Can't run VGA when I plugged it into my Windows 10 laptop

Jan 21, 2019
Good day sir. I wanted to ask for assisstance on how can I project images through plugging VGA into my Asus X441n laptop.

I have tried installing and updating drivers. But it still didn't work. I ask the technician here and he said that I should update my Windows, because my windows 10 has 1607 and it should be updated to 1803.
He said that it takes a long time if we update it because it will undergo into several updates and he advised to just REFORMAT it instead.

I am just wondering that if I reformat my asus x441n windows 10, 1607 laptop, will it resolve the issue regarding unable to project images when I plug vga into my laptop?

And if I allow my laptop to reformat, will it upgrade from 1607 to 1803?
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