Question After trying to back up, the data are gone [Xiaomi Mi A2] [Android 10]


Feb 5, 2018
Ok so on aforementioned Xiaomi Mi A2 (meaning "clean" Android, as in the same thing that's in Pixels) I have ran into an issue:

In an attempt to backup contacts and transfer them over to new phone, I have done 2 things:
  • Exported contact list as .vcf file
  • Created new google account
However, I've ran into problems,
  1. The .vcf file reads as having 0 B file size, can not be opened as well as imported.
  2. After logging in via the newly created Google accounts, all my contacts seem to be gone.
    Well, partially: I can see them in the "last called" (Phone) app but not in contacts and they do not show up when someone is trying to call the phone.
Any possible advice on what I should try? I'm desperate at this point.
I have tried:
  • Opening the .vcf file elsewhere
  • Using the option to "Revert 30 days back" in the contacts menu
  • Logging out of the Google account


Jan 4, 2019
Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:
  1. Verify .vcf export and retry.
  2. Sync contacts differently.
  3. Check Google account settings.
  4. Force manual sync.
  5. Clear Contacts app cache.
  6. Review contact display options.