Question (Black screening constantly) DESKTOP NOT LAPTOP

Nov 26, 2022
Hi there, this is my first time posting and I couldn’t find a desktop support page so I came here.
For the last 2 days my desktop has been black screening randomly usually around 10-15 of use time since startup and then boots straight back up but only on one of my monitors. This is super frustrating and I haven’t had any issues with the pc is ages.

Any help would be much appreciated.

ps: I’ve changed power cords, updated gpu driver and changed the display cord as well still not working properly. Also I’d like to mention it is random as it didn’t crash for 5 hours at one point. Also my main monitor is brand new and is a viewsonic curved 165hz 1440p monitor.
Pc spec:
Cpu: ryzen 7 2700x
Gpu: rtx 2080 turbo
Ram: 32gb 2800mhz trident z memory
Please ask for more info if needed