(urgent) Moving photos onto Seagate External Hard Drive (urgent)


Aug 5, 2016
I know this question is all over the internet but I'm about to lose my mind if I don't get an answer to this.

My Macbook has no space left so I bought a Seagate External Hard Drive to move all my photos onto. I couldn't figure out how to do it so I googled it and it says to copy/drag/whatever my iPhoto library onto it and it's done (something along those lines). However, my photos aren't in iPhoto - that was never an option for me when I imported my first lot of photos off my phone; the app isn't even on my laptop and I can't download it. I have 39,000 photos/videos on my laptop and they are all in Photos. No way for me to move them into iPhoto.

Has anyone ever had this problem and can tell me how to move them onto the Seagate drive??

I'm going mad, it's the most frustrating thing ever. I need to clear my laptop so I can import photos off my phone as my phone is now full as well.


open Photos and navigate to Preferences / click on General tab and it should show you the location where your pis are stored.
Next hurdle is getting a second external hdd and backing up those pics .. unless its ok to lose them all the first time you drop the drive.
That's what happens when you leave everything at the last minute. Another way to find where your pictures are, use Finder's SEARCH tool, you must remember one of your pictures names yes? Finder will tell you where.

Often people tell me they have collected thousands of pic on their phones and when I ask if they keep backups, they give me this blank stare. Well OK.


Jan 31, 2014
Create a new folder for the pictures and remember to store them as a jpeg gif or tiff file. I would also suggest that you copy them to a couple of flash drives too. Point your pointer to about the top and press ALT + click and they should light up which means they are selected or click at the top right in the box that appears when you hover over it if it isn't there already. That should light up all of them then use "copy to" function on the menu bar and designate the folder and don't forget to use the correct "save as" option on the end of the line under the designated spot. Click the down arrow.
Hope this helps.