Question monitor connected to 3.0 usb to hdmi in laptop and i cannot change it to portrait orientation it just stretch it

May 18, 2022
i got dual monitors connected to laptop, one with "hdmi to hdmi" second "3.0 usb to hdmi",
so problem is second monitor. my second monitor is vertical and I want to change the display orientation in portrait mode but it only stretch the resolution and i cannot even see a taskbar

does anyone know where is problem i think problem is maybe in cable or drivers but "Driver Booster 9" shows all my drivers are downloaded, plz help me
First, the driver update software is almost universally bad, uninstall it. That USB dongle you are using should have drivers from the vendor, install those. Once that is done, you need to change the resolution on that second monitor to match the layout, so instead of say 1920x1080 it would be 1080x1920.