Sep 6, 2018
I just received a new laptop from work. It is a decent little laptop:

Memory: DDR 4 - 16gb
CPU: Core i7 7660U
SSD: 500gb
Vid: Intel Iris Plus 640

I had 2 laptops prior to this one. Both were lesser in hardware. The first laptop I had was great. Lenovo T450s. It worked flawlessly without issue. The second laptop (Lenovo T450) was better than the Lenovo T450s as it had more RAM, but was mostly the same. On the T450s I had literally 0 issues with loading my Chrome tabs/pages. No lag at all ever. The T450 had the issue I am reporting here.
I complained and got a new laptop; Dell XPS 13 9360. This laptop is pretty cool and packs a lot into a small package.

The issue is the same as the T450. I have experienced the issue before these laptops also. It seems to be hit or miss.

I ALWAYS have:
3 Chrome windows
18 pinned tabs
Multiple tabs running

I do have A LOT of tabs/windows open. I understand this can be pretty intensive for a computer, but considering I have been able to run them without issue in the past on lesser laptops it should not be an issue for this one.

I have searched the web for fixes, but all of them appear to be the same info; close tabs/windows, use less, disable Hardware Acceleration, clear cache, reset Chrome, start a new profile, do a virus scan, disable/delete extensions.

I have tried disabling hardware acceleration
I have cleared my cache
I have deleted some extensions
I have disabled ALL extensions except Onetab (so not to lose any of my saved tabs)
I have ran a virus scanner (work laptop does it daily anyhow)
I have updated all outstanding drivers
I have updated the BIOS
I have reviewed the BIOS for items that may assist here
I have tried with only one window

If I open ONE new tab, my laptop will lag momentarily. If I open my window with the pinned tabs the laptop lags until all tabs are loaded. Same goes for other Chrome windows with multiple tabs. I don't think this is a hardware issue at all. My personal computer has no issue and doesn't have the specs this laptop does (minus the video card).

When I say lag I mean that my mouse skips across the screen instead of moving across it fluidly as it should. If I am moving a program during this time the program image will still be on another screen as I have the mouse on the next screen.

This also happens when I try to move tabs from one window to another.

Does anyone know of a sure fix for this issue? It's quite frustrating and so far I am chalking it up to Windows 10 sucking, and Chrome being a total resource hog.

I've had far more issues with Windows 10 than any other OS. I know people love it, but I am still torn on it. Chrome was amazing when it came out, now it sucks up more RAM than the world can offer for just one window.

Any suggestions or ideas for troubleshooting or fixing this would be greatly appreciated

Two laptops to date and now on #3 - correct?


"I do have A LOT of tabs/windows open. I understand this can be pretty intensive for a computer, but considering I have been able to run them without issue in the past on lesser laptops it should not be an issue for this one."

There are always trade-offs to be made. Even if lesser laptops worked things have changed.

More time, effort, configuration, etc. are being dedicated to security, privacy, and on-line activities/services for updates.

There is a limit on what the laptop/CPU can do.

You obviously have some well defined work requirements and habits. No issue with that.

However, to really narrow down the issue/problem: try reducing your "ALWAYS".

Not as a permanent solution per se but just as a matter of finding the break point.

Breakpoint being where the configuration begins "bogging".

Start low meaning no bog. Then work upwards towards your "ALWAYS". Find the breakpoint (or what I consider the threshold) where bogging starts.

Mix and match your requirements as you go....

Very much agree that your laptop should be a tool that works as you need.

Unfortunately, at some point something has to give. Especially if the laptop is provided by work. Your IT folks can only do so much and can only work with what they have been given to work with and within the rules.

Sep 6, 2018

I have tested it with only 1 window open and it's still just as bad. I don't think it's a hardware issue. It seems to be software based.
The 3 laptops I have had were all in 2018, actually I have had all 3 within the last 3-4 months. I agree that things change, but I doubt there was such a change that was so drastic to bog down a top spec laptop.

I will continue to troubleshoot.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will try again reducing the number of windows/tabs and confirm it doesn't make a difference.