Help with new system setup!! Odd configuration


Feb 23, 2017

First off let me say I am far from an audio expert, I have very little experience with this type of tech. Anyways, I bought a new system for a project at home and I am having some trouble getting it all working cohesively. Here are the details:

Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR646
Speaker Controller: Pyle Home PSPVC6 6-Channel
Microphone: Shure BLX24/PG58 Wireless Vocal System with PG58 Handheld Microphone, J10
Mixer: Pyle PAD30MXUBT

I have speakers in 4 different rooms. All lines are good as they were tested directly to the receiver w/ a CD player.

I cannot get the speaker switch to work in conjunction with the receiver. Any tips on how I may do this? I connected the wiring based off a tutorial I saw on youtube for a similar product and then connected them to zone 2 on the receiver, but no playback.

The microphone is another animal as well. My theory was that I could go from shure wireless box to mixer to receiver and get the microphone to play thru. No luck yet. Any input on how this can be achieved? I know this isn't a prototypical setup, but I will not be buying a PA system for the microphone as I do not need that!

If there is anyone out there that could help me I would REALLY appreciate it!!! Thank you!!


I've never used a speaker selector, but we can try together.
First of all, connections. Try connecting a set of speakers directly to the receiver, firstly, to make sure that the receiver does work.
Try also posting here a picture of the receiver's back panel, cables connected, to check them.
If you connected the speaker selector to zone 2 then that will have it's own controls that are not affected by the ones you use for main-zone 1. That means your choice of source and volume has to be controlled by zone 2 controls not the main ones. Check the owners manual.
You will also have to configure the receiver for 5.1 since it has 7 channels of power and if it is set up for 7.1 there won't be any amps available for zone 2.
You want to use the mixer as a mic preamp I think. The main mix out can connect to any line level stereo input on the receiver. You may have to assign the RCA jacks you use to an input name in the receiver input set up menu.