Aug 9, 2013
I used Speedfan to check the SMART status of my 10 month old Seagate internal 3TB drive and the in-depth analysis said that fitness and performance were both at 59% which was a significant change from a week or two ago when I checked last. Seek error rate was at the far left and Raw Read Error Rate was over half way to the left. No changes with my other three drives. Last night I downloaded and used the long test of Seatools which did not reveal any errors and I also updated to the latest firmware. I then used Hard Drive Sentinel which said that the drive was 100%.

My question is which one(s) should I believe? About a week ago I heard a squealing noise during a cold morning start up which lasted a few minutes. Last night I learned about the head parking issue with my model of the Seagate drive and in hindsight I had heard chirping noises. I backed up the data to my other hard drive and am looking for a sale on a new hard drive, but I would rather not replace it if is not failing.

I'm more worried about the mechanics failing and SMART possibly not recognizing it. I do tend to trust Speedfan. Thoughts and opinions?


First, before anything else, backup all important data elsewhere.

I would then download crystaldiskinfo from HERE, and if your SMART values are not passing RMA the drive.