I recently purchased 2 Dell U2415 monitors (

I have a Lenovo Y480 Ideapad ( running Windows 10 with 3 USB 3.0, HDMI, and a VGA; and a NVIDIA GT 650M graphics card ( as well as Intell HD 4000 integrated graphics. My model of laptop does not have it's own docking station available

The way the laptop is wired the HDMI port goes through the integrated graphics and the VGA port goes through the NVIDIA video card.

The first monitor is connected through the HDMI port and I was hoping I could daisy chain the 2 monitors together (the monitors support MST and DisplayPort 1.2), however the Intel HD 4000 Integrated Graphics does not. So that's not an option.

It looks like in order to connect the second external monitor I will need to use an adapter, would it be better to go with:
Laptop USB 3.0 > DisplayPort (or a HDMI) > External Monitor, or
Laptop VGA > DisplayPort (or HDMI) adapter > External Monitor, or
Universal 'docking station' that connects through USB 3.0 and has it's own built in video card.

The Intel HD 4000 Integrated graphics website says it can handle 3 displays (, but I've read online that people connecting external monitors through both VGA and HDMI ports have only been able to use 1 of the external monitors and the built in laptop display at the same time. For Example:

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated as I'm at a complete loss as to how to what to do...
Well, it is really going to depend on which graphics card you want them to be using. That would determine which port you should be connecting through.

You also should be able to use the same singular port for both monitors, as long as you get the correct adapter.

That said, the VGA port will probably give you the better graphics/connection with less problems. But that would be just my opinion. :)
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