Question Seagate 5T back up fail to restore to new PC, need help.

Sep 20, 2021
I tried restore back up from Seagate 5T to a new PC.
  1. I install Toolkit in new pc, click restore, wait for hours. Done.
  2. No file under Document.
  3. After do some digging, some file under c: user/xxx/Document, but none on the Quick Access Document
Does anyone know why? Is it mean I did have the files in new PC, just can't see it? Why won't be able to see?

I open the c/user/xxx/Document and compare the original file, 77G of data are missing but don't know what they are.

I tried to redo the restore. During restore process, I click on seagate 5T folder Toolkit/Backup/Desktop xxx/users/xxx/Documents
All the file inside is gone.
Is it after restore it will automatically deleted? Or because I am in restore processing, the drive won't let me see the data?

What is the best way to back up pc? Thanks.