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  1. Q

    Question Sony Vegas Pro 18 sometimes adds lag to imported clips... even laggy when rendered on high settings

    Hi all, Sony vegas has done this a few times now but when I import perfectly fine high quality video game footage, the odd one out will be laggy on the preview screen (max preview settings, other clips are perfectly fine in preview), and even when I render that clip, it comes out laggy. It...
  2. Mikisaya

    Question Laptop lag spikes when playing on emulators

    Windows 10 HP Laptop 15-da0xxx processor i5-8250U CPU @1.60GHz BIOS Insyde F,35 9/12/2020 basically every 10 minutes I get weird lag spikes when playing games on DS or 3DS emulators. They worked just fine few months back without any lag, I have no idea when or why exactly did the problem start...
  3. frostin71

    Solved! Laggy Virus

    So, I was downloading some files like normal. And my pc started slowing down alot! I looked in task manager and there was 39 processes of something called " Histironic " and " Playoffs " I know where they are located. Its located in a hidden folder named " Sazuki " in Program Files x86. Ive...
  4. M

    Solved! Coolpad E502 Freeze problems and restart

    Phone: Coolpad E502 Problem: Phone starts to lag,then freeze and after 1min or 2, restart. Problem happen randomly,sometimes when use chrome to browse,sometimes when gaming,mostly when try to update apps on google play specific Google and his app Anyone had same problem?Any solution?
  5. N

    Solved! Asus FX705 trackpad lagging. Badly.

    The laptop is brand new (6 weeks old) and the issue only just started a week ago roughly. I think it may have been after a windows 10 update. Basically the trackpad becomes entirely unresponsive for maybe 10-30 seconds. After that the cursor will quickly perform all the movements from when it...
  6. M

    Phone that ages best

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to retire my iPhone 6 and pick up a new smartphone this fall. I want your advice on which phone will age the best. Although I'm pretty happily engulfed in the Apple "ecosystem", I'm not thrilled about iPhones. My 6 has slowed down and become glitchy. Some quick...
  7. W

    Solved! lag spikes/FPS drops

    My Laptop battery was dead so I removed it and since then I'm getting massive lag spikes during online games ONLY, other regular games are working fine my "GPU drivers are updated, no heating issues, no resource issues, no network issues"?
  8. S

    Question Laptop keeps crackling and sound popping/freezing

    Every time I watch something or listen to something, the audio always does this: View: My laptop freezes and the audio keeps popping. I've been trying to fix it for a while but I've had no luck. Does anyone know why?
  9. B

    Question Really bad Laptop performance

    I'm gonna have to go in a bit of detail here so please hang on: I have a 2 years old Acer E5-572G 525V. The laptop was quite a bang for the buck in my limited budget and actually performed better than I expected it to. Everything was good... Then around 4 months back I decided to add another 8...
  10. H

    touch pad lagging Lenovo Z50-70

    It's been few days that Whenever I use my Lenovo Z50-70 while plugged in charging my touchpad starts lagging and causes delays to my work...? kindly suggest if I should check for any hardware issue or internal settings. recently I did a new windows 10 to it and couldn't find the right drivers...
  11. T

    Laptop getting freeze and delayed response - Dell Inspiron 3567

    I have Dell Inspiron 3567 laptop. From the first day it's lagging problem is there it's getting freeze sometime and while working on chrome that time it's memory usage is getting very high!! don't know why so I'm using firefox and opera currently and also while opening any file or any type of...
  12. W

    Solved! Extreme Lag With Gaming Laptop After Motherboard Change

    Hi, I’m sorry in advance for this very long explanation, but its needed to help you understand/approach my question. I bought an Asus gaming laptop in December 2017 (Asus GL503VM). It had sound issues from the moment I bought it, so when I had the chance, I took it to the Asus Service Center...
  13. R

    Game lagging then short freeze then amazingly smooth gameplay

    When i'm playing fast paced games like cs:go and just cause 4 for some reason my pc would randomly perform really bad, (20-40 fps) then after a few seconds (or in rare cases minutes) my pc would freeze and sound would freeze too and after that short freeze (of 2-6 seconds) my pc would run games...
  14. N

    Is there any way to remove lagging on pubg mobile on 2 GB ram device.

    Is there any way to remove lagging on pubg mobile on 2 GB ram device. My device is Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015). I have tried everything like in developers option, hibernating, using ram boosting apps. It reduces lagging a little but it still lags. I only have not tried rooting my device yet. Will...
  15. S

    Discord stuttering and lagging with relatively high cpu usage

    So im having this very annoying issue where discord uses 30-40% of my cpu (an i5 8400) and whenever i turn hardware acceleration on i get 20-30% gpu (1060 3gb) usage and games lag and stutter, and discord is almost impossible to navigate without hardware acceleration, could anyone help me with...
  16. P

    Problem while recording gameplay

    I haveadell inspiron 5577, and all my efforts to record my screen have went into vain. Please I need a solution to record my screen while gameplay because the game(pubg mobile on the tencent gaming buddy) and the recording both become choppy while gameplay.( I have tried screen cast to record on...
  17. A

    Solved! Video lag on Netflix and Youtube

    A few weeks ago I started having this weird problem on my Windows 10 laptop: when playing a series on Netflix, the video always freezes for a few seconds but the sound keeps playing, and then after some time the video just skips a few seconds, catching up with the audio again. The longer I watch...
  18. D

    My laptop is lag than network is gone

    When I play internet sometime my laptop is lag and my net is gone If I restart my laptop network driver and wifi will gone too and my net be red. I update all driver but it doesn't help I install new window and it doesn't help too how I fix it help me pls I be like this for a year (sorry with my...
  19. L

    Audio lag when using Gpu's HDMI

    Hey all, Strange problem I've been having. I have a small stereo setup in my room that follows this: PC (Gpu HDMI out) --> Receiver (Yamaha RX-V573) --> Monitor (HDMI to DVI cable) + Receiver --> Speakers (Decent speaker cable) When doing this setup, everything works video and audio wise...
  20. A

    Solved! Laptop poor performance while plugged in

    Hi, I searched whole day for solution, but nothing seem to fix the problem. I get low fps on games while I plug the charger to my laptop ... I used to have this problem, but I fixed it somehow by discharging the battery completely. Few days ago I updated both Nvidia and Intel drivers and...
  21. E

    Solved! Laptop starts lagging when charging at low battery

    When my laptop runs low on battery when I'm playing LoL, it experiences serious frame drops when I begin charging it. I think it's using the integrated graphics instead of dedicated graphics when I'm playing . Please!! Thanks :) Laptop is an Acer Aspire E5-576G-56E7.
  22. Y

    Solved! PC crashed from lag and wont turn on

    So I was playing fortnite with my friends and I wanted to test how laggy it could be. Well I made it so laggy that my PC just shut off and now it wont turn back on. Did I break it?
  23. C

    Solved! Broken battery or no battery = lag spikes?

    Hi everybody! I have my Asus ROG G771JW for like 3 years, my battery is broken (it lasts 5 minutes, but no error shown like "please change the battery"). I have lag spikes in every game, is it because of my broken battery? Also if I remove the battery and play only plugged in to AC is lagging...
  24. L

    Solved! VAIO flip 15. High Specs but games are very slow and keeps lagging.

    I have a laptop with high specs including 12GB Ram, i7-4500U CPU @1.8GHz and SSD as well as a NVidia GT735M. But I cannot run any game properly. It keeps lagging between the game. What should I do?
  25. D

    Gaming Laptop is Lagging Hard, please help ....

    I have acer nitro 5 spec : intel i5 7300 hq 2.5 ghz 8 gb ram nvidia 1050 4gb win 10 64 bit last week i can play dark souls 3 60 fps no problem but now the laptop cant even play skyrim at high what happened ? i dont know i panicked and format the laptop but the problem still persist please...
  26. H

    Why does Fortnite on lowest settings still heavily lag?

    I play on my laptop with i5-8250u cpu geforce 940mx gpu 4gb ram I turn down all the settings and even the resolution, still Fortnite keeps getting fps drops.
  27. N

    Msi gf63 8rc lagging when playing plugged in

    Hello everyone, I just got an MSI gf63 8rc, brand new, and whenever I try to play any game while the laptop is plugged in the game goes with high ping or don't even start. I tried everything, power settings, updating windows, all drivers, reseting the laptop. The thing is, I bought the laptop 2...
  28. K

    Laptop is lagging and flikring

    My new acer aspire A515-51G is laggging and hangs up so much cursor is somtime not responding and even not installed so many or app plz help me out.
  29. S

    Pubg mobile lagging on my emulator tencent gaming buddy

    Hello, everyone, I am playing pubg mobile on my pc using Tencent gaming buddy for the past two months as my smartphone [Xiaomi Redmi 5A 2GB] can't handle the graphics. MY PC SPECS INTEL I3-4160 3.60HHZ 4TH GEN DUAL CORE 6GB RAM DDR3 NVIDIA GT 710 2GB OVERCLOCKED 2TB TOSHIBA SDD WINDOWS 10 64...
  30. A

    4k movie lag

    Hello, I connected my PC to my UHD TV to watch some 4k movies. My PC specs - i5 3570, MSI GTX 970 4GB, 16GB RAM My TV - 50" UHD Smart TV ue50ku6072u I connected them vie HDMI (the TV doesn't have DP port). And when I start some movie (I'm using 5kplayer) the movie starts, but it laggs...
  31. W

    Solved! Constant FPS Drops from ASUS Gaming Laptop

    I have an ASUSFX503VM gaming laptop, which has really good specs and should be able to run just about anything. I think it has a GTX 1070, it definately has 4 cores, 8 processors and 16gigs of ram. Its build to play any modern game flawlessly, but I can't even run fallout 4, dark souls 3, no...
  32. D

    Pc speakers and TV audio lag.

    I just connected via hdmi my tv to my pc and i have some lag!!!!wtf man?!?!Game over man game over!!!What can i do?
  33. J

    Solved! Fps drop and lagging issue with aspire e14

    Please help me with my aspire e14 always lagging and fps drop in game i already restore my laptop into factory for many times but after 7 days the fps drop and lagging will strike again. Its been 8months with this problem.
  34. S

    Dell inspiron 5575 amd ryzen 3 lagging

    i bought a dell inspiron 5575 ( ryzen 3 2200u with vega 3 gpu) two days ago and it came with windows 10 home pre installed but it is slow and lagging and takes a lot of time to load application. please help as to what i should do, it is not performing like a new laptop should. i updated the...
  35. R

    Online video's (YouTube, streams) start lagging after a few minutes

    Hi I have a GTX 1060 6GB and when I watch a YouTube video or online stream on a forum or such, after 5-10 minutes of watching the video starts lagging and my gpu usage goes to 90-100%. The fix for this problem is moving my cursor, and then it shoots back to 14%. Is there any solution to fix this...
  36. J

    Chrome Bogging Down Laptop On Tab Load

    Hello, I just received a new laptop from work. It is a decent little laptop: Memory: DDR 4 - 16gb CPU: Core i7 7660U SSD: 500gb Vid: Intel Iris Plus 640 I had 2 laptops prior to this one. Both were lesser in hardware. The first laptop I had was great. Lenovo T450s. It worked flawlessly...
  37. I

    Razer Blade Pro 2015 lagging on all games

    I tried clean installing my drivers for cpu and gpu. After monitoring clock speed on Afterburner I noticed it went from performing at around 100fps at ~1000mhz to 10-30fps at 135hz on the nose. I thought maybe it was throttling but it was sitting at a cool 59-60 degrees. Not sure what to do at...
  38. J

    My acer laptop is stuck on the restart logo can you pls help me?

    I restart my laptop beacause its lagging then its stuck on the restart and its taking time to restart it doesnt even have numbers on it its just the loop please help me
  39. P

    My computer is lagging on games but he shouldn't

    Hello, so i've been having my Asus PC for about 9 months now, I bought it to play Monster Hunter: World and other games like War Thunder or Skyrim. I could play at at least 45-60 FPS on War Thunder when I got it, with High graphic settings with no problem. My GPU and CPU temperatures were not...
  40. N

    Laptop troubles while charger is in

    My G3 dell 2018 17 inch laptop has problems with the keyboard whenever I have the charger plugged into it. It seems to lag and barley be able to type but once I unplug the charger the laptop works perfectly fine with no lag no problems. The computer has a 8750 i7 16 ram and 1060 graphics card
  41. I

    Mouse Lag / Freezing

    I recently got a problem where my mouse keeps freezing/lagging randomly... 3 days ago I moved my PC to a different room. Before moving it, I had no problems, everything was perfect... but after moving it and plugging everything back in, My cursor started to lag/freeze... I have tried many...
  42. D

    Serious Galaxy s7 Lag

    Is anyone else experiencing serious lag when using Google for the past week??
  43. K

    Solved! Ultimate laptop lag!!!

    I have a problem with my laptop , it’s a intel 2duo 2.2ghz 4 gig of ram windows 10. When I start it up it takes about 30 min or more to reach a update configuration screen then another 1 hour to reach the actual windows hub but takes another 1 hour to load it completely and response time to...
  44. B

    Game is not smooth on Brand new Laptop

    Hello everyone! I have recently bought a new laptop - Acer Predator Helios 300 - GTX 1060 6gb - i5 7200HQ -8 RAM - 128SSD + 1 TB HDD When i play CS:GO for example i get about 250 fps but my game feels really laggy and not smooth at all! And it happens in every game i play. I tried watching...
  45. B

    My hp laptop sucks when i get on phantom forces.i can't even get kills.I litterally teleport across the map and get killed.

    My hp laptop has the worst fps each time I'm in phantom forces on roblox.My laptop gives me no fps when I'm on that game;usaully getting like 10 frames per second and I cant stand it and it takes an hour to load in.My game has lag spikes and I cant really do anything about it I reset my pc...
  46. C

    can't play it's lagging

    I have gtx 1050ti 4gb graphic card and 4gb memory.but can't play it's lagging.why ??
  47. R

    MSI GL62 6QF lag spikes in games with charger plugged in

    Hello guys! I've been trying to solve this problem for atleast a year now, tried everything so far, GPU drivers, BIOS updates, everything i've come across online with others that have a similar problem. My laptop is an MSI GL62 6QF, i cant remember if this problem has been around since i...
  48. V

    Lenovo Vibe lagging and most apps using internet stopped working

    Hi, I've had Lenovo Vibe (P1ma40) for more than 2 years, the screen is bit cracked but otherwise it's in a good condition. Yesterday it suddenly started lagging - basically it lags every few seconds and after a second or two it starts working again. At the same time most of the apps using...
  49. K

    ASUS laptop game stuttering

    Hey, uhhhhh I have a problem recently it started like 4 months ago. I'm using a ASUS laptop my graphics card is 920m and I'm getting this freaking annoying stuttering when I'm playing online games like CSGO and Insurgency. And I recently just changed my laptop's RAM into 12 GB and its still like...
  50. N

    new laptop lagging

    just bought a new laptop today and lag when open application even open google also lag msi-gl62m-7rdx-2605my 4gb ddr4 and just hdd
  51. R

    CPU Speed drops from ~2.40GHz to ~ 0.5-0.8GHz randomly while gaming.

    So, I've been noticing huge frame drops in games recently. I decided to check task manager's performance tab, to see if something is happening, and what I saw is my CPU's speed going from ~2.40GHz to as low as ~0.5GHz, which causes huge fps drops in games. My laptop specs: I5-4200U CPU 4GB...
  52. K

    Laptop Monitor Lag

    I have the acer aspire e15 laptop and I have it connected to a new monitor. The problem I experience severe lag when I try to play games. The monitor is 1920x1080 and 60hz. When I play fortnite without the monitor I get steady frames. But when I play with the monitor I get 20-30 frames. I find...
  53. G

    Games lagging in good spec laptop

    I have a dell Inspiron 15 7650 whose specs are: CPU: Intel Core i7 7500U RAM: 8GB Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 940MX I know that the laptop doesn't have the best specs for gaming but it is not able to run any game properly. I play fortnite and at the start I get around 45 FPS but after a few...
  54. S

    my new laptop suddenly became laggy

    hi... i just bought acer e5-476g, at first time i use it everything runs normal... when im playing games i always get 70-80fps at max setting... but after 3 days... suddenly everything became laggy... i only get 30-40 fps but its laggy like 15fps... i didnt change anything.. and sometimes i get...
  55. F

    Computer keeps lagging

    Okey so I downloaded recently a game and after I downloaded it the next time I opened the computer it started lagging after some minutes.i couldn’t do anything so I pressed the start button to close and open again.the same thing happened.then I tried to remove some apps to clear up some space...
  56. S

    I have dell 3000 15 series I want to that can I I play fortnite in that does it lag

    I want to know that can play fortnite in my dell 3000 15 series
  57. J

    Cant fix fps no matter what i do

    Hello i need some help with my Acer laptop (Acer aspire V3-772G) These are my specs [Intel core i7] 2.20ghz 8-Ram 64-bit Geforce 750m. I want to play the game fortnite i should be able to run it decent but sadly i cant please help in anway thanks <3
  58. L

    Lagging recorded videos

    Every video that I record lags. Not on my end but to everyone I send it to or if I try to post it. Please help Why does it lag? And can it be fixed?
  59. C

    Solved! Unity (any verson) Lagging and slow

    Hey, guys, I have a new pc and it's not potato but it's not god tier. I can play most of my games on high/ultra with 60+ fps. I am also a game developer! I use the unity platform because that is what I am comfortable using. On my lower spec laptop is running unity just fine! Unity keeps lagging...
  60. C

    GT1030 4K lagging

    Recently bought a GT1030 after reading a bit about it, mainly the parts that say the card can handle 4k and HDR just fine. I decided to use it in my old PC that I no longer use and build a HTPC. Just got it last week and so far I haven't been able to use it without some moderate lagging when...