Question Desktop VGA D-sub video out and new LG monitor

Jan 3, 2020
I run an IBM System X Server as my Desktop computer with a VGA D-sub video output. I have run CRT monitors and more recently, 18-inch LCD 4:3 and widescreen monitors. All received the VGA cable and operated at the proper aspect ratio and high-resolution.

Now I have an LG 27-inch 27MK60TM-B widescreen with one VGA and two HDMI inputs.

I have two VGA cables here from the old monitors. The one that works for me is a four-foot cable with intermittent signal delivery, and it is a stretch to reach the monitor on the table to the computer on the floor. When it works, it delivers HDTV resolution. It has a missing pin in the center row of pins, total 14 pins.

I bought a 6-foot Phillips VGA/SVGA cable with all 15 pins present. With this one, the extra pin causes the available resolutions to be 1024x768, 800x600 and 640x480, and the display is "unknown." The picture is stretched across the width of the widescreen. LG prefers 1920x1080 and complains.

My second cable is also a six-footer with all 15 pins, and the same problem with the LG as with the Phillips cable. There was no such issue using this with either of the 18-inch monitors.

There may be another option, where I use a converter that delivers HDMI from my VGA card. I see there are VGA-to HDMI cables, converter adapters that plug into the VGA and let me plug HDMI into the adapter.

Given that my card delivers something to the LG display that screws things up if I use the 15 pin VGA cables, would the VGA-HDMI converter cables solve the issue? Please advise. And thank you.

It looks as if the converter is much easier to obtain than the replacement 14-pin VGA!
Jan 3, 2020
What model: IBM System X 3200 -- 64-bit and upgraded to dual-core processor.
OS: Linux Mint 19.1 MATE Desktop, 64-bit. I've kicked Windows out (broken glass notwithstanding).

Thank you , hang-the-9, for your quick response.

My issue got solved in the meantime, when I was gifted another replacement cable from Best Buy. It, too, has 15 pins, is a straight 6-ft cable with no lumps at each end. My old 6-ft cable and the new Phillips have 15 pins and lumps on each end. These did not work right.

My 14-pin also had the lump on each end and it worked properly when it did work.

These "lumps" as I called them are there to minimize noise in your TV and radio reception when the computer is on.

I'm just happy the computer is working as it should, with the new monitor, over 13 inches vertical viewing space.
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