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  1. hubertkocur1337

    Question Is it possible for me to upgrade my laptop CPU?

    Hello. I have a MSI GV62 7RE laptop (link below) with a Intel Core i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz. Im wondering if it would be possible to upgrade to an i7 or even an i9 cpu. I hope anybody can help. thx in advance
  2. A

    Will my Windows10 Backup work under these conditions?

    I recently decided to upgrade my storage space on my PC, but I’m worried with how things are setup that my system image will not work. I’d like some advice on two combinations. My previous setup is one 120gb m.2 ssd as an OS drive, and two 1TB SSDs in Raid Zero format. I’m replacing it with two...
  3. Ghostspartis


    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30GHz Video Card Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 Video Card #2 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with Max-Q Design RAM 8.0 GB Operating System Windows 10 Every time I play a game like GTA V the FPS keeps bouncing drastically even when I bring the graphic...
  4. zach183323

    Question Help Android Stuck In Fastboot

    My Google Pixel 3a is stuck in fastboot and wont exit. I tried installing magisk and when I tried to reboot the phone it got stuck in fastboot mode
  5. ZambieMaster

    Solved! Need some serious help with my tablet (can't install/ uninstall anything)

    Okay so I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post, but I need some serious help with my tablet. My tablet messed up yesterday really badly and it deleted almost all my apps from my tablet spare a few like Google, Youtube and two other games, but everything else is gone. I've had this...
  6. wjdgone

    Question Water damage on Asus Q525UA

    Last night when I was not around my (open) laptop, my water bottle had tipped over all over my keyboard. I found out a few mins after, during which my friends had dried out the surface and tried turning it on from sleep mode. I know the first rule is to never turn it back on when wet, but I was...
  7. S

    Question Headset buzzing sound

    I recently got a new gaming pc. However, after just a week of playing on it, i have been noticing a loud buzzing sound in my headset (Sennheiser GSP 600). I have tried different headsets on my pc and they don't have the problem, and when i connected my headset to to my phone and other PCs, the...
  8. R

    Question Battery Issue

    hello I recently have came across an issue with my battery charging on and off in my ASUS Rog G751JT, sometimes it will charge other times it won't, i bought a new charger, i have had less of the problem but it still occurs, can anyone help me out here?, thanks in advance
  9. Q

    Question How to remove Web Companion

    I found out that Web companion and Adaware antivirus was installed on my pc without me knowing it. I want it gone, so I did the stupid thing of deleting the files with Shift + Del. Now I can't uninstall the damn thing, keeps saying that it can't find the files. I tried reinstalling, but that...
  10. I

    Question Headphones with mic that are recording internal sounds

    I bought in-ear headphones with microphone included from Sony and I noticed that my internal sounds are being recorded while I talk to others. For example if I listen to Spotify they hear the music, even thought the sound is being sent to the headphone the microphone somehow manages to record it...
  11. S

    Question GPU fans on my Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2070 go full speed and VERY loud on boot and the screen goes black.

    It will sometimes boot all the way up and I was able to check temps, everything is where it should be so I am kind of lost. The specs are: corsair 570x case, z390 gaming edge AC, 32gb of G.skill trident Z ram, i7-8700k, h100i cooler, Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2070, 5 ll-120 fans, cooler master 650w...
  12. Q

    Question left, right and bottom arrow keys not working

    so, this morning I was going through my morning and look through my emails and all of a sudden, I tried to use my arrow keys, the upper key is fine and the rest of my keyboard is fine, but not the right, left and down arrow keys. please help me, this laptop is for my school and I desperately...
  13. S

    Question Brightness issue

    My Brightness is not reducing it is stuck at full brightness I have gone to power options, advance settings, but it is not SHOWING the adjustment tab. I have searched for it but couldn't find solution for it, Please anybody could help me to resolve this issue ASAP
  14. N

    Question Your computer appears to be configured correctly but the device, or resource (dns server) is not responding.

    Randomly at times of the day sites become unreachable, i diagnosed my Ethernet and that message pops up "Your computer appears to be configured correctly but the device, or resource (DNS server) is not responding". I've tried everything in the world, every CMD prompt from Microsoft, reinstalling...
  15. M

    Question Windows 10 Advanced Options Password

    Hello, I have a HP Spectre and I’m trying to get into advanced options but they all require a password that are not any password I’ve ever used. How can I get in to command prompt? I’m locked In safe mode and I cannot login to it as that’s not working either
  16. M

    Need Help Between Laptops

    I need to choose between HP PAVILION15-CX0032NT COREİ7 8750H and LENOVO LEGION Y530 CORE İ7 8750H Please Help ASAP.
  17. Please Help!624!

    Question Why won't the music on my mp3 player play?

    The music i put on my mp3 player shows up but when i try to play it it wont work and freezes up. i have this one Please Help ASAP
  18. anubiss

    MSI dragon gaming center

    I own a MSI GP62MVR 7RGX Leopard Pro and I cannot find information on it on their official website. I recently took my laptop to micro center since the fan was making too much noise and found out that they had to completely replace it. anyways they got rid of the Dragon Gaming Center. I was...
  19. jipneydrayber

    Question Hello, I need help

    What I mean about this is that my laptop's keyboard instead of writing normal letters, it types a random assortment of characters like these: äéäåéäåðáßßååéé©©©. This happens whenever I open Garena 2.0 (Garena is like the epic games launcher for fortnite, its a launcher) and I need help because...
  20. D

    Question Picking up new camera for business

    HELP I think I already posted a thread but I need this help fast I’m starting a company and I need a 4K camera with good lenses and etc to take pictures of my products to upload to my website don’t want to sound bratty or anything but it can’t be beginners it has to be a full on pro camera that...
  21. C

    Question Audio & Other Problems

    Ok. I've recently been getting a host of problems, I'll list my computer, then the problems in order. Computer: Windows 10; GTX 1070; Asus Z170 Pro-gaming Aura; Corsair Vengeance LPX Ram; Samsung 850 500GB SSD. Problems: Games started randomly crashing and giving blue screens. A couple of the...
  22. HP Folio 9470m Elitebook

    Question RIP LAPTOP'S WIFI

    so basically my laptop will not connect to the internet. all there is is a icon with the ethernet logo but with an x even though I connect through wifi here's what happened today: windows forced me to update. i installed office 365 which my computer could not take for some reason.... then I...
  23. V

    Laptop boots slow.i need fix asap please

    It says dell and it usually takes it takes over 50secs and it doesnt boot into the OS.