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    Question Desktop VGA D-sub video out and new LG monitor

    Hello, I run an IBM System X Server as my Desktop computer with a VGA D-sub video output. I have run CRT monitors and more recently, 18-inch LCD 4:3 and widescreen monitors. All received the VGA cable and operated at the proper aspect ratio and high-resolution. Now I have an LG 27-inch...
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    Question Home Theatre recognizes Laptop but not PC

    Hi Experts, I am facing a unique issue in connecting my desktop to home theatre via hdmi. Even after a lot of self reading and experiments I have not been able to resolve it. Hence your advice is needed to resolve this issue. Following devices are involved in this process Customized Desktop...
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    New desktop specifications

    Hey guys I need to get some opinions on a desktop im thinking of buying (im on a really low budget) the link is below. Mainly want to know how well the graphics card will run minecraft or other games like it. Thanks I would also like to know about the monitor im thinking of buying don't really...