Solved! (HELP) I have a laptop but the memory is always clocked at 80-95%

Aug 30, 2020
Memory stays at 80-95% even with just a browser and a few pages running on. I have already uninstalled antivirus apps to allow only the default antivirus to run, but it only freed up a little bit of space and generally stays at 80-90% still. I really need this to go down more.

ASUS Vivobook X509FJ
Maximum memory: 20GB
*Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory.
Slots: 1 (1 bank of 1)
Standard memory: 4GB non-removable
Drive form factor: 2.5inch and M.2
Drive Interface: SATA/PCIe
SATA version: SATA 3 - 6Gb/s
Chipset: Intel Series 300
Win10 had a problem like this several updates back. Make sure you have installed all the latest Windows updates. Next step would be to try a clean reinstall.