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  1. Simplybest69

    Question Laptop display is on intel always?

    I have an hp pavilion 15 gaming laptop that has an i7-9750h and Intel uhd graphics along with nvidia gtx 1650. In device manager , under display adapters both my graphics are mentioned but when I check which display is connected to my laptop display it says Intel UHD graphics. I cannot change...
  2. H

    Question Laptop randonly shutting off(not overheating)

    I have an HP 15 ab584tx. It was working totally fine until last week. Now, it doesn’t turn on for more than a couple of minutes, sometimes less than a minute. It turns on and then, immediately turns off fully. All components turn off, even the power input port light goes off for a second, before...
  3. stealthgh0st

    Question How much RPM should my fans have and what is wrong with it?

    My laptop is HP Pavilion - 15-cc502ne I bought it in 2017. After a year and a half, my 2 TB harddisk burned, which I understood something was wrong with it but didn't know much what happened. Then after a few weeks battery was swollen too I told maybe because I used that semi burned harddisk...
  4. Matiyo

    Question Laptop freeze after startup and stuck with not blinking dash on the corner

    When I turn on my laptop (HP Pavilion 15-ac130nu) it freezes and stuck with a non-blinking dash. At some point, it gives you to access the BIOS and I have tried to perform windows reinstall, however, when I try to order the bootable device correctly and Save and Exit the BIOS it freezes for a...