Solved! Broken laptop fan

Dec 7, 2020
My laptop fan was making grinding noises, so I opened up my laptop and tried clearing the dust. Still grinding. So I opened it up again and took the fan out. I tried releasing the fan from its frame but a small chunk of the fan broke off in doing so (yes I know very dumb). About 1/12 of the fan broke off, the rest still intact. There is no more grinding sound, but I was wondering if it is still safe to use, and even so for gaming, as it is a gaming laptop. I think I would be able to replace the fan which seems to be in the range of £10-£30, as I'd rather not spend £60+ at pc world to get it repaired.
check the temperature while gaming with it

it´s still safe, because it would throttle if the parts are getting too hot. If it´s getting too hot, get a cooling pad or replace the broken fan