Question External 3.5 Enclosure Drive Beeps When Connect to Laptop


Jun 1, 2022
So I recently bought a UGREEN 3.5 enclosure with its own 12V 2A Power Adapter which supports up to 16TB capacity and a WD Blue 6TB 3.5 HDD to go along with it.

Here is where the problem starts when I connect the enclosure to my laptop with it plugged into a power outlet and USB port my HDD starts to beep with it spinning and constantly restarting itself till I safely remove the device.

I searched around a bit and it mainly seems to be a low power problem for the HDD as everything is recognised on the PC but cannot format due to the constant HDD restarting due to low power I presume.

Lastly the enclosure and HDD both works fine as I tested it on a ps4 pro with a power outlet and USB port connected to the enclosure and even manage to play and download straight from the HDD with no beeps nor restarting in sight.

So my issue is how do I solve this low power enclosure problem on my laptop?


Etrius vanRandr

May 11, 2022
So my issue is how do I solve this low power enclosure problem on my laptop?

Plug it into a USB 3.0 or greater port. If you are already doing that, try a different port or a powered USB hub.

You can also try a 12v3A power adapter. 3.5" HDDs typically don't use the 5V from USB and that's for the actual SATA to USB controller itself.

Aside from that, you may also have a faulty unit. UGREEN is a Chinese company, their website is registered to Alibaba, which is basically like Amazon (think AmazonBasics crap) but worse.

These 3.5 adapters are made as cheap as possible and have very poor quality control so it's highly likely you got a faulty unit.

Best to return it for a refund and get one made by a more reputable manufacturer.