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  1. K

    Cpu and Gpu at 80 degrees in laptop

    Hi guys, I have an ASUS FX553VD laptop. When gaming the temps reach upto 80 degrees on both cpu and gpu according rog gaming center software and realtemp software. Does this affect the longevity of my laptop? Should I buy a laptop cooler? Thank You
  2. R

    Logitech headset mic working well on my phone, but not on my laptop.

    Please help me, I know how to configure stuffs on my laptop's recording devices. Normally, it should automatically detect the headset and mic but not on this device. Laptop still uses the built-in microphone instead of the headset's mic; and when mic is turned to 'mute', the voice/sounds being...
  3. nascar895

    External keyboard is not working after resume from hibernate.

    I have recently converted my Legacy windows installation to UEFI since then my external keyboard is not working until i unplug it and reconnect if i hibernate my laptop. But my external mouse is working without any problem. Any fixes?
  4. M

    Solved! "Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration" error

    My better half’s Toshiba Portege Z935 was slowing down, and I figured I’d do some spring cleaning by means of a clean install of Windows 10. I’ve done this tons of times before and proceeded to create bootable media on a USB stick using Microsoft’s tool, booting from said stick, removing...
  5. B

    Solved! Could really use some help :(

    Ive got a dell all in 1 computer that ive had for 1 year. It was getting slow, so I decided to factory reset it lastnight. I clicked remove everything. The only popups I bothered with after clicking reset were "A configuration change was requested to remove this computers tpm" and I rejected...
  6. B

    AMD dedicated card is active?

    Hello guys, I have notebook Lenovo z50-75 with GPU AMD Radeon R7 + dedicated AMD Radeon R7 M260DX (with possible crossfire) But to the point, i started playing World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade again and im having only 30-60 fps on Medium settings, this game is from 2008 so im suspicious...
  7. L

    [Update] Upgrade RAM issue

    I want to update my laptop.I have a laptop with specs i3 processor + 4gb ram so i want to upgrade my ram into 8gb and tell me how to do it?
  8. R

    Dell Webcam Central

    I have a dell laptop. Its webcam software is replaced by "spca2082 pc camera". And now whenever I try to insall my dell webcam software its not working. And again that spca2082 software is also not working. Please help me
  9. N

    Looking for upgrade my laptop

    I have window vista laptop with core 2 processor & 1GB Ram. How can I upgrade my laptop & speed up its performance
  10. E

    Strange Laptop Issues

    I've been holding onto my old laptop for a very long time. It is a Sony Vaio VGN-NS110E (around 2008). Okay. When ever I stream videos (via Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo etc.), occasionally, the screen completely freezes and the audio slows to about 10% normal. The freeze usually lasts about 30...
  11. K

    Hello sir will please help me

    I have 35k amount, I need use full for editing configuration laptop .. will you please suggest me best laptop's
  12. T

    changing cpu on aspire 5749Z to Intel Core i5

    hey,, i have an acer aspire 5749z,CPU intel core B960 processor ...can i change it to core i5 processor ....(ugent reply plz) [Title edited for clarity - - - moderator]
  13. H

    3 Way VGA Splitting From Laptop

    Is it possible for a laptop to use 2 monitors, Using a VGA splitter and still have the laptop screen usable. E.G : Screen 1: YouTube, Screen 2: Social Media, Screen 3: Video Game.
  14. M

    Which laptop configuration should I choose?

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for some opinions on which laptop configuration I should use. I'm going to purchase an entry level Sager gaming laptop. It comes down to the Sager NP5855 or the Sager NP6852. Should I opt for the 6852 with a 1080p IPS display, fingerprint sensor, multicolor keyboard...
  15. P

    Acer Aspire E5-571 Configure Audio Jack ?

    Originally, whenever I plugged a 3.5mm audio jack into the socket, the system asked me if I wanted to use it for Input or Output. As I always used it for output, I eventually set it *always* for output. Now, I want to configure it / change it back to the way it was, so that it asks me each...
  16. F

    One key on my keyboard doesn't work properly

    Hello, One key on my swiss keyboard, this exactly : is detected but doesn't work correctly, because when I press on it, rather than printing the character "<" as usually, it is interpreted as the touch "Right CTRL" (which is not present on this keyboard) ... Please...
  17. B

    Is my laptop upgradeable in any way??? plz halp meh

    First off, YES, I know it's incredibly rare to have laptops that can have upgradeable GPU's. My particular laptop is an ASUS X555UJ. Basic specs are: Ram: 8GB GPU: GeForce 920m CPU: i7-6500U @ 2.50GHz At the time I didn't really know what I was buying and now I know this is not meant for...
  18. M

    Factory reset itself

    Could someone please give me step by step to fix my brand new hp laptop to get windows10back on it? I just bought it and microsoft expects me to pay 80 more was not even a month old. Please help
  19. C

    85w speakers 100w amp?

    I'm a bit worried now about the speaker and amp config I was planning to buy. I was planning on buying a pair of Klipsch R-15M speakers which are rated 85w continuous and an amp in a few weeks, but recently saw an Onkyo tx 8020 100w (50 wpc) stereo amp on sale for about $100 and dumbly bought...
  20. B

    Laptop Asus Problem

    My laptop asus had 8gb after 2 days it randomly changed to 4gb can u pls help me?
  21. L

    System file corrupted and recovery disk doesn't work

    I have a 4 year old Gateway NV56 laptop [running Windows 8]. The battery inside of it was burned out and wouldn't hold a charge for more than a few seconds, which caused the computer to shut itself off if it became unplugged. Yesterday it came unplugged while booting up and when I tried to...
  22. M

    Function Key Reversed

    My function keys are reversed to what they had been. I now have to press the "FN" key for e.g. the volume keys to work. I have searched the net for solutions and none have worked. I'm using Windows 10 on a Kira Ultrabook 13 i7
  23. Lycaone

    How do I activate the discrete GPU (in a laptop) ???

    Hey there, last year all my 5 uncles and aunts bought me a new laptop, unfortunately they didn't know I am in PC gaming, so the laptop came equiped with a crappy AMD Radeon R5 M330 2GB as a GPU. When I try to run some games, they shows me that the "GPU" that's in use are the HD Integrated...
  24. M

    Best cpu upgrade for laptop

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite L675-s7015, Its sorta old but still works nicely for pretty much any basic task. Im going to have to switch out the dying cpu fan soon aswell as solder in new audio jacks and usb ports so i thought it wouldnt hurt to see what sort of cpu upgrade i can find. So...
  25. M

    Should I buy Acer Aspire E5-572G?

    Hi Guys, Hope you all doing well. I am planning to purchase 'Acer Aspire E5-572G'. Specification given below. After lot of study, I have shortlisted this model considering the configuration. Price is $476 as of March 31, 2017. I will be doing my programming work, bit of gaming on weekends such...
  26. A

    Lenovo y5070 upgrades

    I have lenovo y5070 for a year now The problem I am having is when I play MMORPG like blade & soul in crowded area, the fps drop to 15 and in normal areas or alone it back to 60-90 I Lowe's the resolution to 720p graphic setting and allot of other option like nividia inspector and overclocking...
  27. C

    Upgrading laptop GPU?

    hey, so my laptop model is Asus K55VD, i just found out that i can upgrade my RAM but is it possible to upgrade my GPU(610M) to any newer GPU cards?
  28. A

    Intel hd 530graphics stuttering at 30fps

    Hi guys i own a laptop having intel hd graphics 530 integrated inti cpu ,the problem is i am getting 30+fps but it is very stuttery which makes games unplayablr and yeah i habe tried everythi g possible from changing drivers from whql to beta and manufaturer drivers and generic drivers and i...
  29. D

    Total Memory Slots on MSI GT62VR DOMINATOR PRO-239

    Hello all, I been seeing bios settings and some configuration settings with 4 memory slots on the msi. But when i watch the teardowns I only see 2 slots on the msi board. is there any other spot that has the memories. note: fixed the title :-p
  30. N

    Gpu driver problem

    I have notebook lenovo e530 with i3 and nvidia 610m it went for preinstaling now it runs on win 7 I updated the driver cuz i got crash in a game I istaled the new drivers restart the laptop and the setup repair starts When it finish the drivers are gone Ps sr for the bad english
  31. T

    Solved! Wi-fi has no Valid IP Configuration Windows 10

    Recently, my latop has become unable to connect to wi-fi networks. Troubleshooting gives the answer "Wi-fi has no Valid IP configuration". The wifi connection works on all other devices, and shows that there is "No Internet, Secured" under the network icon. My laptop is an Acer Aspire s7, and...
  32. G

    touchpad works in BIOS but not in WIndows7

    Hello I've got a Samsung NP930X2K-SO2US, which I downgraded to win7-64bit. Everything works fine except the touchpad. The strange thing is that under Device Manager there isn't any yellow questionmarks but the touchpad works when I go into the BIOS. Does anyone have any ideas what may be...
  33. D

    I have gateway NE46Rs and i dont know how to go to BIOS configuration

    i have a long password so typing that is time taking
  34. V

    Sager NP7258 w/Nvidia 965m + 2 AOC Monitors via Surround

    I am attempting to utilize Nvidia Surround to extend my display between that of my Sager NP7258 and 2 AOC monitors with available DVI-D and VGA inputs. The laptop have available mDP, HDMI, and VGA outputs. First off, I am not interested in utilizing VGA, whatsoever. So, my configuration is a...
  35. L

    Amp Has Two Sets of Speaker Terminals. Connecting 2 pairs of speakers?

    I have a Marantz PM6006 Stereo amplifier. On the back it has two sets of speaker terminals; In the manual and on the back it states that A+B speaker configuration has to be within 8-16 ohm. I have a pair of Dali Zensor 1s which are 6 Ohm. I'm completely new to the whole speaker and amp world...
  36. KiiDPoLo98

    Laptop doesn't boot

    i have a Compaq Presario CQ50-107NR and my bios was on F.09 (i believe). I was planning on replacing this Athlon x2 QL-60 (1.9 GHz Dual Core CPU) w/ a CPU from my laptop that doesn't work anymore (HP DV4-1275MX). I was gonna put the Turion X2 Ultra ZM-80 (2.1GHz Dual Core CPU) in my current...
  37. M

    Help with new system setup!! Odd configuration

    Hello, First off let me say I am far from an audio expert, I have very little experience with this type of tech. Anyways, I bought a new system for a project at home and I am having some trouble getting it all working cohesively. Here are the details: Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR646 Speaker...
  38. B

    Solved! Does my laptop really come with *see-content*?? And how do I switch graphic card usage for my games??

    My Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 said it came with: CPU 2.5-GHz Intel Core i5-3210M Graphic Card Intel HD Grapphics 4000 So I guess I had been using Intel graphic or some gaming performances over the past 5 years with it until I decided to reformat it last week and went onto Dell's support webpage to...
  39. E

    Solved! Nvidia make the window crash at normal boot

    I've a problem with my lenovo z5070 laptop. The windows boots normally only if i set the graphics mode intge bios is UMA that make the device detect only the integrated intel graphics. But when using descrete mode in bios to detect both intel and nvidia at normal boot windows crashes but if i...
  40. Y

    Solved! Drivers for Samsung Notebook NP905S3G

    Hi I'm looking for windows 7 drivers for samsung np905s3g notebook cannot find any drivers on samsung site for this model. no help from samsung facebook support... any ideas? Thanks!
  41. A

    Solved! Internet 'connected' but cant connect

    Yesterday my Windows 10 laptop started having some issues. All of a sudden, my laptop wont have any internet connection. I can be browsing and all of a sudden i cant load any pages or do anything internet based. I try to ping but get 4 x 'General Failure'. I try starting and stopping...
  42. B

    Windows Server 2008 Lan Driver?

    guys do i need to install a lan driver in Windows Server 2008? or i just need to configure ? thx
  43. A

    Please Help me

    I own HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p206tx with ram 8 gb and my processor is Intel Core i5-5200U CPU 2.20 GHz Currently I am using Nvidia 830M and i want to Upgrade it to latest possible Graphic card of Nvidia Getforce so, can i upgrade it ?
  44. dsr07mm

    I7 2670QM good enough ?

    Greetings, I never had laptop earlier, I was on destkop pc with configuration from my description, so pretty strong one. Now I'm making change in my life and after 20 years I'm leaving PC world along with gaming and other things. Although I need PC atleast as laptop for mails, social networks...
  45. D

    xp machine upgrade?

    i found a old advent laptop on xp i formatted and installed vista it wont work can anyone tell how to install an os?
  46. J

    Windows 8.1 Not Installing

    I'm trying to install Windows 8.1, I have the full copy, product key, disc etc... It gets up to Installing Updates and doesn't do anything.
  47. R

    cd/dvd rom not showing acer aspire 5920g

    I format my Acer Apsire 5920g laptop and i use windows 10 32 bit. I have 1 problem only with the cd/dvd not showing up. I found 1 solution but when i restart the pc the cd/dvd rom wont show up again and i have to do the solution i mention down again in order to make my cd/dvd rom appear again...
  48. D

    single 16gb laptop ram?

    Does anyone make a single 16gb module for laptops to the following spec .............. DDR3L-1600MHZ (PC3 12800) SODIMM 204pin CL11 Latency (unbuffered and is non-ECC)? Only one slot on my Laptop is working (diagnosed as faulty by a reputable repair shop). And I want to run 16gb ram. My...
  49. S

    hp 6910p upgrade processor, which the best?

    Hello Which is the best processor to upgrade for hp 6910p?
  50. M

    which config is better

    which is better for programming and computational uses core i7 7500U - 8G DDR4 core i5 6300HQ - 8G DDR3
  51. J

    Seeking Surround upgrade recommendations.

    First, my system is from the 90s. It's all analog, including my surround sound processor (an old DSP-1), and I'm using it in a 4.1 configuration. Right now, the signal goes directly from my surround sound processor to external amplifiers via RCA cables. While my DSP-1 is capable of reproducing...
  52. Bad_Company

    Laptop performance drop in games over time .

    Hi , i am having the following problem with my laptop for the last few months. Laptop is a LENOVO Y50-70. Whenever i start playing games like league of legends or cs:go, the performance allways start to degrade. I start league of legends with average 1200-200 fps . After a short duration of time...
  53. S

    My laptop will not do anything but turn itself on and off. HELP!

    My laptop was not plugged in when it went to configure itself. When I turn it on it says the name of the computer and then goes to a blue screen which reads, "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you." Then it shuts...
  54. A

    need help for a new laptop to play overwatch with.

    Hi I'm currently looking for a new laptop to play overwatch on! I've been in my local store to look at a couple and I found these three laptop to be appealing in looks(Because they're pink :3 Not laptop 3, but yeah so I really hope for the two first ones..), now I just hope they will be able to...
  55. A

    how to disable system password dell n5030

    Hi, I need to disable asking me every startup about system bios password, I am looking in the bios config, but i don't know how to do it. also i tried to remove coms battey, but still asking about password. also i tried to find where is location of coms jumper to cancel the p.w. but i don't...
  56. B

    Problem with Intel HD graphics drivers

    So, i have this old-ish Sony Vaio laptop that uses AMD Radeon hd 7650m as dedicated video card and Intel Pentium b980 as CPU. Recently, i think my Radeon video card died, when i install any drivers for it i get flickering black screen with some artefacts and the PC is unusable unless i go in...
  57. J

    Event Wiever detected an attack??

    I was just looking in the event wiever as usual and found a message: svchost (76) DS_Token_DB: The database engine attached a database (1, C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\DataSharing\Storage\DSTokenDB2.dat). (Time=1 seconds) What does this mean?
  58. C

    Solved! Has anyone else had problems with Netflix HTML5 freezing computer?

    My laptop has a Quadro NVS 5100M 1GB w/ latest drivers based on the GT330M DX10.1 i5 M520 dual core w/HT @2.4GHz 4GB DDR3 Win 7 64 OS on SSD problem with firefox 32/64, cyberfox, chrome and IE Netflix with HTML5 = whole computer including mouse freezing every second then stops freezing when I...
  59. RylieDetchon

    Would this AUX speaker & sub-woofer configuration work?

    So for Christmas I got a pair of SoundSOUL water speakers. They don't have very good bass, and I would like to amp up the bass with an external sub. I found a cheap one on Kijiji (Craigslist) for $15, that has an aux input at the back. I have an unused audio splitter that I was hoping to put to...
  60. D

    Speaker Configuration only Stereo option available problem

    So i just got a pair of new headphones that are 7.1 sound (GXT 363 7.1 Bass Vibration Headset) (USB) and when i went into the speaker configuration i only see the option to select stereo My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z97P-D3 And i have installed...