Solved! Laptop to monitor graphics bad not sure what's wrong please help.

Aug 5, 2021
I dropped my laptop several times (using it on my bed) so the hdmi port is broken. I purchased a vga to hdmi adapter and it works on a new 21.5 inch Acer monitor that I purchased today, the only problem is even though my laptop is not 1080p the monitor is somehow working at 1080p but the games movement inside the game jumps compared to just using the laptop screen. I'm wondering what the problem is, is it my graphics card (intel hd graphics 3000), is it the monitor (acer sb220q bi 21.5 inches), or is it the vga to hdmi adapter that i'm using ( fionnex vga to hdmi adapter/converter cable, 1080p). Why do the graphics motion suck and is there anything i can do to fix this? (playing on my laptop with second screen only (monitor) enabled).

edit: wow , the prong was split in half and gnarly and it still worked! (hdmi plug), so stoked. problem solved.
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I wonder if you wouldn't be better off with a USB-HDMI adapter. Assuming you have a USB-3 port, this should be a faster interface. Maybe that will help.