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    Solved! Using the wrong charger

    I have a Samsung series 9 laptop from 2013 which I have lost the charger for. The input is 19v, 2.1A (40W). I also have a Dell XPS charger with the output: 19.5V, max. 2.31v (45W) Would it damage my laptop if I use this one until my new charger arrives? Thanks!
  2. J

    Laptop (dell XPS 9570) only boots after a break.

    After a clean install from USB my laptop only boots after i didn't touch it for like 10 minutes. It also does not restart. Just a black screen with no backlit and no fan noise. Then i wait (AC power in or out makes no difference) for about 10 minutes and it works like nothing happened. Problem...
  3. F

    Solved! Looking for Oculus compatible thunderbolt 3 or usb c hub

    Hello, I'm considering getting a dell xps 15 9575 2in1 for work purposes and VR gaming on the side. This is intended to be my secondary gaming machine but there's one problem. There are only 2 thunderbolt ports and 2 usb c ports. I've tried looking for a solution to this question but I wasn't...
  4. V

    Laptop (XPS 15 9570) display has low response rate and causing eye strain

    I recently purchased a Dell XPS 15 9570 with the FHD (1080p) display. This screen seems to have a very low response time. Doing any sort of scrolling leaves a very noticeable ghosting (blurry) effect. It's annoying and I'll be okay with it, except I have been getting serious eye strains using...
  5. Swinginking

    Solved! Is this Dell XPS worth? Or should I return it.

    HI, I've picked up this refurbished Dell XPS 13 9343 for £650 + 2 Year warranty, but I am not sure if I have snagged a good deal, or if I could possible return for something better for my money as its a bit old? For a refurbished unit, its in pretty good nick too. Main reason I have gotten...
  6. C

    Solved! Dell XPS 15 with i7-7700HQ Fixed down clock to 0.78Ghz

    I have a Dell XPS 15 9560 i7-7700HQ, lake processor GTX1050 and 16GB of RAM. I have it rased up off the table to help with cooling as I know this can be a problem. When I am gaming the temps get to about 75 Celsius but sometimes randomly the CPU will down clock to 0.78Ghz and keep it fixed...
  7. A

    Solved! 2018 Best Laptop to buy?

    Hey, So im starting my 4year Engineering degree and will need a new laptop, Im willing to invest in one that will last the span of my degree. Im thinking the HP Spectre x360 15.6inch, or the Dell XPS 15 9560 or a Surface Book. I would be looking for 16gb ram and at least 256gb ssd with an i7...
  8. D

    Dell XPS 15Z Doesn't Always Turn On When I Click The Power Button

    I have this Dell XPS 15Z laptop that doesn't always come up when I click the power button, no matter how hard or soft I press it, it just comes up in its own time. Sometimes it comes up once other times, I just keep pressing and pressing then it comes up + the laptop is out of warranty. Any...
  9. X

    AfterShock APEX 15R vs Dell XPS 15

    Hi, Which one do you recommend? Aftershock: Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Processor (Six Core 8th Gen) NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 15.6 Inch 144hz FHD IPS / AHVA wide colour gamut display (1920x1080) Thermal Grizzly KRYONAUT 8GB DDR4 2666mhz (8GB x 1) Blue Tactile Mechanical Switches (Clicky...
  10. S

    Game panel on my dell xps m1730 not working

    How do I get the game panel led thingie to work on my dell xps m1730 laptop. It’s currently blank. Note I’m running Windows 7 pro 64bit.
  11. C

    Solved! Want to replace my dell XPS L1702 17"

    I have a 6 or 7-year-old Dell XPS L1702 17" Has the JBL sub in it. It is getting pretty old now. Here is what's in it. (see below for configuration) would like to have the same size screen. I am approaching 60 & my vision isn't what it used to be. I would like to have an i7 8th gen CPU. A 1070...
  12. A

    Dell xps 15 9550 help and advice

    Im trying my luck here again. I have a laptop dell xps 15 9550. It comes with 256gb ssd. Im looking to expand my storage but i have no idea which type of SSD fits this laptop and what is the biggest amount i can expand it to. Please help me out.
  13. M

    Solved! Dell XPs 9550 no power, no led

    Hi Guys, To my horror I tried to use my xps 15 today only to discover it was completely dead. I had tried to charge it through usbc for the first time before turning it on which may or may not be related I have tried: pressing the power button (obviously lol). With and without AC adapter LED...
  14. A

    Solved! dell xps 15 9550 battery issue

    i have a swollen battery issue and dell refuse to provide me with support. so i have to buy a new battery. i went on ebay to search for a battery and i dont really know how to look. how do i find out which battery i need? for example...
  15. Sandraos

    Solved! Choosing laptop for video editing (Dell XPS 15 9570?)

    Hi everyone, I am deciding on buying a new laptop for my video editing work. I mostly work with 1080 and 4K videos (could be proxies) and often have Premiere, After Effects and sometimes Photoshop all open at the same time. The most important part for me is to be able to watch the videos in...
  16. S

    Dell XPS 15 9570

    Do you have any experience working in adobe programs (video, photo editing) with this laptop (dell xps 15 9570)? Is overheating really an issue? Would you recommend a 4K display? Thank you :)
  17. G

    Solved! DELL XPS 1330 Random Shutdowns

    I recently inherited an old Dell XPS 1330. I know it is old... but it is in great shape. It originally had Windows Vista on it. I do not know if this current problem existed when it was running Vista. I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro. It is an OEM version, I own and it is...
  18. S

    Solved! upgrade or replace?

    I have a 7 (?) year old dell xps 15 L502x, 6GB RAM,i5-2430M 2 core cpu, 2.4 GHz. It is running slow when I have many (~30) tabs open. I wanted to wait until Intel had fixed meltdown and spectre in hardware before buying a new machine but not much is out with fixes yet. Should I upgrade my PC to...
  19. F

    Solved! Dell XPS L502x Laptop stuck on Dell logo on startup

    My Dell laptop has developed a problem where it refuses to go past the Dell logo as shown here. It just hangs on this screen until the power switch is pressed to turn it off. I’ve tried the following to try and fix this: ■ Taking the power cable and battery out, then holding the power button...
  20. C

    Choosing a Laptop for Statistics/Data Science

    I am a new graduate student in statistics, and I am looking to buy a laptop that will allow me to handle moderate statistical workloads. At this point, I have narrowed my choice down to two laptops: a Dell XPS 15 or a Dell Precision 7530. I have two main questions about these machines. First...
  21. M

    Dell XPS 1530M

    Is it possible to install in a laptop Dell XPS M1530 processor Intel core 2 extreme 9300QX? Will the BIOS support it?
  22. M

    mSata in Dell XPS 1530M

    Can I use msata SSD in a laptop Dell Xps m 1530?
  23. S

    Solved! Dell XPS L501X

    Hello, Greetings, I have dell xps L501x i7, issue i am facing is usb 3.0 is not at all detecting pendrives, i have tried several of them but the other side port are completely working fine. But when i reboot it work for a moment then it get automatically disconnected. I am not able to figure...
  24. S

    Universal laptop charger for dell xps m1730 gaming laptop

    Will this charger Work with this laptop?? My dell xps m1530 charger...
  25. J

    Chrome Bogging Down Laptop On Tab Load

    Hello, I just received a new laptop from work. It is a decent little laptop: Memory: DDR 4 - 16gb CPU: Core i7 7660U SSD: 500gb Vid: Intel Iris Plus 640 I had 2 laptops prior to this one. Both were lesser in hardware. The first laptop I had was great. Lenovo T450s. It worked flawlessly...
  26. D

    Why is dell so bad?!

    MY iphone connects to all wifi networks fine but my dell xps is horrific. Oftentimes it says connected but no internet when I change networks Now I’m in a new location and connected to the wifi on my phone, but my dell xps cannot even see the network, let alone connect to it Any...
  27. S

    how to remove Dust Particles from Laptop LED panel?

    I have a problem with my Dell xps 15 9530 LED panel. white spots and dust particles are in side the panel. can you help? this kind of issue but with me LED panel of laptop. I have seen some videos of people removing white spots off there screens...
  28. S

    Laptop Only Detects Headphones When Restarted, and Audio Quality is Terrible

    Hello, I have a Dell XPS 15 9560. The problem originally was that there was a squealing kind of sound when headphones were plugged into the jack without sound playing. This problem developed into a serious sound quality issue where headphones would sound deep and severely distorted sometimes...
  29. T

    Looking for a notebook for graphic design, some video editing and gaming - budget 1200-1300 USD

    Hi, I'm looking for a solution to my 3 above mentioned 'needs'. Have checked Dell XPS 15 9560/9570 and Asus VivoBook Pro N580VD / M580VD. As for Dell, the 16 GB RAM notebooks might be too expensive and 8 GB might not be powerful enough. Asus had some good and bad reviews, and in the end, I'm...
  30. M

    Dell XPS 15 FHD 2018 screen quality?

    As the title.. Is it true that the DELL XPS 15 FHD new version from 2018 isn't as color accuracy as the older version? Some say it got 100% sRGP and like 62%... ? For me it doesn't look like the best screen out there more? What laptop has the best screen for you? And is there a lot of...
  31. J

    Dell xps, Asus or msi?

    Hi I need a laptop mainly for photo Edit, heavy Excel.. And Maybe 1 hr battlefield 1. I dont need the best graphic.. Ive been looking at Dell xps 15 9570 with i5 8300h 16 GB ram, 1050 4gb non ti.. (isnt it only ti that has 4 GB)? 1080p screen.. I guess Dell xps is the one with best screen...
  32. G

    Dell XPS M1530 Factory rest

    Ok so i got this computer and when i start it, after seeing the dell logo it brings me to a screen that says i need to enter the password to access the data. I dont need to do that. I just want to reset it but when I press F8 it still brings me to the part to enter the password screen. How do I...
  33. A

    Dell XPS or Predator 300

    I want to get a new laptop and I'm looking for a new laptop and I would like to know if the XPS or the Predator 300 would be worth it. I really want a 4k option and leaning close to the XPS but I also want dual hard drives which the XPS doesn't have. I might wait to see if they'll be an upgraded...
  34. J

    Dell XPS 15 9550 4 orange blinks and 1 white blink

    Hi there, Yesterday, my computer (had the computer for 1.5yrs) started acting quite strange. After the fan began to pick up even for a little bit, the laptop automatically shuts down (ie playing overwatch for 10 min). Then this pattern of blinking lights occurs (4 orange, 1 white), and the...
  35. R

    Dell XPS 15z (L511z) Discolored screen problem

    Hello, As the title says, its a fairly used old laptop that has been left 4 dead for 6+ years now. Specs: FHD screen i7 2620M 8GB Ram 64 bit Windows 7 GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT525M (Optimus) - Intel HD graphics Family Problem: Screen is discolored when booting the laptop using the normal laptop's...
  36. M

    What might have happened to my laptop screen?

    I have age old but still the beast laptop. Dell XPS L502x which I bought in 2011. Suddenly, its screen started flickering out of nowhere as you can seen in this video: It flickers for a moment and then remains stable for a moment and then repeats...
  37. D

    Get a GTX 10 series laptop now or wait until GTX 11 series?

    I am trying to get a gaming laptop and I realized that there are rumors of the GTX 11 series cards coming out in September. I'm wondering if I should get something like the Dell XPS 15, MSI GS65, or the Razerblade now or wait until something better comes out. I know that the GTX10 series has...
  38. M

    Thoughts on the Dell XPS 15 (new 2018 model)

    Hi Guys! So I'm going off to college, and was thinking about getting a new laptop. My first choice was the new MacBook Pro 15. Here are the specs: Display: 2880 x 1800 "Retina" Display Quad Core i7 processor (2.9 turbo boost to 3.9GHz) --> Kaby Lake 7th gen 16GB RAM (LPDDR3 i know its kinda...
  39. D

    Custom Dell Precision 5530 Laptop

    I have a 4 year old Dell XPS 15. I love it. I'm looking to upgrade to a loaded Dell Precision 5530 laptop. I want a perfect screen with maximum RAM and storage. I don't like the lack of a Dell perfect pixel guarantee. Is anyone aware of a firm that will build a custom 5530 for me. I'm willing to...
  40. S

    Asus Vivobook N705UD and Dell XPS 15

    I need a performance laptop for my buisness. (some gaming features too) I'm undecided between the two Asus Vivobook N705UD and Dell XPS 15.
  41. N

    Solved! [2-in-1] Lenovo Yoga 720 VS Dell XPS 15 (9575)

    Aside from generalist use, I'll be using this 2-in-1 for programming and development work, digital drawing and painting, and some occasional work in 3D software suites like Maya or Zbrush. Maybe with some light gaming, but it's not really an important consideration. Lenovo Yoga 720 [$1,127.99...
  42. R

    Laptop has become slow - Dell XPS 15

    Laptop config: i5@ 1.40Ghz | 6GB RAM | GeForce 525M My DELL XPS 15(l502x) laptop has become slow while browsing and watching movies. I did a reset but the slowness still exists. I then ran hardware diagnostic test and got an error code that stated the hard drive is faulty. I got no other error...
  43. H

    Why don't more laptops have good sound quality, my experience

    The best sounding laptops I've owned: #3 Alienware 15, 7-8 pounds! #2 Dell XPS 15, L502x (and L501x), 6-7 pounds #1 Dell XPS 14, L501x, 5 pounds, the best The XPS 14 I owned had a 1st generation i5 processor and JBL sound with just 2 speakers. These speakers sounded even better than the...
  44. B

    Dell XPS 15 9560 vs 9570 for uni student

    Hi guys, Since the 9570 is out with the 6-core i7 8750h and the 1050ti, the price difference between the two models ends up being about 200 dollars USD. The older configuration has i7 7700hq and the gtx 1050. I am an engineering student and I want to get a laptop for university assignments...
  45. E

    Boot time with 256 GB SSD

    What should be a typical boot (start-up) time for a Dell XPS 15 L521X laptop running Windows 10 with a i5 2.6 GHz processor, 16 GB memory and Samsung 256 GB SSD? Thank you
  46. K

    Dell XPS- No hard drive or file system recognized

    Hi, I have a dell XPS 15 9560 (only 1 month old). It was working just fine yesterday and when I turned it on today I was taken to the dell assistant screen where I was told "no hard drive is installed". I did some searching and found a thread explaining this can be fixed by going into BIOS...
  47. R

    DELL xps 8930 SPEAKER

    no audio from speaker using audio jack
  48. S

    Connect Dell XPS 15 to two monitors using (1) HDMI-HDMI and (2) USB Type-C to DP/HDMI cables

    Hi all! Want to connect my Dell XPS 15 to two Dell monitors. The Dell XPS 15 has: (1) USB Type-C port and (2) HDMI port (It also has two USB 3.0 ports, just to add) The two Dell monitors both have: (1) DP port, (2) mini-DP and (3) HDMI port My question is, can I connect my Dell XPS 15 to one...
  49. H

    Build my laptop help - fast $1200-$1500

    I am looking to build a laptop that is windows based and will be used for work. Most important software needing to run fast and not crash frequently are Excel w macros and up to 1,000 rows, and Adobe Creative Cloud used mostly for video and audio editing/rendering. I am returning my HP Omen and...
  50. G

    dell xps 9560 font scaling

    Hello, i just got an XPS 9560 and i am having strange font issues. for example visual studio: resolution: 3840x2160 Scale and Layout: 250% Any ideas how to fix this issue? not expecting this from a 3 euro dollar laptop.
  51. T

    DELL XPS L702x Boot and Power Issue..

    So here I have a Dell XPS L702x laptop, which has the following symptoms; 1. when plugged into wall, with battery, functions properly 2. when plugged into wall without a battery, does not start 3 .not plugged in wall, with battery, boots about 10 secs then powers off 4. plugged into wall...
  52. A

    Solved! Updating BIOS version

    I have had the motherboard replaced on my Dell XPS 15 laptop. After this I find that none of my USB ports are working and neither is my webcam. I have tried everything other than updating the BIOS. I went to the Dell website and when I searched for updates, I found 2. Do I install both or only...
  53. A

    issues after replacing motherboard

    I just replaced the motherboard on by Dell XPS 15 laptop. After this replacement, no other external hardware component works. No USB port works, the web cam does not work. I cannot even do a fresh windows install since the USB port does not work. Any pointers to why this is happening? Have...
  54. K

    Dell XPS 15` 4k opinions ?

    I am considering to buy the dell xps 15 with 512 ssd and the 4k screen i will use it for programming and not so much gaming some opinions about it ? and is it worth it to buying it ?
  55. S

    Is a 1TB Samsung 960 EVO M.2 PCI-E NVME SSD compatible to replace the current HDD in my Dell XPS 15 9560 Core i7-7700HQ?

    Hey! So I bought a Dell XPS 15 9560 Core i7-7700HQ 32GB 1TB (full specs here: I want to swap out the current 1TB HDD for a 1TB Samsung 960 EVO M.2 PCI-E NVME SSD, for...
  56. S

    Comparing two Dell XPS 15s: Integrated graphics vs GeForce GTX 960 - do I need the dedicated graphics card for my purposes?

    Hi All, I'm thinking of buying one of the two Dell XPS 15's: or The only real difference is the graphics card, as they...
  57. Q

    Solved! Laptop recommendations / advise: Dell XPS 15 (9560) VS Lenovo Yoga 720

    Any recommendations / advise between the: Dell XPS 15 (9560) - 15.6 Infinity Edge Touch Display, Core i7 – 7700HQ, 16GB DDR 4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 512 GB SSD Vs Lenovo Yoga 720 - 15.6” IPS Borderless Multitouch, Core i7 – 7700HQ, 16GB DDR 4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 512GB SSD...
  58. J

    Cursor won't move

    On this Dell XPS M1730 the cursor will not move . I'm stuck at the home page . HELP Please
  59. M

    My Dell XPS 15 9560 runs very hot

    When my laptop is idle and connected to AC, it runs at 60 degrees Celcius. Should I repaste my CPU or should I contact Dell support? When I play a game on this laptop it usually throttles after a while and my fps drops to 20 fps or something.
  60. C

    Dell XPS 15 to 144hz monitor?

    Has anyone else gotten their Dell XPS 15 or laptop similiar to be able to connect to a 144hz monitor? If so what cords did you use and what monitor? (Quick specs i7/gtx 1050/16gb ram) Been looking around the forums and seems like this is pretty uncommon but I want to do this with my machine.