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    Question After trying to back up, the data are gone [Xiaomi Mi A2] [Android 10]

    Ok so on aforementioned Xiaomi Mi A2 (meaning "clean" Android, as in the same thing that's in Pixels) I have ran into an issue: In an attempt to backup contacts and transfer them over to new phone, I have done 2 things: Exported contact list as .vcf file Created new google account However...
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    Question All my YouTube comments I’ve ever posted from all my channels disappeared. What can I do?

    Can’t see my comments on YouTube, no comment history in Google Activity. No new subcomments arrive. I desperately need them restored as quickly as I can. How can I contact someone that has access to retrieve my data? All I could do till now is ask a general question on Google Support. Time is...
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    Google Account Setup

    Hi. Phone: Samsung Galaxy Young Backstory: My battery was going down really quickly so I deleted a load of things from my apps. Problem: I no longer have a Google Account on my phone and when I go into Settings/Accounts & Sync/Add Account, there is no 'Google' option for me to add a Google...