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  1. W

    Question Seagate 5T back up fail to restore to new PC, need help.

    I tried restore back up from Seagate 5T to a new PC. I install Toolkit in new pc, click restore, wait for hours. Done. No file under Document. After do some digging, some file under c: user/xxx/Document, but none on the Quick Access Document Does anyone know why? Is it mean I did have the...
  2. J

    Solved! New Seagate 2TB hard drive not reconized by vizio 65"tv

    Hello All, so i bought a new external hard drive from costco, segate 2tb 2PA3P9-505, and thought ill just put all my movie on it and plug it in. NOPE! When i do plug it in to my TV it only shows this, EFI FAT32 196.9MB. Ive formated both ways that are available, fat32 and ntfs and still nothing...
  3. T

    Seagate hard drive need help

    How come my seagate 2tb hard drive is only working with a old DVD player yet both tv's have a usb port one tv won't find it all and the other only finds folders . It worked fine at my brothers place on a xbox1 ....won't work on either PlayStation I have.... Any suggestions please and thank you
  4. S

    Seagate expansion 2TB

    Just bought Seagate expansion, works ok on my sons TV.2y3s old. Doesn't work on my TV 4 YEARS old do I need another cable.??
  5. M

    Seagate backup plus slim extnl hdd not shows in computer already tried paragon driver,seatools test good. in DM-unknown disk.

    My seagate external HDD is showing up in my computer i have some important files in it. in Disk management disk shows as Unknown, cant initialize mbr, shows io error while trying, i tried installing seatools and checked my disk, all test are passed even long generic. i tried installing paragon...
  6. kahoona

    Seagate Dasgboerd continuous setting. Some information please?

    I have a 3T, USB Seagate external drive that came with Dashboard. I have always used it to back up selected files at chosen intervals. Now that I have a more powerful PC that won't get bogged down by the backup program I would like to use continuous. I have questions that I can't find the...
  7. K

    Seagate plus portable drive 2tb and LG smart TV

    The Seagate portable drive worked fine with my new LG smart TV for 6 months then the TV started doing crazy stuff so I disconnected the portable drive and the TV won't recognise it now. Not sure if I have lost all my movies, can't tell, any clues??.
  8. T

    LG-60UJ7630V-ZA Smart Tv does not recognize my External Hard drive

    Hi Tomshardware. I have a odd problem with my LG tv. I have a 1 TB Seagate Backup Plus Ultra (STEH1000201) and wanna use it with my smart tv. When i plug it in, it blinks once and then the light goes out. My TV don't recognize it at all. I then returned it and got a new one, and that one...
  9. W

    Why is my 1T external seagate drive and my 64g usb flash drive always stop on my sharp 40in aqous lcd tv

    My 1TB seagate external hard drive and my 64g flash drive always stop while watching a movie in a Sharp 40’ Aqous LCD TV
  10. D

    RAM Upgrade or Storage upgrade? On a Budget.

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some help with upgrading my computer, and I'm pretty new to the tech industry. And I'm only trying to spend about $160 at most. 7 months ago I bought a Dell Inspirion 15 7000 7567 Gaming Laptop. SPECS: -7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ Quad Core -Windows 10 Home...
  11. V

    will a Seagate ST1000LM048 1tb 128mb cache drive work in my Toshiba satellite c855D-55109

    I have a Toshiba satellite C855D-55109 and I'm looking to install a replacement HDD for my dead Toshiba MQ01ABD050 drive with 500gb, 8mb cache and 3.0gbs. Will the Seagate ST1000LM048 1tb, 128mb cache, 6.0gbs drive work in my Toshiba satellite c855D-55109?
  12. U

    Should I buy this hard drive ? Here is a link to hard drive I found with a decent price, it has good ra tings (Seagate is great). What do you guys think ?
  13. V

    Scan Report: Seeking advice on action to be taken?

    Hi, Recently, I backed up the data on my desktop hard drives to an external Seagate hard drive. After the backup, I ran Quick Heal antivirus on the Seagate drive and received the following Scan Report: J:\disk 1\Mydox_old\pix\ Detected: "JPEG/IFrame.RP" File is skipped...
  14. R

    URGENT Need to extract data from a protected drive

    i need to extract data from my external hard drive. Its very important for me i need it urgently my hard drive creates a secret zone inside it which is password protected my hard drive is Maxtor 1tb it created a file inside it with a extension .msr i just wanted to know if in extract the data...
  15. D

    Data not getting copied from Seagate HDD to pc

    I am trying to copy my files from Sea-gate 2TB Slim BUP External to my PC,it is reading and scanning 24GB scanned but not getting copied and instead the copy explorer box is automatically getting closed.And from the past 1 week my HDD wasnt reading and shows fatal hardware error.I have 1.3 TB of...
  16. V

    External Hard Drive not enough power

    I have a seagate external hard drive & I am trying to use it to watch movies from it on my panasonic tv. I plug into the usb port and it just continuously beeps at me from what I've read that means its not getting enough power? What can I do to help my tv get my hard drive enough power?
  17. L

    Portable Hard Drive not found

    Hello my father bought me a new Seagate Backup Plus few months ago, and after using just a few days ago I accidentaly touched the cable and it disconnects the hard drive. Then after a few moments I plugged it back and it sounds but the it won't show up in "My Computer nor Disk Management"...
  18. J

    Seagate 2TB external hard drive not detected

    I have a laptop with Windows 10. I can no longer find my Seagate 2tb external hard drive. I have tried all of the recommendations - plugging into another drive, trying to open on another computer, diskmgt; devicemgt; USB Manger, etc. The Seagate is blinking so I know it's getting power. Any...
  19. L

    Samsung tv doesn't connect to seagate hard drive

    Hi guys! For some reason my hdd doesn't connect to my tv.. The model of the hdd is SRD0NF2 and the tv UE32C6710USXXN. The system is of the seagate hdd is the same as my previous hdd so I can't figuren out why it doesn't work.. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great! The hdd has...
  20. DimynDee

    My computer recognizes hard drive as storage unit, but will not let me access it!

    My Seagate Barracuda 720012 500GB hard drive is recognized by my Windows 64-Bit OS (Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU) as a storage unit. I've checked the drives and it says that it "cannot initialize" and there's an "I/O device error". I'm pretty confused because when I pull up the Device...
  21. E

    (urgent) Moving photos onto Seagate External Hard Drive (urgent)

    I know this question is all over the internet but I'm about to lose my mind if I don't get an answer to this. My Macbook has no space left so I bought a Seagate External Hard Drive to move all my photos onto. I couldn't figure out how to do it so I googled it and it says to copy/drag/whatever...
  22. R

    USB3 ExpressCard Power Issues

    Hi, I purchased a USB3 1TB external hard disk and as my laptop only has UB2 port, I decided to get a USB3 Express Card. All plugs in fine and drive is detected. Problem is that the drive starts beeping when I'm transferring data (yes beeping, not clicking). Based on some research I've done I...
  23. I

    Help : My HDD making ticking sound when not in use .then after i use it the ticling sound is gone

    Hello i'm from indonesia and english not my native languange and before that i'm sorry if my grammar is incorrect My laptop is Asus J550x about 5 months with 1tb Seagate 5400rpm on dvd rw sata and ssd samsung evo 250gb Whenever i use my laptop. my hdd seagate always making ticking sound but not...
  24. Z

    what's your Opinion on this Desktop

    hi everyone i wanna buy a 1000$ Desktop and i was wondering is it worth that price the Desktop has: . Processor: intel® Core™ i7 4770 . Mother bored: MSI B85-G41 PC Mate . RAM: 8Go (1x8Go) 1600Mhz DDR3 . GPU: Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 4GB . Hard drive: Seagate 2 To (SATA III, 7200 tpm, 64MB) ...
  25. E

    External Hard Drive not detected

    My Seagate 1TB Hard Drive can't be detected on my laptop. When I go into Device Manager, it shows a USB attached SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device Error. I've tried uninstalling it, and I've also tried to update it using the Mass Storage Device driver that was on the list. But when I tried to, it...
  26. J

    Expert assistance/solutions to repair an external seagate HDD - Access data

    Hi, Attempting to repair my Seagate 1TB hard drive. I have downloaded Minitools software and it has recognised my HDD as bad disk. I do not know how to use the partition recovery wizard and fear losing data if I proceed. I wish to save my data on this drive. There is a back story to this hdd...
  27. S

    seagate restore failed

    After being hit with a ransom ware app and cleaning my church's PC so it won't hit again, I am trying to restore from my nightly backup with seagate dashboard. it restored most of my files (I think) But there are a few critical files that it did not. When I try to restore them individually I...
  28. N

    iMac mid 2010, 2TB WD 5400rpm or 2TB Seagate 7200rpm? PSU temps. extra ram

    Hello i was wondering which HDD i should go for, the 2TB WD 5400rpm or 2TB Seagate 7200rpm? i know you guys would most likely say the seagate 7200rpm because of its higher rounds but theres a catch. the 2TB WD 5400rpm has a thermal connection which has two rows of 4 pins stack on each other...
  29. J

    Laptop won't read external HDD?

    This problem has probably been asked thousands of times, but every time I read solutions in forums, I cannot find a single answer. My problem is my Acer laptop (Windows 10) isn't recognising a brand new Seagate 2TB external hard drive. The very first time I plugged it into my laptop, it...
  30. A

    I have a external hard drive of 1 TB.(it displays 931 GB) i stored some files that are of 3.00 GB and i deleted those files bu

    it is of seagate and i think it contains virus. Please help me solve this issues ?
  31. D

    Pc harddrive issue

    Hey all I have a seagate 250 gb barracuda 7200 Harddrive... Unfortunately i lost its pcb or media card...i had another seagate 320 gb barracuda so i tried putting its pcb on the 250 just to get my data back or to recover my data It turns on but the pc doesnt detects it...does any one have a...
  32. H

    Seagate 1tb External Hard Disk, only working in windows 7 not in any higher OS

    I have a seagate 1tb Hard Disk, until few weeks ago it was working fine. Now, it is only working with windows 7. I have tried it in windows 8, 8.1 and 10, its not working in any of these higher OS. I've also tried different USB cables. The only thing comes in My Computer is the new drive letter...
  33. ragnarok94

    Laptop upgrades- ASUS P550C-XH51

    Bought this laptop last april Current OEM specs: 5400 rpm 500GB HDD (not sure if 2.5" or 1.8") 4GB (non-removable) RAM and what appears to be an expansion slot (max specs up to 10GB?*) Win 7 pro 64-bit so far Im looking at a...
  34. B

    Backup plus not working

    Hi i have a seagate plus slim 2TB. The files show up on my laptop (windows) but not on my Panasonic dvd recorder. Am i doing something wrong. I thought it would be simple to use
  35. B

    Custom built DVR?

    How does this sound as a build for a dvr?(I aplogize for not having all parts yet) Pentium g3258 Micro ATX motherboard(will update to model once chosen) 4-8gb ram (probaly 4 to start) PSU(have 300 watt unsure if it will fit or I will need a smaller one) 1-2 tb hdd. Either a wd or seagate(can't...
  36. J

    Windows 7 won't restore backup files . . . .

    My Windows 7 laptop broke. Fortunately I backed up my data on a Seagate external hard drive. I used Windows backup in Windows 7. I have another computer running Windows 8.1 but it won't accept the Windows 7 backup from the external drive. Questions: 1. Would this problem or conflict have...
  37. Z

    My new seagate 2 TB external hard drive (NTFS) is not recognised by my Toshiba LCD TV

    My new seagate 2 TB external hard drive (NTFS) is not recognised by my Toshiba LCD TV. I had a 500GB (NTFS) one which worked fine. I don't know why the new one which has the same format doesn't work. Does anyone know a way to solve this issue. Thanks in advance. Regards, Zisis
  38. C

    Hard Drive Enclosure

    I have a Seagate Momentus 5400 .3 2.5 hard drive. PN: 9S1132-022. and I want to know what external enclosures are compatible with it? also, the HD hasn't been used since 2012, will this cause me issues? it's been in the broken laptop the whole time until today.
  39. R

    Seagate 1 TB External Hard Drive not being read properly by ASUS laptop.

    Dear All: I hope you can help me. I have a Seagate 1TB external drive and I've had this for almost two years now and I've never had a problem with it. Yesterday for the first time in a long time, I plugged it in to my Asus Laptop computer which is about the same age as the external hard...
  40. K

    Can not see vids from my new ext HD on my older TV But I can with my older ext HD

    Good Day About 3 years ago I purchased an ext WD My Book 2tb HD. I put all my movies on it. I watched them on my Samsung flat screen LN52B750U flat screen. Now I thought it would be a good time to back the older ext HD with another. So I purchased another WD 2tb My Book. I put all of my movies...
  41. D

    I tried to backup files from one SeaGate 1T ExHD to Another, and the first one stopped working...

    I tried to back up my files on my Seagate 1T external HD to a new, fresh from the box, one, and the original stopped working. Now I can't get it to open at all. Windows recognizes when I have it plugged in, but simply as 'F:', rather than 'Seagate Backup Plus Drive (F:)'. When I try check the...
  42. D

    Hard disk needed to replace my WD Scorpi Blue WD6400-bevt

    I have an asus k42ja-vx032d laptop with WD Scorpio Blue 640GB WD6400-bevt hard disk. The hard disk is damaged and want to replace it. I wanted to know if Seagate Momentus 500 GB Laptop Internal Hard Drive (ST500LT012) can be used in my laptop.
  43. NCDad

    Seagate 750GB SATA HDD Data Error

    Hi, I am working with an internal 750GB SATA HDD from Seagate. The HDD was operating fine previously with Win7 Ultimate installed as the primary HDD for desktop system. My goal was to wipe the HDD and reinstall Win7. I've used a few different disk wipe tools so far. I started with GDisk, but...
  44. H

    Hard Drive Recommendations

    So I'm looking to increase the amount of storage I have in my rig, and I decided a 4TB drive would be ideal. I'm curious what drives you guys would recommend. It needs to have decent performance, as this will hold all of my games. Right now I'm thinking about Seagate's 4TB, but I don't know...
  45. bryson04

    Premiere Pro not utilizing CPU

    Alright so this is really weird, premiere pro cc 2014 is only using 22% of my cpu when exporting. My disk is not spinning or queuing many things at all. Does anyone know a fix, i have tried everything that i could think of. FX-8320 R9 270x 240 GB SSD & 3TB 7200 Seagate
  46. B

    Hi! I have a Seagate external hard drive. I never had a problem using this until now. I connected it to my laptop and it says

    Hi! My Seagate external hard drive is not opening on my laptop. It won't read. I had no problem with it before until now. Please help.
  47. C

    Failing Hard Drive?

    So a couple months ago I bought a second Seagate 2tb HDD to store a lot of videos and pictures on, for about week now I keep hearing this periodical noise, it sounds like an object that is spinning at a high rate of speed is touching another object (best way I could describe it) and makes this...
  48. S

    Seagate 5TB not spinning

    Hi All, I recently bought a 5tb external hard drive from amazon and had a power surge now the hard drive isnt spinning i am presuming the PCB board has been fried. So am looking for a new PCB board with the following specs as i know you need the board to be exactly the same. PCB number...
  49. O

    External HDD help

    I recently bought a 500GB Seagate Hard drive, and i'd like to know if it will work in this TV? ( If not, what steps will I have to take to make it work?
  50. D

    Adapters To Recover Data From Laptop

    Will these adapters work to recover data from my laptop's Seagate Momentus 4200.2 hard drive?
  51. N

    Erasing data from hard drive

    My 3TB Seagate external desktop drive crashed. Luckily it was backed up and still under warranty. But it doesn't show up on my computer any longer. How can I wipe the data before sending it back to Seagate for the warranty replacement?
  52. A

    laptop hard drive replacement

    I need to replace my laptop hard drive I have an acer travelmate 5742 and the current hard drive I have is a western digital serial ata 500GB. Is it possible to use a seagate portable hard drive as an internal hard drive? I do have one that is out of the casing. If not please provide me with...
  53. burstfyre20

    Debating on selling my laptop, just wondering what would be a reasonable price

    I may not sell it until I'm through with college, I understand that the longer I wait, the more it's value goes down but it'd be nice to have a figure in mind when the time comes. Asus R500A-RS52 [K55A] Intel i5-3230M Intel HD 4000 Mobile 1TB Seagate Constellation 7200 RPM [Upgraded from a...
  54. I

    How to Deal with Dell Service? Hard Drive Makes Dell Laptop Run Poorly

    I have a dilemma. I have a Dell Inpiron 5520 Laptop with an Intel i5, 8GB RAM and a Seagate 1TB HDD that came with Windows 7 installed, which I later upgraded to Windows 8. The computer was running horribly slow in Windows 8: 15 minutes to boot, 10 minutes to launch task manager, 10...
  55. D

    Installing Skype Failed; Code 1632

    Skype doesnt want to install code 1632 my system specs: Windows 7 profesional N 64-bit Intel i7 4770k Storage:Seagate ST1000DM003-1CH162 Motherboard:MAXIMUS VI IMPACT (c2)
  56. Rangenade

    Upgrading/Replacing the HDD

    Hello, I'm buying Lenovo Y510p for University. There are 2 versions that I could find in the IT Mall ( price list ) ; Y510p 5939-441 & Y510p-20217 . It comes with 1TB 5400RPM HDD and I was planning to replace it with a Seagate 1TB Hybrid SSHD or maybe 120GB SSD . Before I replace it, all I need...
  57. Thiva

    PSU Requirement for Gtx 770 3way sli...

    1100 watts is enough for gtx 770 tri sli.. pc..spec. i5 4670k @4.6Ghz AsRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer Seagate 1TB HHD 8gb single ram..1866Mhz 1 CD burner 4 120mm fans...
  58. R

    100% Disk Usage on Compaq Presario CQ57

    Hello forum, Recently I have been having trouble with my laptop. Sometimes when I turn it on my computer says there is no OS detected to install an OS. When this happens I have to keep restarting my PC until I get an option to go into setup and into the BIOS, which says there is no Hard Drive...
  59. KaiserPhantasma

    What happens if I uninstall Seagates's discwizard

    so I installed a seagate barracuda 3TB on my rig and at first didn't fully detected the entire space hence prompting me to install the the their application which made the rig detect the rest of the vacant hard drive space so what happens if I reformat the harddrive or SSD where the discwizard...
  60. R

    how to unlock/change Seagate harddrive security

    Hard drive crashes, so I put it in a different computer as a secondary drive but I can't access the data on it even though the drive is recognized by the new system (both computers run Win 7.) Error message was asking for admin password.