Solved! Is there a program to clean & organize 1,000’s of saved photos?


Jan 18, 2019
Over the years I have accumulated many thousands of pictures & videos. I have them saved in several platforms. I have some saved on my laptop, on an external HDD, in Google Photos, in a work Cloud & in my Verizon cloud. Many of these pics & vids have several duplicates as the same pictures or folders holding the pictures were copied & pasted in other locations. It would take me at least a year just to consolidate & separate the individual pictures let alone deal with their duplicates. Back when I was using iTunes there were 3rd party apps you could dump all your music files into & they would separate the song & there copies from one another into a list. Then you could go down the list delete the duplicates & then move the songs into tidy folder or playlists. I’m sure nearly everyone has this same picture problem & it’s gotten so out of hand we have given up even trying to sort or organize the photos & videos. So that got me thinking, I’m sure some genius out there has come up with a program/app that can use the embedded meta-data from each pic like date made, size, location stamp etc.. & organize the files into something usable.
Does anyone know of such a program or have any suggestions?