Question left, right and bottom arrow keys not working

Aug 5, 2019
so, this morning I was going through my morning and look through my emails and all of a sudden, I tried to use my arrow keys, the upper key is fine and the rest of my keyboard is fine, but not the right, left and down arrow keys.

please help me, this laptop is for my school and I desperately need it fixed ASAP
First make sure that you don't have anything stuck in the keyboard. Dirt, dust, debris, that could be hindering those keys.

Then try this...

  1. Uninstall the keyboard driver.
  2. Reboot the computer (without reinstalling the driver).
  3. When it restarts, it should reinstall the driver on its own.
If this doesn't work, you may wish to try connecting/reconnecting an external keyboard and see if it works fine. If it does, then it could be the keys themselves that are the issue.

Additionally, if your device uses one, you may want to try updating the Synaptics Driver if the above doesn't help.

You may also want to check the device for malware, viruses, etc., which can interfere with normal operation.
Aug 4, 2019
To make it sure its not a hardware fault, try to see if the keys are working on BIOS screen or not, if not, your keyboard is faulty, if it does. Try everything that webworkings said.
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