Question External Drive - Unreadable

Jul 28, 2023
Seagate external GoFlex drive unreadable and showing as Unallocated. Says device working properly. Old drive (appears to be a 2006) but used extremely little and was working fine a couple months ago. Started using it first time maybe a year ago.

I've read this article

A commentator, Michael Ellis, commented in 2022 with a similar problem and that something in the article worked. Thread was locked so I can't ask him exactly what worked for him. Any way to ping someone on this new thread?

Any ideas? I tried Easeus Recovery Tool and it found 0 files to recover after scanning.

Could a bad USB cord or power supply still cause the problem even though it says device working properly?

Have had no odd behavior from this drive and clueless why all of a sudden it is inaccessible.

Could a Windows Update have rendered it too old to access?

Thanks for any assistance.
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