Question HDD Caddy not showing up

Nov 5, 2020

I'm using HP laptop that i bought back in 2017. It came with 1TB HDD, and now it's starting to slowing down. I recently bought an SSD and a HDD Caddy, I've clone the Local Disk C from the old HDD to the brand new SSD and it's working fine now.

The problem came up when I replace the DVD drive with the HDD Caddy with my old HDD on it. The HDD is spinning, which means the HDD Caddy is working, but my HDD doesn't showing up in the File Explorer and Disk Management. It's kinda confusing since the HDD is spinning.

But when I try the HDD with an external case and plug it to my laptop, it shows up. So the HDD is not the problem.

Here's several detail that might help solving this problem :
  • CD-ROM driver is missing from Device Manager
  • IDE ATA/ATAPI controller is AMD SATA Controller
  • I just update the BIOS to the newest version (according to HP Official Website)
  • I've deleted the old Windows files on the HDD
  • When I turn on my laptop with the HDD Caddy is already installed in the DVD drive slot with the HDD on it, it stuck with black screen just before the Windows loading screen. When I pull out the HDD Caddy, it shows the Windows loading screen.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I personally think this is a driver related problem, but I don't know how to solve it.

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Sep 6, 2020
Check BIOS, and set it to boot with the drive with the OS on it. The DVD driver is not necessary.
Depending on the SSD, they usually give you SW to clone the old drive to a back-up drive, which you should absolutely do.
I am talking a clone that is made of the original boot drive, the left out of the machine. It will save your bacon some day.

From everything you have said, I would expect a "No boot device " error, and the rest back.
I really believe the BIOS is just not pointing at the correct boot device. Once set while in BIOS hit F10, and yes.
All drives spin up when powered whether they run the computer or not, nothing out of order there.
Your computer should not have slowed down much, until your 1TB got pretty full. More likely to be bloatware of some sort, or a junked up
registry. Or both. You may want to streamline your system of all the stuff you rarely use, dump caches, ETC. You can also download and get 30 day trials of the 2 cybersecurity programs I use, BitDefender, and MalwareBytes, to clear out any bugs. (Don't spray MOBO with RAID!)
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