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  1. K

    Question External 3.5 Enclosure Drive Beeps When Connect to Laptop

    So I recently bought a UGREEN 3.5 enclosure with its own 12V 2A Power Adapter which supports up to 16TB capacity and a WD Blue 6TB 3.5 HDD to go along with it. Here is where the problem starts when I connect the enclosure to my laptop with it plugged into a power outlet and USB port my HDD...
  2. spardom

    Solved! external hard drive not connecting

    Recently I noticed my external hard drive disonecting. when I moved it around it would reconnect so I bought another wire and it worked for a bit but now its doing the same thing and only connects when I hold down the wire where its connected to the external. does anyone know a fix for this. I...
  3. NovaBrunswick

    Question Connecting my MacBook Pro's internal HDD as an external drive

    Hi there, Tom's Guide community! Recently, I've started to have problems booting up my MacBook Pro Mid-2012 with OS Mojave. When I press the power button, I hear the usual start-up sound, but instead of an Apple logo, the dreaded flashing folder with a question mark appears. When I looked...
  4. kjanev37

    Solved! Why can't I play games from Epic Games Launcher on an external hard drive?

    Hello, I have a problem! I bought an external hard drive and installed Fortnite on it. The game worked, but when I disconnected the hard drive and pluged it again, the Epic Games Launcher didn't recognized the game files, and it tells me to install it again. (My Epic Games Launcher is installed...
  5. S

    Solved! Use an external hard drive as my personal computer?

    Hey guys, I have a 2018 MacBook Air, Retina, 256GB. Sucks, because of the butterfly keyboard, and the CPU is notoriously slow, too. Here's the question, what do you guys think of the following? I want to sell my current Macbook and get a 1TB external hard drive instead, where I can keep all of...
  6. admin

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  7. TheWalkingDazz

    Solved! External HD no longer recognised

    4tb harddrive I used to use on my Xbox. I now plug in my computer and my laptop. It does the noise to say it's recognised. And even forms up with the safely eject icon. With open device and printers and eject BUP RD I open device and printers - it's on my devices - properties Manufacturer -...
  8. S

    Solved! Questions about Cloud Services (Backup and Sync)

    Hi I'm here, because I really need some advice about cloud storages in general. I'm using a computer with Windows 10 at home. Office365 is installed, therefore I have access to 1 TB of OneDrive. I also have an external hard drive of 2 TB, which I mainly use to backup music and video files. I...
  9. P

    Solved! [HELP] External hard drive failing

    Hello, I have a 4 To Hard drive with all my pictures failing and I would like help to recover it. It is a SATA Hard drive used with a "Icy Box". What is happening is that after deleting a large portion of data (50 Go) the hard drive failed. Now I cannot access it anymore, the dot on the icy box...
  10. A

    HP Probook 450 G5 won't turn on and there are no lights

    My father used this laptop when the screen went black. There was no ac adapter connected only, an external hdd and a wireless mouse usb connector. I unplugged everything then connected the ac adapter but there are no lights next to the adapter. Then i unplugged the ac adapter from the laptop to...
  11. K

    Solved! Is there a program to clean & organize 1,000’s of saved photos?

    Over the years I have accumulated many thousands of pictures & videos. I have them saved in several platforms. I have some saved on my laptop, on an external HDD, in Google Photos, in a work Cloud & in my Verizon cloud. Many of these pics & vids have several duplicates as the same pictures or...
  12. A

    Solved! How to get rid of Malware insalled on external usb harddrive

    Get rid of malware on external Hardrive. Hello, I have an external Toshiba Canvio USB hardrive, that I think got infected with a Virus. Any time I plug the device on a Windos PC it shows a Blue Screen, (Winodws 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 tested). But it does not shut down a Linux OS even...
  13. C

    Solved! Ripped DVD Collection

    I've had enough of the DVD's all over the living room. I have a Samsung 7100 smart TV, a 3TB Toshiba external hard drive, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 8.5. The software seems feature rich but no real explanations for a n00b like me. I want to be able to watch the movies on the TV and also load...
  14. E

    Solved! Lenovo IdeaPad 700 display problems

    First of all sorry for my bad english, yesterday I was just watching film on my notebook, today when I turned it on my display was completely broken almost whole display was black with some shadows and vertical lines. I was scared so I connected it to my pc monitor and backed up everything to my...
  15. T

    Solved! Need alternative suggestions for DBAN to securely erase external hard drives

    I am trying to securely erase my external hard drive before I sell it. However, after buying two different copies of DBAN, I keep getting the "can't open proc cmdline" message. I am not too crazy with the idea of messing with my computer BIOS. I am not at this time planning to sell my...
  16. Z

    Solved! Error Transferring files between two external hard drives??

    Trying to transfer files between two external hard drives on MacBook Pro laptop, but keeps stopping because of (Error -36).... This stops the entire transfer process, which tend to take hours to complete, and I cannot always remember which batch of files was trying to complete. This is using...
  17. C

    Solved! Can HP stream accept external hard drive up to 500GB?

    Can my HP Stream accept external hard drive storage up to 500GB?
  18. V

    Setting a whole partition as onedrive folder

    Hey... So i have an external hard drive that i need to periodically and automatically backup to onedrive, but i can't set the whole drive on onedrive instead it just creates a folder in it. That doesn't work in my situation as the files i need to back up are very path specific, changing their...
  19. K

    Solved! External Hard Drive Not Recognized on VIZIO E Series TV

    Recently purchased a 1TB WD Easystore external hard drive to store movies on (MP4 files). When plugged into the USB port for my TVs (VIZIO E Series - E65-E0 from 2017 & an Element LED TV approx. 3 years old), the files cannot be played. The VIZIO TV recognizes the hard drive but none of the...
  20. T

    Solved! I removed all files from my hard drive and laptop - can I get them back?

    I am terrible with computers and I made a huge mistake. I have a relatively new laptop. I was planning on setting up automatic backup with an external hard drive. I plugged the hard drive in and there was quite a bit of stuff there, 60% filled. I used it to transfer files from my old laptop to...
  21. J

    Solved! Android TV Boxes

    I’m going to subscribe to an IPTV system. I’m looking for a recommendation of an Android TV box with recordering capabilities or with an external hard drive with multiple tuners so I can record and watch other programs.
  22. E

    Solved! Bitlocker encryption problem

    I was running bitlocker (win7) on an external 1500gb HDD and halfway through USB cable got loose and bitlocker launcher/process module crashed or stopped. Now it might be running in "background" but it's not showing on screen since in task manager I see "BdeUISrv.exe" running, but I really...
  23. M

    NVIDIA - SHIELD TV media player with external hard drive?

    Can the NVIDIA - SHIELD TV - 4K HDR Streaming Media Player play video and music from an external hard drive? It has USB ports, but I'm not seeing anything on line about their functionality. Will the remote act like a mouse?
  24. M

    Solved! laptop to TV through AV receiver?

    Hoping to get some help understanding how I can best connect an external hard drive to my laptop, the laptop to a receiver (receiver has Bluetooth and WiFi), the receiver to the TV so that I can watch movies that are stored in the hard drive. Thank you!
  25. N

    Solved! I store my playlist on external hard drive will pc tune up remove these files

    Will pc tune up app remove data from external hard drive.
  26. D

    Solved! Automatically assign letter to any external hard drive I plug in

    I recently bought an SSD, which I put in my computer instead of the old HDD. But now I'm having a problem, when I plug in an external hard drive, I do not see it in My Computer, but when I open Disk Management, I find it there but without a "Letter", like, c, d, e and so on. So I right-click on...
  27. G

    An external harddrive to play games directly off of?

    I got myself a Lenovo legion Y520 (Core i7 8GB 256GB SSD 15.6" GTX 1050 Ti) and as seen it only has 256GB of SSD, and I frankly can't be bothered with constantly uninstalling games and installing others when I wanna play games on a whim, so I wanted to know was there a possible solution in the...
  28. M

    mp4 file (+4GB) recorded from Simulcast won´t open

    Saved it on external HDD (FAT 32), tried to rename (extension)it, remove it, repair it, split it but no software will open it! What can I do more?
  29. Z

    Ragnarok Arena Pop Up is Wrecking Me, Please Help!

    Hey Everyone, Yesterday I started getting a strange self opening tab on my Chrome browser. It would begin to go to a random site then be redirected to theragnarokarena(dot)com. With a little research I learned that this can be pretty nasty. At first it was an annoying popup in Chrome, but within...
  30. D

    There is not enough space on local disk C. Increase the amount of free space and try again.

    i cant install the feature update version 1803 even with my external hard drive. the local disk still needs 4gb of space. I have a hp stream 14 with 32 gb ,i tried disk cleanup temp folders and everything help will be appreciated thank you.
  31. S

    Hard disk support

    I have a hp probook 4400 G1 with 512 GB SSD.. can I add an external HDD
  32. R

    Is there a USB 3.0 to 2.0 adaptor?

    I have a USB 2.0 external HDD and it won't work in USB 3.0. I have all the drivers, and the HDD works just fine when plugged in to USB 2.0. So that lie about being backwards compatible is a lie. Don't bother saying it isn't a lie because I have physical proof that it is a lie. Only helpful...
  33. N

    help partitioning new computer

    My windows xp computer died. I backed it up on my external hard drive. Question...can anyone tell me how to partition new Acer coming tomorrow and reinstall it so i can reclaim files and passwords.. HELP PLEASE
  34. D

    How to watch 4k on TV through HDD

    Hi guys. So first of all I'm not an native english speaker so bear with me. So I'm interested on watching 4k movies on my TV (Sony KD-55X725F). I'm planning on using a external hard drive, not interested on watching through hdmi with pc. My questions are: 1. What hdd can you guys recommend me...
  35. R

    How to install a new OS without losing Data

    I have faced a Black screen problem recently, I tried everything but I could not fix it , so I decided to reinstall the operating system , but the thing is that all my personal data were stored in the same partition alongside the OS, so I booted from a Live USB and deleted all the windows files...
  36. S

    Searching for ext. hard drive USB 2.0 w/ext. power supply?

    I have DISH TV with the DVR. I can, and have, connected a external hard drive to the DVR. The hard drive, RIP, died. I am now looking for a external hard drive USB2.0. The hard drive must have an external power supply (required). I think I can get away with USB2.0/3.0. Someone please help...
  37. X

    Laptop won't turn off after update

    recently updated my Lenovo Ideapad 110 -- today, in fact. It seemed fine, but a few hours later, it froze and now it won't turn off. During this, I had just had my external hard drive plugged in and unmounted it properly. It umounted, but the screen suddenly froze and my music stopped. I've...
  38. P

    Laptop won't run Sims 3 without an external hard drive

    My current laptop is a Sony Vaio from 2013. It runs Windows 8.1. System: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU 1.60GHz 8GB RAM 64-bit OS This is a refurbished laptop. Soon after I bought it, in 2014, I installed Sims 3. However, the game never launched. Later, I tried to install the game on my...
  39. G

    External hard drive install in laptop

    Hey I just got a dell g7 but it has no internal HDD. So i was wondering if i can install my external WD elements in the laptop?
  40. I

    Solved! Help Recover Files On External Hard Drive - Recovery Disc Fail :(

    Please help. My laptop died the other day and I had to create usb recovery disc from Microsoft. I got the laptop back to working order but lost all files, this didn't worry me much. However, when I made the usb recovery disc I also had my external hard drive plugged in. For some reason, when...
  41. A

    Replacement system for Cocktail Audio

    Looking for a replacement for our Cocktail Audio. All music tracks (around 27,000) are backed up on external hard drive. I feel sure that there is a cheaper system we could use so looking for advice. Criteria is we want a display so it's easy to see what's playing. Any advice? Thanks.
  42. H

    Exterenal hard drive

    I’ve been told you can only run steam and battle net on a 3.5 external hard drive, but I currently can’t afford that so is it possible to run them on a 2.5?
  43. S

    BSOD- hard drive not the issue- what else could it be?

    My laptop was running incredibly slow so I was preparing to do a reinstallation of Windows. I was cleaning up files preparing to back up onto an external hard drive to do a clean install. I removed temp folders and ran ccleaner and thought I’d try a restart to see if it helped before I did the...
  44. J

    Can't get external hard drive to work on tablet

    Have external hard drive with music on it and my rca tablet won't access it what do I need to do the last time I had it hook up it worked just fine that's was also to a computer not a tablet
  45. K

    Using 3.5 Sata Hdd to boot on laptop

    Hi i want to ask i have an old fujitsu laptop but the os won’t boot because its missing NTLDR,i have the cd for it but it won’t boot or read the disk and I don’t have a pendrive at the moment or any access to a laptop or pc And i only have that laptop since my other laptop broke and I can’t...
  46. S

    How To Back Up or Restore Your Mac With Time Machine

    It can be very costly to lose a file from a computer with no backup to restore it. Luckily, it is common for most devices to offer solutions to avoid this sort of problem. Mac computers provide ways for users to back up their data efficiently and without needing much tech know-how. The Time...
  47. S

    Boot from an External Drive On MacBook Pro

    Sometimes your MacBook Pro requires to be booted from an external hard drive instead of a primary start up drive. A few reasons might include update, troubleshooting, repairing of disks, partition, etc. For conducting the booting procedure, it would require an external hard drive that would be...
  48. K

    Hidden user folder in documents and settings

    I have a broken laptop and there’s lots of video of my late dad in the hdd so i took it out and made it into an external drive but when i plug it to a windows 10 laptop and look at the Documents and settings folder on the external hdd it doesn’t show the admin user folder because all the videos...
  49. M

    Buying a basic laptop

    Hi all, Long story short I want to buy a laptop I can take away when I go camping. The main use of the laptop will be to watch the occasional movie and transfer files from the GoPro to an external hard drive, that's basically it. No games, no internet connection unless I use it at home on the...
  50. C

    External Hard Drive/Photo Gallery

    I accidentally sent data from my external hard drive to my photo gallery. There is a huge amount of data and the data is not in folders; each item sent over to the photo gallery is individual. How can I get this data all at once back into my external hard drive? The data went over in one...
  51. K

    Solved! Installing windows xp on external hard drive with windows 10 laptop

    Can anyone help me?i have 2 old laptops,one is broken and one is a working old 2005 Fujitsu japanese laptop but both have problems with windows xp..the old Fujitsu laptop windows xp is missing NTLDR and the broken laptop windows xp shows blue screen of death at least on a new laptop while the...
  52. A

    wd external not detecting in lenovo

    my WD external hard disk USB 2.0 not detect on any pc or laptop. i hace change the usb port but still not working. i use easeUS database recovery but still not found my file that i want. please help me
  53. C

    Move programs to other computers

    Hey! I wonder if it is possible to install programs on an external hard drive and then move the hard drive to another computer and then run the program on another computer?
  54. B

    Primary Drive as External HDD Usb 3.0

    I have read quite a few threads now but all of the information seems dated around ~2012. I am not asking for convenience but my laptop's internal sata connection for the HDD is broken and the laptop is outside warranty. The laptop is quite high spec so I would prefer not to replace it. Anyway...
  55. C

    Moving a game from a laptop to a new one due to lack of space

    Hi. I need help on transfering a game from a laptop to another laptop. More exactly the game is Fallout 4 and is 85Gb. The problem is that on the new laptop i dont have enough space to download it and install it. Local Disk E has 180Gb and most of them are used (local disk c has 80gb). I have...
  56. J

    Flash Drive or External HDD for 4k TV?

    Hello, I have this question: Have 4k HDR TV at home and want to watch 4K content (have some 4k hdr movies (remux) in my PC) in my TV, but can't decide which one to use - USB flash drive or external HDD for it. If I will buy external HDD, store there some of 4k movies & then connect it to my TV...
  57. C

    How to create System Image & How to partition? I have a new Dell and a New Western Digital External HD

    I need to know how best to partition and create a systems image (bootable I assume) I have a New Dell 5580 laptop and the only thing I have done with it is to plug it is - so it is Right out of the Box (It should have Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 loaded as well) - Windows 10 Pro 64...
  58. opamago3

    No bootable device- Please restart system

    I have put the setup files for Windows 10 on my external harddrive yet my Toshiba Satellite c75d-b7299 keeps saying ''Missing Operating system''. I've also noticed that the light on the harddrive changes from white to blue.
  59. K

    External HDD not detected on laptop

    Hi, My old laptop broke, so I took the HDD and bought an external HDD case to recover my files. At first it worked greatly, but recently when I plug it into my laptop the hard disk is not detected. The hard disk is spinning but the light doesn't blink or even glow at all. Any help would be...
  60. D

    Is it a good idea to get a 400 gig micro sd card for a laptop instead of paying 600 dollars for another 500 gigs on the ssd

    Theres this card. https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16820173374 I want to get a surface book 2 or a surface pro with 256 or 500 gigs of internall ssd. But the price increase is 600 cad for that ssd to get 500 gigs more. Is it even very fast? Or I could get a switch...