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  1. K

    Question External 3.5 Enclosure Drive Beeps When Connect to Laptop

    So I recently bought a UGREEN 3.5 enclosure with its own 12V 2A Power Adapter which supports up to 16TB capacity and a WD Blue 6TB 3.5 HDD to go along with it. Here is where the problem starts when I connect the enclosure to my laptop with it plugged into a power outlet and USB port my HDD...
  2. L

    Solved! I want to install SSD in my Laptop by replacing hhd in cd drive and ssd in main slot. Can anyone give better description on it?

    I want to install ssd in my pc. Should i put it in cd drive or in main slot? Also i want to keep my data of hhd. How should i install windows after it? A clone to ssd or a new fresh install? Appreciate if anyone answers! Tysm in advance
  3. Evans Azrial

    Solved! HDD Caddy not showing up

    Hi I'm using HP laptop that i bought back in 2017. It came with 1TB HDD, and now it's starting to slowing down. I recently bought an SSD and a HDD Caddy, I've clone the Local Disk C from the old HDD to the brand new SSD and it's working fine now. The problem came up when I replace the DVD...
  4. GusDJendra

    Solved! Is it possible to fix broken laptop SATA?

    Recently, i bought a HDD caddy to place more storage disk (considering my laptop only has 1 sata and power connector for 1 disk and 1 for 1 dvd rom). But after i place it into my laptop, my new placed HDD isn't read by my laptop (no idea why). But before this thing happens, my dvd rom also isn't...
  5. subhojitdp

    How to choose HDD Caddy, compatible with HP ay516tx laptop??

    Can anyone tell me that which HDD caddy would be suitable for HP-ay516tx laptop? Because I bought two caddies from amazon but they both were not working for me. So, please help. Thank you.
  6. W

    Laptop won't turn on with hdd caddy

    I recently bought a new ssd drive and put it in my main hard drive bay on my Acer aspire 5560 and installed a windows 7 home premium on it. I planned to put my old hdd into a caddy in the optical drive slot. In bios the cd driveis at the bottom of the boot list and my ssd on the top, my...