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  1. kadxprime


    I have laptop which turns 10 next month. I want to change its HDD 500 Gb to SSD . I asked on Sony Support , but they said " its not recommended to do changes with storage as the company has shut down its operations in India " . He didn't bother to explain the technical reason. Is there really...
  2. D

    Windows 11 PC corrupting external SSD drives in docking station, help!

    I recently got a Sabrent 5-bay USB docking station for SSD drives. I put 2 SanDisk 1 TB SSD Plus SATA III drives in it and connected it via a USB 3.0 port in my Windows 11 PC. Both of the SSD drives in the docking station are repeatedly corrupted for some unknown reason. I changed the USB port...
  3. A


    Hello, I'm sorry I don't speak English well. I have an ACER SWITCH 10E (SW3-013) tablet. Windows 10 tablet + keyboard flash disk + 1TB disk. I replaced the hard disk which works perfectly with an SSD, it works, but when I want to use the original WD BLUE HDD hard disk on another computer, it...
  4. D

    Question Thunderbolt 3 HDD connection problem to Dell

    Hello I am asking for help, suggestions, etc., in such a problem. Problematic equipment: Lacia 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 16tb Connected to the computer: Dell Precision 7720 (Xenon, Win10 - maybe after the last Win update something fell ??) Problem: He can't see the Thunderbolt connected...
  5. SweetFountain178

    Question Is this hard drive noise normal?

    https://kapwi.ng/c/yuiRZ8UNmy Is it normal'cause I'm kinda worried.
  6. Evans Azrial

    Solved! HDD Caddy not showing up

    Hi I'm using HP laptop that i bought back in 2017. It came with 1TB HDD, and now it's starting to slowing down. I recently bought an SSD and a HDD Caddy, I've clone the Local Disk C from the old HDD to the brand new SSD and it's working fine now. The problem came up when I replace the DVD...
  7. Paulo Paz

    Question Problem with caddy and hdd

    I have a Dell laptop (inspiron 5567) and I put an ssd in where was the original hard drive(2tb hdd)) and I replaced the dvd unit with a caddy with has the original hdd but I have a problem, when I move files or I do any task that make use of this disk, its usage in the task bar goes up to 100%...
  8. Christopher Peiris

    Question U

    Im having a Hp pavillion dv6 laptop and it was heating up because of the dust inside the fan..so today i disassembled the whole laptop cleaned all the dust, also i removed the heatsink and applied a little bit of thermal paste after removing the dried one..after that i reassembled the laptop and...
  9. kjanev37

    Solved! Why can't I play games from Epic Games Launcher on an external hard drive?

    Hello, I have a problem! I bought an external hard drive and installed Fortnite on it. The game worked, but when I disconnected the hard drive and pluged it again, the Epic Games Launcher didn't recognized the game files, and it tells me to install it again. (My Epic Games Launcher is installed...
  10. G

    Solved! CD Drive

    I recently upgraded my HDD and while the computer was scanning it I tried to put back in the CD drive. It got stuck right before it clicked into place, and when I tried to pull it out it was stuck. I re-opened the computer to find nothing was blocking it. So I tried again and same problem. Any...
  11. sid_vinze

    Solved! Ideal input/output speed of the HDD?

    I tested the speed of my HDD (5400 rpm) 1TB and these were the results- View: https://imgur.com/QgHhd5W Is this speed normal? If not, what other options do I have?
  12. Beary Rizal

    Question Choosing HDD

    Hi! My HDD is sooo slow so I am thinking of replacing it. Is there any specific brand/specs I should take note (I already know the physical size so that's already covered) . I have ASUS X202E
  13. J

    Solved! Acer A315-51-34V8 Storage and Memory upgrade

    I have an Acer A315-51-34V8 laptop and want to upgrade the storage and memory. It currently has a 128GB SSD I am planning to leave that there and use the upgrade bay for the secondary drive. I am not sure what would be the best way to upgrade the storage (I'm open to both SSD and HDD) given the...
  14. B

    Solved! Clean Installation of Windows on Boot SSD and HDD for storage

    Hello everyone, I have an OMEN gaming laptop ( 15-ax246nf ) with 8GB of RAM, an Intel i5-7300HQ CPU, a Nvidia GTX1050 and a 1To HDD. I would like to make a clean install of Windows on my new SSD ( which i didn't install inside the laptop yet ) and use it as the boot drive, and use my HDD as a...
  15. evilhny

    Question Can I install WD Green Sata 2.5/7mm SSD on Acer Aspire E15?

    My laptop came with 500GB SATA III HDD. I want to install SSD on it. Will WD Green SATA 2.5/7mm SSD WDS240G2G0A be compatible with my laptop Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-31YC