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  1. Karl Alexander

    Solved! (HELP) I have a laptop but the memory is always clocked at 80-95%

    Memory stays at 80-95% even with just a browser and a few pages running on. I have already uninstalled antivirus apps to allow only the default antivirus to run, but it only freed up a little bit of space and generally stays at 80-90% still. I really need this to go down more. Details: ASUS...
  2. T

    Girlfriend tried new dual channel ram in single ram Asus X551MA. Full crash, need help!!

    So, while I was out of town for a motocross race i was set to compete in, my fiance decided to be a "nerd" and upgrade my laptop's ram. From what I was told, she replaced the ram with the new one, which was a dual-channel, and it originally had a single channel. It charged okay and all was well...