Question Urgent Laptop Fan help needed

Sep 25, 2021
Hello everyone

I have a Razer Blade 15 (2019 base) and it has been working great for around the year I’ve had it. Suddenly today during a gaming session, the fan started making this extremely loud grinding and rattling sound.

I opened up my laptop, used compressed air and got all the dust and gunk out. It still carried on making the noise. The fan is clear of any debris. Nothing is stuck down there.

I have to go to school with this thing on Monday, so any urgent advise would be appreciated.
It sounds like you need to replace the fan. When you say you used compressed air, do you mean from a duster can? Also be aware that you can ruin a fan by blowing air through it as if can be spun too fast this way and damaged. Don't ever use air from an air compressor.