usb c to 3.5 port not working.....

Oct 10, 2018
I have bought a usb type C to 3.5mm usb from paytm to use it as headphone for my laptop but it's still not working for me ....I update my all drivers of windows 8.1 and also install driver pack to find the solution ..I had also check configuration settings....I read many such type of related posts but nothing works .....I can't understand is my product is really damage or not ..I haven't another device to check it once ..So guys what can I do ??Is my product really damaged or not?? How I become sure??


I can't tell if that device has any electronics built-in. My guess is no. Headphones REQUIRE analog audio signals to create sound. if your laptop doesn't have the necessary electronics to output analog audio through the usb c port you won't get any sound.

What model is your laptop? Most laptops have a traditional headphone jack or a combo microphone/headphone jack.
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