May 4, 2022

I am asking for help, suggestions, etc., in such a problem.

Problematic equipment:

Lacia 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 16tb

Connected to the computer:

Dell Precision 7720 (Xenon, Win10 - maybe after the last Win update something fell ??)

He can't see the Thunderbolt connected.

And he saw earlier - with problems, but easily solved.

Detailed history description:

It is about connecting (and that it usually see the disk in the explorer, and you can use it - when it is connected, there is rather no problem with performance, i.e. speeds are good, standard for this model and connection).
The point is that I bought the disk over 2 years ago and - from the beginning there were problems, but they were always quickly solved, i.e. if he did not see the connection, it was enough to restart,
install Thunderbolt drivers again, etc. And he has already seen and you could work. This situation was from the purchase, and it was similar with two computers: first with Dell XPS, later (and currently) with Dell Precision 7720 (wines 10).
[By the way - on Win 11 it is not possible to pass, because it has Xenon - apparently not allowed to win 11 - what is this strange number? - not that I would like win11 .. I would go back to Win7).

Unfortunately, recently, i.e. about 2 weeks ago, when trying to connect, the problem remained and does not see it, restart, reinstalling drivers does not help, I also looked at BIOS - everything seems OK.
And he can't see.
That's why I am asking for help in the forum.

Best wishes