Question My laptop wont start Hdd indicators are red

Jan 27, 2022
my HP laptop wont start, i tried everything it just keeps turning on and off, the Hdd indicators are red and keeps blinking

my HP notebook 15 wont turn on after i cleaned it, i removed the battery, the screws and the ram, i couldn't unscrew 3 flat head like screws since my screw driver won't fit, i tried to clean the fan with a brush, and lifted the metal plate a little bit, i got scared so i quickly finished up cleaning, locking the plastic case back in place, inserting the ram, and after i placed the battery back in, and plugged the adapter it won't turn on, i could hear the fan turning on then off again, i see the disc indicator near the headphone jack red then it turns off again, and then back on without displaying anything.

at one point i tried it with no battery then it worked but after like 10 mins, while i was playing my screen glitched, like distorted or some sort. then i press the power button to shut it off, and it won't turn on again.
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Unfortunately, trying to clean your laptop often ends up breaking it. First thing I would do is get the service manual and follow the directions in there for taking it apart and verify everything is properly connected. One thing the manual will emphasize is proper ESD precautions. The inside of the laptop is susceptible to ESD damage if you don't take precautions. For instance, using a normal brush inside is a no no. I suspect you damaged some components. It may need to go back to HP for repair.
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